FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 7/29

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Jesse from the 6

This was an entertaining and messy show.

The opening match of Buddy Matthews vs Big Daddy Cool Andradé was great, though it did feature the two most ineffective handcuff spots in pro wrestling history.

Then CM Punk came out to a rousing ovation. Then the crowd booed him. Then he cut a heel promo and defaced the–an?–AEW World Title. Then Ricky Starks, a heel who until recently was a baby face, came out to cheers. Then he cut a heel promo. Then Punk went back to being a baby face and the two agreed to fight for a title that Punk doesn’t actually have.

There were many odd baby face-heel dynamics at play in the main event, too, but I think it went much smoother. Everything that happened here felt planned out and the audience responded the way the performers expected them to.

I agree with John Pollock that they should go full-on with MJF as a face. It might screw up their plans for the Bidding War of 2024 program later this year, but making a super hot baby face champion is not easy. If you stumble into one, just go with it.

What do y’all think? Keep MJF face? Turn Punk fully? Turn Cole?
Where are we going here my head is spinningg!!
Take Care


CM Punk rebranding himself as “X” is brilliant marketing. Why has nobody ever thought of this?

Excellent main event, and they definitely left something out there for a potential rematch. I’m very happy they aren’t rushing the MJF/Cole split so far. Those two are the hottest thing going right now, and they need to ride this out until after the PPV. What’s a hotter main event at Wembley? Cole vs MJF or FTR vs Cole/MJF 2? For me it’s the tag match and it’s not close.