FEEDBACK: AEW Battle of the Belts 1/8/22

What did you think of AEW Battle fo the Belts?

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Jake from the Windy City

The main event had too many shenanigans for my liking. Rebel and Hayter should have been tossed long before they were. I would have rather seen Britt and Riho in a straight up throw down without the B.S. Still a good match though and the right woman won.

This show was fine. Its clear that they blew their load on the TBS debut. Should have been an event that could be huge, but it’s just another one hour of wrestling like Rampage which we have tons of already. Needed something more fresh and special.

Tonight’s show and this week worth of AEW TV shows how much depth this company has. I found the two title matches tonight very good. I found all three episodes to be full of interesting talent and story.

Interim titles are used all the time in UfC as are less than A-tier shows. I found tonight really worked as a B+ level show that wasn’t weekly Tv. The caliber and hype Elmer my expectation. The women’s title match felt like the main draw which was a great way to focus on Britt and the main championship as the TBS tournament was wrapped up.

As AEW continues to grow with Warner Media I hope more of these non-weekly but non-PPV shows are made available. It would also open them up for live touring with a purpose as I could see these as very compelling shows to check out on Warner streaming with full hot crowds.

Brian from New Jersey.

I thought this show got off to a weird start with the first match full of extensive stalling, whether that was due to a legit injury to Sammy or not. I enjoyed Starks vs. Sydal, and I really enjoyed Dr. Baker vs. Riho, putting on a worthwhile main event. The will they or won’t they tension between Baker and Hayter is fun to follow to me.

Brandon from Oshawa

Solid show in ring, but I thought the refs were terrible on this show, Aubrey especially. I really think they need a fresh look. The set is the same for every show, you can’t really tell the difference between any of them.

Eric from Cork, Ireland

This felt like a largely unimportant show going in and in the end I think that was proved to be the case with nothing really being must see.

The TNT title match really annoyed me. Why would you book your babyface have someone interfere in the match for no reason and bring out a table? Why wasn’t there a dq when the table was used?

The other two matches were ok. AEW are becoming too reliant on post match beat downs, heel interference, infighting and run ins. Two of the three matches had table spots. They need to tone this stuff down as it’s gotten really repetitive.

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If WWE put on this exact show every one would be saying how bad it was.

I think that is bullshit. People thought the matches themselves were at least solid to good and didnt think the show was all that important. No one is saying the show was anything great. I think the show would get the exact same review if it were a WWE show.

I think you’re both right, but you’re also both wrong. There are a lot of unbiased fan out there that would be saying the the exact same thing if it were a WWE show.

There are also some fans that are incredibly biased that will defend “their show” regardless of quality.

It’s the same as pro sports, you have your fans who are down to earth, then you have your fans that are homers who will always say their team is the best. It’s not one or the other. Anytime you deal in absolutes you are going to be wrong.

As for the show, it was ok. Matches were all good, but not a must see show by any means. I hate the interim title, but I feel the same way when UFC does it. It always felt like a cheap way to make a number 1 contenders match into a fake title match.

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