FEEDBACK: AEW Collision 9/2

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s show! If you were in attendance, please feel free to share your observations about the live environment.

Andrew from Cape Breton

A few days ago, I was told by my foreman that my scaffold build was wrong. It was built in the wrong spot, despite being told it was the right spot and was accessible for what the job needed. I was annoyed by this, but in the end, I didn’t threaten anybody, I didn’t shove people, and I didn’t get into a fight. In the past few days, I’ve been thinking more about the Punk issues and I do think this was the right call. Tony Khan talked about staff, and that’s my concern too. If Punk was kept around, what happens when a stagehand says something that may offend him? What about a cameraman?

I do understand the love for Punk. He’s extremely loyal to his friends. He has a low tolerance for bullshit. He has a lot of positive traits, but no matter how many positive traits he has, he can’t keep constantly getting into physical altercations or threatening people. Hopefully, he gets help, but I feel he may be too proud to admit he’s wrong or admit that there is a problem. I’m sure Tony, management, the Elite and so many people helped cause these issues. But Punk was always there to escalate it. Anyway, the show tonight was fine, and I think after this whole Punk drama, All Out needs to be the best AEW show the company has ever had. They need a fresh start.


Back home now after a very long day and a surreal live experience that I don’t think I’ve ever felt at a wrestling show before. It was like the land of Oz for a while there. I was just coming out of a panel show with Jeff Jarrett and Conrad Thompson at Starrcast and ironically was in the middle of a conversation with Michael aka The Brock Lesnar Guy at the bar nearby when I found the statement on Twitter that Punk has been terminated. We were both in shock but not surprised. From there, I raced to the United Center in my car.

I respect Tony Khan for going out on stage minutes before the show knowing the situation he was walking into and explaining and apologizing what he had to do. At the same time, he shouldn’t owe an explanation or an apology to anyone. He did what he had to do as the BOSS of the company. I wish there was this kind of action at this same time last year. I’m sure an element of it was an attempt at crowd control, understandably, but I absolutely believe this to be genuine. It may sound very vociferous on videos on Twitter but not everybody was angry, especially in my section on the floor when several of us were applauding the sentiment. Initially, the vibe was somewhat sombre but a lot of us eased up throughout the show especially with Danielson being the surprise of the night which really got us into a great mood at the end. Outside of some of the crowd be hostile towards the Bucks at the end, we all let the show flow through and not fully hijack which honestly is a pleasant surprise to me.

Tomorrow is gonna a long day so I’m heading to rest before I get ready to see Kawada and Eddie Kingston tomorrow morning before the PPV.

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