FEEDBACK: AEW Double or Nothing 2020

What did you think of AEW Double or Nothing 2020?

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Nick from Lansing

Really fun show to bottom but I just want to say that’s main event was everything I wanted it to be and more. An absolute blast to watch

Noah from Vaughan

Incredible show, so happy for Shida winning the title, she deserves it so much. Top to bottom a near flawless PPV. 9.5/10 from me and the main event was one of the great things I’ve ever seen, my dad was watching along (he isn’t the biggest wrestling fan) but he along with us was dying of laughter the entire time. So entertaining. Fantastic show

Rafael from North Liberty

If AEW had stopped the show after Shida win the belt I would have felt I’d gotten plenty of value for the money but they absolutely killed it with Mix vs Mr. Brodie then took it to a completely different level with the Elite vs The Inner Circle an amazing match that I can’t put into words. I love wrestling and AEW rewards me for that. 10/10

Sean from Toronto

I would describe the main show as being just as bout as good a PPV AEW could put on in these circumstances and there were no matches that dragged for me.

However, the Stadium Stampede brought things up to a new level and delievered what I would describe as pure Looney Tunes in a football stadium. While these type of cinematic matches will probably get old fast, this was probably way more entertaining than what WWE pulled off, despite the less glossy production.

That said, the jump off the goal post and the final One-Winged Angel can be interpreted as unnecessary stunts, especially during the same week the Owen Hart documentary aired.

However, I was still left highly entertained.

As a football fan, that Main Event was incredibly entertaining from start to finish, so cleverly done!
Grinning from ear to ear watching it.

Is it safe to say Shawn Spears was never the top tier talent he thinks he is?

Jay from Colorado

Pretty solid show over all, especially for the empty arena era.

The casino ladder match was insane, and I was really happy with the debut of Brian Cage. He looked like an absolute monster tonight, and I’m excited to see him as part of the roster.

The match between the Elite and the Inner Circle was exactly what I was hoping it would be and more. I loved every second of it, especially Matt Hardy cycling through different versions of himself, and the bit between Hangman and Hagar in the bar.

The Butcher and the Blade are looking interesting these days. I dig the Butchers Ziggy Stardust shirt. Don’t know if there’s some kind of change coming for them but I like it.

My only big complaint really is that the entire show was too long. I feel like we could have done without the Dustin vs Spears match, as well as Statlander vs Ford, and Cody vs Archer could have been 5 minutes less at least. I also didn’t understand why we had a lengthy review segment before the main event. Great show, I was just ready for it to move along at certain points.

Doug from Tupton Classic

How do I rate the Stadium Stampede 7 stars on Grappl? I was in total hysterics for much of the presentation, they absolutely nailed it. It may not exactly have been the most serious of match, but it doesn’t matter one bit. It wasn’t meant to be. It was a pay-off and it actually paid off.

Much of the rest of the card was somewhat underwhelming but still oddly enjoyable. I really enjoyed Cody vs Archer, MJF vs Jungle Boy and Nyla vs Shida. The ladder match was an absolute clusterf*ck and I wasn’t enjoying it as I felt I should - did Darby actually injure his knee? That may have thrown everyone off if so - but Cage’s arrival was great and he looked impressive.

Shaun Spears is a very good sport, and Penelope Ford is probably worthy of a greater push as a top player in the women’s division.

I gave it a 7 overall as there was just something missing for most of the show, but I suspect it may simply have been a full crowd to react to spots and false finishes. Good, not great.

RIP Hana Kimura, though Excalibur was clearly having trouble getting the sentiment out in his sadness, his words need to be heard by all.

Mike in Chicago.

Take away the Stadium Stampede and you had a fine, but unremarkable show - abit with an ugly TNT belt, a TV tier Statlander/Ford bout, and the unnecessary Shawn Spears/Dustin Rhodes back and forth. Shida/Rose delivered and Moxley/Lee worked for a walk’n’brawl that leaves more story to tell.

But Stadium Stampede - man, it was awesome. It had a whole lot of everything - impressive moves, smart use of the the enviroment, legitimately funny jokes, clever callbacks (loved seeing the golf cart again), and everyone from both teams had their moment of glory. Unlike Wrestlemania’s cinematic matches, these worked a lot more for me in. They had the same non-wrestling moments to entertain the audience, but ultimately was still rooted in it’s core - a wrestling exhibition where one person is trying to beat the other.

Thumbs up from me.

Alexander from Portland

Utterly fantastic show. It felt like every competitor was told to have the show-stealing match, and most of them were viable contenders. The crowd really helped thing feel livelier and more exciting, especially Big Swole. The amount of talent in the ladder match was insane. Between Cage’s dominant debut to Hangman drinking a whiskey-milk to Shida’s winning streak earning her a championship, it’s hard to pick a favorite moment from tonight. AEW has nailed down the presentation and story-telling in the empty-arena settings.

Question: Was the Stadium Stampede match the end of the Elite/Inner Circle Feud?

Josh from Vietnam.
Brian Cage winning was a pleasant surprise and I hope Darby enter into a program with him and Tazz, that feud has the potential for some crazy matches. Although I feel like Orange Cassidy’s booking is a little puzzling(?) and thus the reaction from the announcers toward him seem very heelish.
So glad that Shida won the title, very deserving because I feel like she has been the number one face in the division ever since Riho lost the title. Now give me my Shida-Baker feud.
Cody winning was surprising but understandable. He has lost so many big PPV matches before, he needs a big win like this to reinforce and justify his position in the ranking. Also Archer has been quite dominating, I think he will be albe to take this loss and bounce back.
The main event was chaotic and full of moments, most of it was good. The Incarnation Pool, the brawl in the bar (I can’t imagine getting slammed into a pool table was very good for your spine), etc. However I feel the matchwas overall a bit too long and as a result, was sometime all over the place. I think it could benefit from being 5-7 minutes shorter and would have delivered the same result.

Ben from Vancouver

That main event was perfect. Non stop laughs from start to finish and everyone had their spot. In the empty arena era you can’t get much better than that.

I really liked Moxley/Lee and Shida/Rose too. The Moxley match was an excellent brawl and didn’t hurt Lee at all, perfect booking.

Wasn’t crazy about Ford/statlander and the spears stuff but everything else was solid.

Cage was a great debut and he’s an awesome hire. Even better that they have taz talking for him because that is his weak point.

8/10 show

Genutz from the Delta Quadrant.

Sammy is my hero for taking so much punishment. Kayfabe suplexed for 100 yards. I hope that line machine paint on Jericho wasn’t toxic.
Amazing show.

David from Vaughan

I might have a different opinion than the majority. I found a lot of pacing of matches on the undercard very slow and underwhelming. I did however enjoy the MJF vs Jungle boy match and the women’s title match, though it also went a bit long. The ladder match was decent it had some crazy spots and its great to see Brian Cage in aew. I don’t know if it hindered my opinion but I watched the show with my brother who fell asleep during the moxley vs brodie lee match. Either it was that or the lack of fans but something defintely hurt my opinion of some of these matches. That said the main event was amazing more than made up for it for me. It was hilarous and I was thoroughly entertained.


RIP Hana Kimura


I thought tonight was a good show. Match of the night for me was MJF vs. Jungle Boy. The storytelling was fantastic with both wrestlers being equal to one another until MJF resorts to “heel tactics.” It was great, and another good example of MJF being more than a good talker. He’s fantastic in the ring, and jungle boy continues to impress me.

The TNT title match was just ok. I was confused about why we needed to have the second referee come in to throw out AA. It seemed like too much booking to me. Just have the ref in the match catch him in the act, and throw out both managers. Maybe had it been on an episode of Dynamite instead of a PPV I would’ve enjoyed it more, but I just felt empty after the match even though I thought there wasn’t anything wrong with the in-ring action. Perhaps I am just being too picky.

The only other “negative” I had was the Spears and Dustin match. I think had it been on the pre-show instead of the good tag match between the Best Friends vs. Private Party, then it wouldn’t be an issue for me; too much like WWE for my taste.

7 John Pollocks out of 10 Wai Tings.