FEEDBACK: AEW Collision/ Battle of the Belts X

Let us know your thoughts on tonight’s 3 hours of AEW programming.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Much to my annoyance, TSN aired Battle of the Belts, but instead of airing Collision, it was 2 hours of Sports Centre. I feel more could be done with that timeslot. The show tonight was alright. They didn’t follow up too much with the footage heard 'round the world. After watching Windy City Riot, I’ve gone from being on the fence to being for AEW airing it and thinking it was a good idea. There are a lot of issues with the security footage. The idea of perspective, in which multiple people can view the same video and come up with different views of it, to the legalities of airing it in the first place and making the company seem desperate. It has made the wrestling community the most tribalistic it has been in a while. But, at the end of the day, it’s pro wrestling. And in the monkey brains of many, myself included, the footage has made them want to cheer or boo Jack Perry and he’s the most over he’s ever been. It’s possibly the dumbest thing in wrestling to actually work. As for tonight, it was very much the type of show that simply built to Dynamite, instead of says, Dynamite building to Collision. It continues to be a problem, as while Collision is always good, it’s becoming Smackdown before the brand split.

Lastly, I’m shocked that despite being one of the biggest wrestling nerds, Tony Khan didn’t have his commentators mention once that Rocky Romero and Roderick Strong were former stable mates in the No Remorse Corps, back during the days of ROH Faction Warefare. It seemed like a weird thing to leave out, especially with how Tony Khan will bring up the most absurd find on cagematch to tie a match together.