FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 7/22/23

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So every week I watch Collision on the TSN app and while it is always a good show, there is a perpetual cloud over it for me. All In is coming up, and I hear people predict what Punk will do, when the obvious answer is him vs the Elite. This feud with Ricky Starks and potential rematch with Samoa Joe down the line are meaningless to me because of the elephant in the room.

My dream scenario would be CMFTR vs the Hung Bucks, as despite Kenny Omega being very delicious according to Ace Steel, he has many other matches he could do. He could team with Ibushi, face Takeshita or face Ospreay. Maybe thats the match. Golden Lovers vs Takeshita and Ospreay so that the final one on one match is at Wrestle Kingdom. Other then that, the other criticism for me is the tiny roster for Collision. One thing I love about Dynamite is we generally get fresh matches. With Collision, you have your 10-15 designated people. Anyway, the new Collision Course show is a new favourite podcast of mine.

Another strong episode that doubled down Ricky Starks’ change of attitude. The pacing continues to work wonders for Collision announcing matches on Dynamite without Excalibur’s caffeine-induced auctioneer rundowns. FTR’s promo highlighting their history with Friedman is some good foreshadowing for next week’s tag title match.

Additional musings: Christian Cage wearing turtlenecks in July gives me some mental whiplash…how long until Luchasaurus gains the power of self-respect?

Keep up the good work, y’all

I didn’t enjoy this episode.

I hate promos that break the third wall. Dax clearly doesn’t like the goofy MJF and Adam Cole stuff.
I am actually really enjoying the MJF and Adam Cole story but I also see that for some people it detracts from the world title and the tag team titles to have them involved in this comedy story. It would definitely have worked better if it were separate from the titles.

However, despite what his personal opinion is, Dax needs to stay in character. Describing it as a ‘comedy skit’ when you are also a character on the same show is just unprofessional and makes AEW look shambolic. There’s a lack of professionalism in these kind of promos that we see repeatedly from various wrestlers. He needs to find a better way of expressing what he perceives to be disrespect of the tag titles. I’d blame TK for not commanding enough respect with his management style but I think the wrestlers should be capable of being professional. I also think that there needs to be a bit more guidance with the promos without making it a script like it is in WWE.

This feedback reads to me that you take this stuff way too serious and need to lighten up and enjoy or just dont watch.

Dax Harwoods character is literally “professional wrestler/dad” it is every bit conceivable that he would call anything regarding what MJF and Cole are doing, a comedy skit. Whether he was actually a fan of it in real life or not. His character is calling it a “comedy skit”, because his character looks down on it and he is insulting them. Hes not saying it to point out that this shit isnt real or that it is scripted.

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Can’t someone have a different opinion or observation to yours without you telling them to stop watching?

That’s fine, you interpreted it as being in character, I interpreted it as being out of character.
It takes me out of the show when I feel like the wrestlers offer a personal opinion on the show which breaks character.

You can have any opinion you want, but when its clear that you dont grasp the character at all, I feel like calling it out.

Don’t grasp the character in your opinion. I don’t disagree with anything you said about the character.
However, the MJF and Cole segments literally are comedy skits. He’s describing them as they are. I don’t see why his character would describe them like that unless his wrestler dad character knew that wrestling was pre scripted tv show.

So in terms of the onscreen product, why do you find it so hard to believe, that a character who cares so much about pro wrestling, would call them comedy skits? His character is insulted by them and finds them stupid and a disgrace to tag team wrestling.

Dax’s character is really an exaggerated version of himself, so the lines can get blurred because he’s the type of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.
In my opinion, calling an actual comedy skit from the show a comedy skit didn’t make sense to me. If it wasn’t an intentional observation on something he didn’t like about the show then I think he should have described it differently.
I’m not being anti Dax. FTR are some of my favourites. I thought Cash channelled some of the same themes in his promo really well but still applying it to the logic of the character.

Anyway, you have a different opinion, which is completely fine and I respect that. I think we’re not going to get each other to budge on this one and it ain’t a big deal. :slightly_smiling_face: :fist_right: :fist_left: