FEEDBACK: AEW Collision + Rampage 11/05

What did you think of AEW’s Vancouver debut? How are you (not) enjoying these three hour programming blocks?

No minutes wasted in getting stories across, letting matches breathe, including backstage promos and vignettes on location, this show felt balanced. I even enjoyed Swerve beating down the Gates of Agony and Brian Cage, so much better than that Trent/Orange Cassidy beat down from Dynamite. Ugh, hated that OC didn’t sell the piledriver on the steel steps. But I digress.
Do I sense a Bryan Danielson heel turn on the horizon? His emphasis on doing whatever it takes just sounds alarm bells off.
Match of the night for me has to be Dynamite Kid versus Dax the Axe. I was very happy they took a more methodical approach. Tommy Billington shows a lot of promise. I hope he picks everybody’s brains in that locker room while he can and continues to develop.
Kyle O’Reily is a low key killer. I don’t know how else to explain it. He’s not flashy, he just somehow gets you into the danger zone and he certainly took Copeland there a few times in that main event tonight. Incredible bout between those two men.
Overall I really dig the format of Collampage! Very entertaining.

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