FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 12 August 2023

Leave us your thoughts on Collision from Greensboro North Carolina

The main event elevated Collision. A lot of moving parts for All In and All Out. For the most part, AEW is doing a fine job staying focused. Hobbs’ post-QTV promo was a little aimless but entering a feud with Miro is gonna crack the “slapping meat” meter

I wanna pose this question to y’all. With a week of tv acting as a buffer between PPVs. Is there a chance of viewer fatigue?

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I like the women’s tag match and the developing storyline between Statlander, Willow, Mercedes and Diamanté… And Toni Storm’s backstage interview gave another week with two women’s segments but only one match. And is it me, or does the qualifier match for the All-In Women’s four-way seem like a way to write Brit Baker out of the match by having Saraya, Storm, and Ruby Soho hurt her after winning? Perhaps so they can make room for another star debut in that spot? Maybe someone coming over from Stardom or someone returning from injury (Hayter)?

We finally get a Christian vs. Arn Anderson promo, and it’s just to set up Brock Anderson doing the favours for Luchasaurus… Now, I’m worried we won’t get one down the road with any real meaning attached. Christian going double-double on the inbreeding jokes did make me LOL tho, and Nigel calling him “Father of the Year” repeatedly was also funny.

It’s good to see Hobbs and Miro doing something, but I’d rather they have a big ole hoss fight without the Jibroni Stable and equate the amazing 20th Century Poet and Philosopher, Big E… “Meaty Men slappin’ meat!!”

I want to see a Punk vs. Black 1-on-1 main event match… Glad they got to touch today, but it’s a good match-up that could be used to elevate Black. That said, Jay White vs. Malakai Black should become a rivalry for the ages.

Last thing, sorry, not usually this chatty… Overall, I dig Collision, and I’m enjoying the focused storylines and programs and the less frenetic pace. But, if their production crews can’t manage to cut to the most important moments in the matches, as they’re happening, they will be constantly chasing their own TALES.

See what I did there? So, clever… I’ll see myself out.

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