What did you think of AEW All Out? Leave comments and questions below and tune into our POST Show later this evening.

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AJ from PA

Tonight was probably the best AEW show so far. Loved the production upgrades all around, especially when it came to the entrance videos. Such a completely different feel. The commentary was much better tonight as well. Golden boy is a perfect fit for this team and a definite improvement over Marvez.

I like what they’re doing with Omega and it should be fun to see how his story progresses. These are the storylines that will help AEW grow: personal grudges like Cody/Spears and relatable match based stories like a main eventer going through a rut and losing streak.

Excited for October, 8.5/10

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Sean from Toronto

It was a solid show, though there we no real surprises other than Pac beating Omega clean and the LAX debut. I’m incredibly tired, so I’ll just leave my feedback at that.

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Mj from Nj
Main event suffered from insanity of the rest of the card and I don’t mean that as a full on compliment.

Buying stock in Cassidy, MJF, Janella as guys with tons of charisma. The Jurassic Express as a group that will have a cult following. Darby Allin as a future underdog babyface.

Selling stock in over booked matches that take too long to developer. Tricks from the 90s such as blade jobs. And Jim Ross ever being competent to call a full 4 hour show.

And for the safety of fans and performers can we set the guardrail back a bit. I’m sure Scrump won’t mind being 5 feet further from ringside.

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Another great show, and the production was nicely improved.

Thought that the three-way sucked the air out of the arena for the next couple of matches that were very good but deserved more heat.
Battle Royal was way better than on the last PPV.

Spears vs. Cody was the weakest Cody match he has had so far.

Lucha Bros. vs. Young Bucks exceeded my expectations because I thought that feud was dragging on too long.

Jericho vs. Page also exceeded my expectations especially considering how long it went. This was Jericho’s best match since his match against Naito at Wrestle Kingdom 13, and I thought the way they worked the Judas Effect into it looked a lot better than when he used it against Omega.

8 out of 10.

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Conor in NYC, from Ireland

I think it’s fair to call it a good show – but it wasn’t a great show, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how they find their rhythm once regular TV begins and they can’t go to the ‘surprise appearance after the match’ well as often.

A major positive is that it really does feel like they’re trying to offer an alternative to WWE and not just beat them at their game.


Jalen from Pickering,

Good show overall, PAC vs Omega was my motn, that finish was incredible.
Tag team ladder matches are hit or miss for me, and this one mostly was a miss. I feel like both teams fall into the trap of trying to do crazy and innovative stuff before thinking about the story being told, especially when they face each other and even moreso when there are ladders involved.
Show flowed well for the most part, had a solid variety to it, and left us with things to look forward to for tv. Good stuff, 7/10

Brandon from Oshawa

Great show. Tully Blanchard was the star of the night for me. What a great manager this guy is going to be, if he continues in this role. I really want MJF to join up with Tully & Spears. Add in a tag team and you’ve got a new Horsemen.

What do you guys see in the future of Luchasaurus. He’s coming off as a massive future star right now, but do you think he drops this gimmick eventually? It doesnt feel like a guy called Luchasaurus, should ever be a world champion.

Andy from North Carolina

This was the first AEW show I’ve watched, and I was very entertained. The Cody/Spears match was my favorite for its pace and in-ring storytelling. Also liked Omega/PAC and the joshi match. I’m not usually a fan of gimmick matches, but I thought the death match and ladder match were both fun.

How long before Cracker Barrell issues a statement distancing the company from that match?

Nathan from Wisconsin.

I was fortunate enough to be at the event live tonight. Really solid card from top to bottom. Merch lines where so long I missed the entire battle royal. I think the 2 best matches to be in the crowd live for were the cracker barrel match and the phenomenal ladder match. Very solid 8/10 show. Cody came out after the show and thanked the crowd. He brought out Tony Khan who said he wanted to make all out an annual tradition in Illinois.

Jochy from Chicago.

All out was an incredible live experience.

My highlights:

Crowd being legit surprised by Pac beating Omega. It will be interesting to see the redemption arc Kenny will have.

That ladder match was wild to see in person. Hope everyone involved is ok.

Cody is on this incredible streak of making every match matter, the live reaction for him was next level.

Thank you for all your coverage today guys!

Ken-Ken from the Internet,

Good show tonight. I thought it was entertaining approach for JR to commentate like someone who hadn’t watch wrestling before. Yelling at Kenny for telegraphing his next moves, calling PAC a “dumb bastard” for not pinning after a big move, talking about his BBQ sauce, and so on. I kinda liked it. It was weird, but entertaining.

The post show was strange. The camera crew followed Jericho backstage as he flaunted his title all the way to the “champagne room,” until for some reason they cut to Marvez and excalibur suddenly. It was a bit jarring. They would then go to Hangman’s post match scrum, only to not have a mic on him. You couldn’t hear him at all, and then PAC came in to start that program. At least that’s what I think, since again, no live mic. Only for them to go back to Jericho where he was “formally” presented the title he had already been walking around with it; strange.

I just saw a quote from Mr. Khan saying they accepted Kylie Rae’s release. Was she hurt from an earlier event? I don’t seem to recall.

Good show. I think they still need to work on a few production details before the TNT show.


Love it when John gets flustered lmao and fast forwards through the email lmao Hahahaha