FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 6/24/23

Leave your feedback here for AEW Collision and join me and Kate right after the show at the POST Café.

I drove 9 hours to your beautiful country, have a maple leaf tattoo, consider this a second home, which is why it pains me to say that Shawn Michaels was right about Canada.

CM Punk forever.


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What a difference one week makes, all beloved in one city, then mauled the next. we’ve reached Bizarro World. But hey, I know a solution, I think Toronto is in need of some muffins from Mindy’s Bakery! I’m confident that will ease the pain!

Went to the first show last week, and there was a 2 1/2 hour taping of ROH TV. We sure as hell felt the drag and looked like the same happened tonight before Collision. I wish TK would understand that less is more.

Anyways, good luck and congrats to the POST x Poisonrana Squad for selling out Forbidden Pour!

Jermaine from Chicago. What’s up Kate and wai gangbusters ting. Interesting collision with it being the second show trying to establish itself and also being a go home show. I hope that mjf can get a good match out of Hiroshi tanahashi. He was moving really slow tonight. I loved that promo from miro, I just can’t wait to see where he goes. Willow nightingale really impress me with her strength tonight. I always thought Kawhi Leonard left Toronto because he was homesick not because he had consultation with Christian. Aew has so many great talker. Lastly good main event. I really do feel that anyone that boo punk is a goofball because they know the whole story. I’m not saying that because we are both from Chicago. Are you two hard brand split people because I think I am. Have a great week. enjoy forbidden door.

Jordan from the Bronx

  • the crowd heat for Punk was about what I expected once he got out of Chicago. I’m curious to see how they book him going forward. They can either “John Cena” it and just play through or they could turn him fully and allow him to embrace the hate. At the very least, Punk is capable to adjust to whatever the crowd gives him.

  • Christian’s promo was outstanding. I’ve said before that it’s hard for me to get into the TNT title holders, but Christian playing the Ted DiBiase to Luchasaurus’s Andre has legs.

  • The Gunns in one week beat the Hardys, FTR, Ricky Starks and CM Punk and seemingly joined up with Bullet Club (Gold). I love their development from being loud guys in the Daily’s Place crowd to an entertaining tag team.

  • Glad to see that my theory about Naito being soft banned from Forbidden Door was wrong. Hopefully down the road, there can be a Darby vs Hiromu match

  • Tanahashi did not look good tonight. Swerve did everything that he could, but Tanahashi’s knees have him in hell. The match was barely passable in my opinion. My expectations for the match with MJF tomorrow are pretty low.

  • Unless you’ve covered it, do you anticipate there being a major angle tomorrow? Perhaps Jungle Boy’s heel turn? Some kind of confrontation with Punk to set his future up? Does Kota appear to help Kenny? I’m fired up for tomorrow, Danielson and Okada alone is going to be insanely good.

Whenever an offshoot/spinoff starts, it would take a while to find its identity. Collision quickly found its identity within two weeks of being on the air. The old school cold open with the duelling promos harkens back to like a Crockett Promotions program.

The 8 man tag was strong, Swerve/Tanahashi and the Naito reveal were also effective. How long until the big Dino gains his self respect by turning on Christian Cage? (who was on one getting heat in his hometown)

Overall, Collision is the slower, more traditional antithesis to the mile-a-minute Dynamite.

For those not watching ROH, Athena is putting on a classic title run with excellent character work, and she just had a great street fight with Kiera Hogan last night. So, with her being on Forbidden Door, the right call is to have her lose to Billie Starkz, right? You only have a limited time to tell the high school graduate story; a tournament is a great place for an upset, and it gives Athena a challenger at Death Before Dishonor later this summer.