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Disclaimers: I’m a childhood WWF/E fan. I’ve had several gin and tonics / I love John and wai probably more than I should.

I attended todays show as a wrestling fan. A wrestling fan wanting to be part of and to witness history

I don’t watch AEW or really follow the product, I mainly follow WWE through your podcasts. So I thought tonight would be a fun experiment.

Firstly, it was fucking great to be surrounded by 80k+ wrestling fans having a great night. Nothing better. And having been to multiple 5 hour WWE events, and in contrast to those, this didn’t drag, kept me entertained and laughing throughout.

And there were some great matches - the main event, coffin match, osprey/Jericho to name a few.

But controversial opinion time, in terms of the product itself, I couldn’t get past the fact that I found the matches essentially to be a massive spot fest. I know this is a really easy/common “indie” wrestling criticisism but I felt it today. For example, one minute, both young bucks are in sharpshooters. Within seconds they are jumping off the turnbuckles and ropes doing their stuff. Christian hits Darby in the back twice with a chair and literally 30 seconds later he’s diving all around the shop. Trios match - one of the guys was pushed off the top turnbuckle and literally less than 10 seconds later he’s doing a springboard dropkick. Why would I care about any damage being done to anybody on this show if there’s no consequences? There’s no storytelling and nothing really to get invested in if (I imagine) you don’t watch the weekly product.

Anyway, happy to be critiqued on this but those were my thoughts as a live extremely casual AEW follower. It came across as a show where the crowd were very into the individuals and the characters but what happened in the ring didn’t really matter. Eventually that’s got to change right?

Sal from California

I really enjoyed this show, top to bottom. My personal favorite match was FTR vs. The Young Bucks. Those 4 can do no wrong when paired together.

Also, I loved being able to watch a morning pay per view. It’s now 2:00 PM in my time zone and I can go enjoy some daylight.

Have a great evening, John and Wai!

Kav from Glasgow
Hey Post! Was live at the show tonight, so giving some rare UK time feedback, will try to keep it tight.

FTR and Bucks was easily the best match I’ve ever seen live. It’s my first time seeing either team live and they absolutely delivered.

We had rampside seats, so we got the best view in the house for Stadium Stampede. Loved every second, and hope the energy came across on TV.

If you only have one women’s match on the card, make it that one. A perfect mix of comedy and drama, with the right winner. For our section, the most emotional part of the night. So glad for Saraya and her family to have that moment.

But the show was perfectly bookended by MJF and Adam Cole. The tag match was okay, but wow, that main event was incredible. While we all suspected a turn, the ending was perfect. Hats off to both these men. And same time next year! See you gents then.

But for now, I’m off to harrow to meet the BDE. Thanks John and Wai for all you do.

Eric from Cork currently in Wembley

Fun show live with a great main event that is probably the best example of pulling off a match filled with bullshit and “why am I so violent?” moments that I’ve seen forever. Also enjoyed the coffin match, stadium stampede, Joe Punk and Prince Nana’s little dance to the ring.

Fozzy were atrocious live and I didnt think the match that followed was much better for a number of reasons.

Giving Saraya the women’s belt is idiotic and is only going to drag the division down further if they don’t take it off her quickly. She’s abysmal in ring and offers absolutely nothing. People should also look up the abuse allegations against her family if they don’t know them already. Was disappointed to see them get a platform here.

Cody From Maine

The matches delivered from the preshow to the main event. The crowd delivered with very few moments of evident fatigue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see next years show do another gigantic number after the success of this show.

In regards to All Out? All I can say is good luck to those on the card. All six of them so far! Very intrigued to see just what they promote in the coming week to try and stop this show from seeing a record low buyrate.

Not a perfect show, but still my personal front runner for event of the year thus far. 9/10

I think every match delivered, many exceeded expectations, especially Punk Vs Joe, which I wasn’t anticipating, having not been a fan of their Owen Hart tournament match. This was significantly better than that match. But overall, I was a little let down that the only ‘newsworthy’ thing that happened was backstage antics that shouldn’t have happened. No ‘official’ debut, no return, no major angle, & most importantly, nothing set up for All Out, or even dynamite. I don’t remember a single ppv that hasn’t had something drawing fans to Wednesday. Was just a little surprising.

Hi John and Wai

You’re the best! Thanks for all your awesome coverage.
I was at both Rev Pro and All in. First time watching live since WCW!
All in was a spectacle. I’m interested to see how loud the crowd was on tv.
The main event today was fantastic. Great storytelling from Cole and MJF. Didn’t know what was going to happen.
Other highlights for me were the tag title match and Ospreay v Jericho. I was a bit down on Jericho being against Will beforehand but happy to be proven wrong.
Rev pro was great too and a much better view for me, was a bit far away today. Will v Shingo at rev pro was immense, as you’d expect.

Brian in New Jersey.

Really enjoyable show, a heck of an accomplishment, and I still have my evening ahead of me.

I feel some matches had time that could have been devoted to other matches. Stadium Stampede to me was a combination of diminishing returns and too many close calls, but I’m glad Penta wasn’t actually hurt, and I liked how it ended. The first three matches and the main event were my favorites of the night.

I think you have to take the young bucks out of any conversation when you discuss the shows. They’re kind of a team onto themselves extremely controversial because this is what they’ve been doing their whole lives their matches don’t make a lot of sense. It’s always just high spots and super kicks and no selling. They’ve taken criticism for this for years so it’s completely valid. I immediately fast forward any young bucks match now because I know what they’re gonna do unless it’s some thing like versus FTR where you have so much confidence in the other team.

As for the rest of it I think you have to remember that they’re performing for a live audience who likes this kind of stuff. This product was born out of an anti-WWE sentiment for fans that liked in the indie style wrestling. the fans that attend the shows like action and high spots more than they like selling and wrestling storytellers.

I think AEW tries to balance it, the main event certainly had a lot of storytelling. So they usually give you one or two matches like that, similar to Jericho, Osprey, and punk versus Joe where it’s not as much about just high spots.

However, there is a segment of the audience, a very large segment, that doesn’t want to see Tag Team psychology wrestling they just wanna see six guys run all over the place and do a bunch of crazy shit and not sell it necessarily. Just kick outs and crazy moves.

It took me a long time to understand this. Like I could never for the life of me understand how orange Cassidy‘s character works and why anyone would ever sell an orange punch or a guy walking up a ladder with his hands in his pockets. But you start to realize that’s just what these fans want so that’s what they give them, but they try to give you other stuff for guys like us who like more storytelling and selling and realistic wrestling.


Great show… Every match delivered… And then over delivered.

Perfection :slight_smile:

Great show. I really like Darby but John is right. Maybe Chris Jericho needs to make a phone call to Darby. Sooner thwn later.

Thank you mate, that does help. And like John said on the show, I’m sure I missed a lot of call backs to the weekly show and stories that they tell. It’s a very different product to WWE though, and in ways I wasn’t expecting made me value the WWE product and “what I’m used to” more than I was expecting.

I’ll try and give dynamite some more time going forward

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Very very good show. I loved the Cole/MJF match, and I really really liked the Punk/Joe match, and the Bucks/FTR matches.

Full disclosure, I was tight for time so I skipped the Women’s match and the House of Black match.

Only downside for me is I’m not a huge fan of multi person matches, so I just wasn’t emotionally invested in those matches as much. I could appreciate/respect the moves that were being done, but I think years of conditioning from WWE make it hard for me to care who wins those types of matches. Though the Casket match was able to pull me in because Darby is just insane.

The only thing I really didnt like was the Mox/Trent’s Mom spot. In 2023, I dont want to see a spot like that.