FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 7/15 / BOTB VII

Leave your feedback here for AEW Collision / Battle of the Belts VII and join me and Kate right after the show at the POST Cafe!

Cody From Maine

I’ve enjoyed Kevin Kelly as the lead voice of Collision so far. But given that his NJPW commitments will prevent him from calling the show from time to time? I’d be perfectly fine with Ian having the permanent seat alongside Nigel. Commentary was stellar all night long.

Collision itself was just tremendous. A match of the year contender to start and a VERY surprising upset to end the night. Excited to see just how Ricky defends his cheating ways and what Punk’s reaction will be. Which, to be honest, I thought we’d see Punk again during the title presentation to confront Starks.

BOTB wasn’t bad, but it was awkward in a few spots. It felt like the crowd was confused by the count-out finish for example. But it was a good choice for how to end the match, with Orange literally hanging onto this title by a thread. Making Archer look nearly unbeatable.

Given that finish, I understand why it wasn’t the main event. Which is a shame, because Luchasaurus-Spears was a tame way to end the three hours.

Overall, a fun night of wrestling. Especially with everything else going on outside of AEW.