Favourite Wrestling programme intros

As usual, I have been watching old wrestling (because it beats the current shit that is being presented hands down) and realised it’s not just the in-ring and storylines that used to be better but also the intros to the shows. Here are a selection of my favourites:

What are yours?

For whatever reason, I’ve always hated pretty much every theme SD has ever had, but I’ve for the most part always liked the Raw intro’s.

All the WCW theme’s sucked IMO.

My fav though is probably the Warzone one @Bdubz posted.

I always liked the Union Underground one:

Thorne in your eye was good (very similar to the warzone one, same video)

I always liked ECW’s as well, specifically the song

Superstars 1993:

Superstars 1994:

Raw 2007:

WWE ECW 2008:

WWE Smackdown 2010:

That’s all I can think for the moment. My other favourites are overlapped by Bdubz and kliq.

I believe the Warzone video was called “We’re All Together Now.”

It was similar, but not the same.

Both songs can be found in the WWF Full Metal soundtrack.


My fave will always be SNME - Obsession. It always had that big time feel.

Also liked the Warzone and Nitro themes. I actually really liked Into the Fire for NWA Powerrrrrrrrr and the Wale MLW themes too.

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The Monday Nitro intro is my favourite.

On cable in the UK Nitro would air Fridays and TNT shared a channel with Cartoon Network, so many Friday evenings of my childhood was; homework > Cartoon Network > Nitro.

I would look forward all week to the transition from CN to TNT then straight into that Nitro intro at 9pm:

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