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Wow. What a show.

After the last week, and especially the last 36 hours, this is EXACTLY what the company and roster needed to deliver.

What it lacked in the spectacle of last week’s ALL IN, it more than made up for it with the in ring action.

The crowd in Chicago brought it, and seemed like a celebration with the dark clouds of controversy finally lifting away. Hopefully for good.

This was a fresh start in a lot of ways, and I hope the company can build momentum going forward.

Just an absolute blast. Danielson / Starks, Kenny / Takeshita, Moxley / OC are all absolute MOTYC.

Loved this show. Would put it next to Revolution as my favourite AEW show of the year.

Cody From Maine

I can’t fault anyone for calling out the build (or lack thereof) or the decision to run PPV’s on back to back weekends at full price. Two justified criticisms. Unfortunately, PPV’s with weak and/or short builds are nothing new to major wrestling promotions. But on a positive note, nor is the idea of one of these shows over-delivering.

And this show takes the cake as AEW’s best example, surpassing the first Forbidden Door, which at least had novelty going for it. This show was GREAT.

Props to the crowd for hanging in there for essentially the entire event and not killing the show with Punk related chants. And props to the performers who busted their asses in-ring tonight up and down this card.

Are the positive reactions amplified due to the lack of expectations? Sure. But I’m not complaining. I was thoroughly entertained tonight. Thanks for the show guys.

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Jesse from the 6

An excellent show, though I still think it’s a mistake to run PPVs on back-to-back weekends and I expect the buyrate to reflect this.

I often find the audio on AEW broadcasts to be mixed poorly, but from what I could hear, the crowd was largely supportive of Hangman and even Omega, but mostly booed the Bucks. Did it sounds the same to you guys? If so, why do you think this is?

Also, do you see Danielson staying in the BCC? He seems to be a babyface now, and maybe Moxley is too, but Castagnoli isn’t. I think they need to clean things up here a bit.

Take Care

Jordan from the Bronx

This is the type of show that AEW needed to move forward from all of the controversy in the last week. Everyone seemed motivated to perform at their highest level and we were treated to a Show of the Year contender. All In felt like a season finale, while All Out felt like a season premiere. Hopefully, this is the final Reset Show that AEW has to do, and everyone can move on from this past year’s mess.

Also glad to see that the Chicago crowd didn’t completely hijack the show. Punk is beloved there, but the consequences of his actions couldn’t be avoided.

Finally, I find it comical that every time a CM Punk Thing happens, Moxley is somehow rewarded with a title belt!

10 Meaty Men Slapping Meat out of 10

Sal from California

This show exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy that I pulled the trigger and ordered this tonight. The build was lackluster but the show delivered.

My favorite match of the night was Hobbs vs Miro which I never would’ve expected. A great hoss fight which we don’t get too often in AEW. I hope Hobbs doesn’t get lost in the shuffle after this match.

All the best to you both!

David from Arlington TX

I’ve been a fan of CM Punk since he debuted in WWECW. I sought out any type of info I could when the pipe bomb happened and that’s how I found Review A Raw/LAW,and have been a fan of you guys ever since. Everything concerning his departure in 2014, and the subsequent years really made it a dream situation whenever he actually came to AEW.

Every program he had since his return was great. All that being said, he really has just been dragging down the brand since All Out 2022, and his return this year. It was like I couldn’t even enjoy AEW since his return because every week there was something else coming out.

He deserves all the credit in the world for bringing eyes to the promotion with both his returns. But on the same token, he deserves all the brunt of the negativity brought to the brand as well.

His match with Joe last week was great, especially considering the circumstances prior to it. But still, this is a tie I’m glad AEW cut, because the focus should always be on the show itself. All In is the greatest example of this.

The companies biggest show ever, and Punk was the main topic before the show even started. CM Punk is a great pro wrestler. But still, I say good riddance. AEW is bigger than any one wrestler, and the show tonight proves this. It was great

Thanks guys, love all the shows. Sorry for the long post.


The last week for this company has been wild. I would have bet money on them not being able to top All In, but I think I preferred this one. That’s partly because you could feel the emotion in the show tonight, like everyone knew they had to pull out all the stops and every single person stepped up.

I’ve been hard on Phil sometimes, but I do legitimately think that his initial run had a lot of great moments. That said, there is nothing he could have added to this show that would have made it any better than it was.

I guess we won’t know for sure but I’d be genuinely curious to see if this show doesn’t do significantly better than usual in day after purchases.

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