FEEDBACK: AEW Collision + Rampage 18/05

What did you think of tonight’s dual Collision/ Rampage show? Does having these shows taped (and spoilers available) change your experience as a viewer? Is having both shows together better or worse for you than having them separate? Sound off below!

Alexander from Portland (attended live)

I think this is the first time I’ve left feedback for Collision. You two have a fun, dynamic show that’s a nice treat every week.

I splurged on my ticket for this show and got the closest to the ring that I’ve ever been. I was disappointed at the lack of announced matches beforehand but it was fun to get random matches thrown at us the whole night. I wasn’t expecting to see Bryan Danielson in action, nor FTR nor Orange Cassidy nor Shibata. While all of the match results were obvious, it still felt nice to see most of these names in action. Portland showered boo’s onto Trent and I’m very glad his heel work is getting over. A fun, enjoyable night but not one that is must-see at all. Nothing of real consequence happened. The show had no pyro (not like the show needed pyro but the lack of it was noticable). There were no in-ring segments either. Three hours of tapings and still only two women’s matches? You bring PAC and The Bang Bang Gang to Portland and THAT’S what you do with them? I’m less excited for a future AEW show, who knows when that’ll be.