FEEDBACK: AEW Double or Nothing

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What did you think of Double or Nothing?

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The future is bright! I found this to be a really excellent show. Matches given time, commentary that focuses on the matches, a hot crowd and a real big night feel. Nothing felt phoned in. I’m particular I was really impressed with the six women tag, Guevara/Sabian, the four way and SCU/Strong Hearts, all great matches that made me want to see more from them all. Excalibur was a great lead commentator too, added so much with his knowledge of the wrestlers and the history of the matches.

That said, while Cody/Dustin was fine, I wish we could leave such heavy blade jobs in the past. I really dont want to see it. Young Bucks and Lucha Bros was ridiculous good, I dont even know where to begin. Loved Omega/Jericho, both are great big match wrestlers and it showed.

A great debut for AEW. They’ve definitely got me wanting more.

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Overall an absolutely fantastic show. A long night of wrestling that didn’t feel like it dragged at all. Genuinely impressive performance. Production and camera work was the only let down. Felt like so much was missed by dodgy camera work

Also - Saturday night pay per view is fantastic for the UK. When you’re going to bed at 5am on a Sunday morning it’s a lot easier than before work on the Monday.

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David from Israel

I really enjoyed the show tonight. I actually stayed awake all night to watch it since it started at 2AM local time which is really rare for me. I thought most of the presentation was pretty good although it was maybe too much WWE like and I would like to see them try to be a little more different but my two main gripes were the constant camera cuts that were both unpleasant and actually led to them missing key spots in matches and secondly Alex Marvez; I thought he was quite bad and took away from some of the matches. I would much rather have JR and Excalibur calling the matches from now on.

In hindsight can you explain the rational behind WWE giving Ambrose such a grand exit from the company? It doesn’t seem like them to give someone such a relatively respectful departure if they assumed he would be going here.

Overall I’d say they really succeeded in building anticipation for their future shows as I am now really looking forward to Fight For The Fallen and All Out

AJ from PA

What a fun show from start to finish. Really had fun seeing new faces and different move sets. Dustin and Cody stole the show with an instant classic in my opinion. Loved Cody’s entrance and I think Triple H probably enjoyed it as well.

Production was really great. Audio, lighting and camera work was top notch. I can do without the cuts to the single audience member though. Just feels too WWE.

JR and Excalibur make a fantastic team but Malvez just doesnt belong on this large a stage. He sounds timid, looks awkward and just seems to get in the way.

Jericho/Omega was really stiff. Jericho seemed to be almost knocked out at one point but I really enjoyed the Judas effect as a finisher. It got a good pop and having it end the match got it over immediately.

Great start for AEW. Definitely some room for improvement for it’s really going to work in their favor that they have 3 more shows before they go live weekly.


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Let me start with the negatives:

  • I had issues with buying the PPV and ended up paying for it twice, because the system was wonky. Haven’t gotten a refund as of this posting
  • Alex Marvez and Jim Ross didn’t add much to commentary
  • Awesome Kong and Pentagon Jr had the exact same gear. Seriously, go look back at it. WH Park would agree that it’s shit
  • Raptors beat my Bucks in 6, and I’m very upset

The positives:

  • Most everything else
  • Wrestling was excellent
  • Storylines made sense
  • Cody/Dustin made me feel vulnerable and a wrestling match has never done that before
  • Excalibur was the absolute MVP
  • All the surprises were awesome and well-placed

14/20, excited to see what’s next

Dan from LI

Very good show from start to finish. They have a lot to learn in terms of production, but this was a good starting point. The go home angle was just tremendous. Moxley looked to be the most invigorated he’s been in a long time and I’m excited to see where this program with Omega goes. I do think some critiques are fair though, especially when it comes to the weapon shots to the head, and their very obvious WWE issues. I don’t want to see the shots to the head. It’s 2019, we know the health risks, and its honestly insane that these things were happening. Also, something that I’d like to see AEW get on board with is training the refs to some degree to deal with injuries. Dustin’s cut was NASTY, and I feel like in WWE a ref would have been all over it right away, which would have been good to see here. The shots at WWE feel second rate, and for a company that’s trying to get over as the best wrestling, its completely unnecessary. I really enjoyed Cody/Dustin, the Tag title match, and the main event.

I gotta admit that they lost me during the build to this show, but in the end, it exceeded my expectations.

The Joshi match and Cody vs. Dustin were the best matches of the show.

I’m not a squeamish guy, and I watch Big Japan death matches, but that shot of Dustin on his knees with the blood gushing was too much even for me. An incredible performance from Dustin and I’m happy that he will be wrestling more matches in AEW.

My only quibbles is that though while I think Jericho vs. Omega was a good match, it went a little long and it even lost the crowd towards the end, and the ending felt a little flat.

At least Jericho winning means he goes into his match with Okada having won a big match and defeated a former IWGP champion.

Also Moxley’s run in felt very much like something you would see on Raw.


Ken-Ken from the Internet,

What can I say? For a first show this was great. An interesting take on a rumble, which progressed Hangman’s story to become world champ. Great tag team action all night. A solid couple of women’s matches, which had even Bayley and Sasha commenting on them, a fantastic, but disgusting match with Cody and Dustin. Seriously, it was a combination of Steve Austin and Rick Flair blood jobs, and an awesome main event capped off with Moxley and Omega abusing the hell out of poker chips.

It was pretty much everything I wanted. Even the jib camera shots were awesome. The only thing I was iffy on was the Judas effect. I appreciate Kenny’s sell on it, but I just don’t know yet.

16 John Pollock’s out of 20 Wai Ting’s

Ken Dell from Ohio
Good show overall! The Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks(Not Milwaukee) was my match of the night with Cody/Dusty being number 2 good call with Jericho winning to even series. Some work will need to be done on getting the unknown new talent some exposure and they have to get their YouTube content situation sorted out. 16/20

Mitchell from Auckland

A very solid show in my opinion. I thought Excalibur was great and JR really started getting into it from the Dustin/Cody match onwards, as for Alex Marvez…i don’t think he had a great night and wouldn’t be against just the 2 man booth with Excalibur and JR

Cody Vs Dustin was easily my Match Of The Night. A match that would’ve had Dusty filled with tears of joy for the performance his 2 boys put on. Awesome to see Awesome Kong debut and i absolutely love that we will be getting Jericho and Hangman going at it for the AEW Title (Which also looks pretty damn good) and the debuting Moxley feuding with Kenny Omega

Overall a great debut show for AEW. 18 Bloody Dustin Foreheads out of 20

I’ve been to 3 WrestleManias(and several Wwe ppvs), and I can say the crowd here in Vegas had more electric in the air. Not sure how it came off on TV, but it was solid and didn’t drag live. Women’s 6 way and lucha/bucks stole the show.

Dickie from Brisbane

I cheered, I booed, I laughed and yes, thanks to Cody, I cried.

Firstly, as an Australian working a Monday to Friday job, I’m all for a major promotion running a Saturday night show so I can watch on a Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought the commentary wasn’t good, but for the first time, I was so engaged with the action in the ring, I really didn’t notice Marvez and Ross bumbling through the matches.

Things fell off a cliff for the main event, crowd was a little flat, but after insane match after insane match, I had a lot of forgiveness.

Good for AEW for going off the air with a big surprise and setup of an angle, after all, this is pro-wrestling.

I cancelled my WWE network tonight, albeit for the 100th time, but as I went to cancel, the automated marketing fed me the - ‘If you cancel, you’ll miss our next show - SAUDI ARABIA’. Timing is everything.

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Julio from Chula Vista

Awesome show from AEW with Dustin and Cody being the highlight of the night for me. Could do without the heavy blade job though it was A LOT of blood.

Post match between those two was emotional as it gets and that’s why I love this sport so much.

18 out of 20 for me.

RIDICULOUS SHOW. Every match was trying to win a $50k fight of the night bonus. So much fun up and down the card. I hope they realize Alex has gotta go. Cody vs Dustin was just UNBELIEVABLE. wish a doctor would have come in and checked/stopped the bleeding. Damn moxley is a beast. Look forward to Jericho vs hangman. Mjf heat. Who wants some?

Brian from New York

Overall it’s nice to see optimism with any wrestling product, so I’m excited to see where AEW goes from here. For someone casually into this company and coming into it without seeing really any of Being The Elite or other Youtube entries, the first half of the card, while solid in the ring, didn’t draw me in a ton. Hopefully once they’re on TV it’ll be a bit easier of an entry into their stories.

The back end of the card was really where the night was made. The electricity of the last two Cody matches have been off the charts and Dustin more than lived up to his end. Not sure we need as much blood as we got tonight…but maybe that’s why AEW is so keen on getting health insurance for all their wrestlers. Also could have done without the HHH shade, which felt out of place.

Hell of a night for the Lucha Bros. That twisting springboard hurricanrana by Fenix was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Only wish it had been saved for a little later in the match so it would have had a bigger impact.

Jericho-Omega didn’t quite live up to their last match and I’m not too sure about the Judas Effect as a finisher, but I liked the bit of a swerve on the victor. Jericho will do a great job making Page look like a star if he’s to win the belt and they can save Omega-Page for something bigger down the road.

As for the overall package of the show…the camera work was a bit wonky, but hopefully with TNT’s involvement, it’ll improve. They can probably afford to lose Marvez on big shows and go with the two-man booth. Also if we’re going to get on WWE for the length of their shows, it’s hard to look past the 5 hours with preshow tonight ran (and that’s without Page-PAC). That said, it ended on the high of the Moxley debut which is what we’ll remember most, so a solid start for AEW and their product lands right in between WWE/NJPW and ROH/TNA in 3rd for my interest right now.

Joey from Queens,
I asked my girlfriend to watch the show with me in an attempt to share something I love with her, and I can say it went a heck of a lot better than when I showed my grandma Raw. While the first match was ok and the next 3 were pretty meh to be honest. The final 3 matches were worth the price of admission, with Cody Dustin being my favorite. A nice reasonably long PPV that ended on a real good high with Jon Moxley making his return.

Overall Grade: 17/20

Guillaume from Quebec City

Cody vs Dustin was definitely my match of the night, great storytelling and perfect ending with the after match promo.

Kinda disappointed by the main event and the angle that closed the show. I wasn’t a big Dean Ambrose fan in the WWE and I don’t think he should be built as the top star of AEW.

Overall a great PPV and I’m so proud of The Super Smash Bros impactful debut!

is a fantastic show, every matches are deliver, match of the night are both Cody vs Dustin and Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros. Both women matches delivered over the expectation, Awesome Kong is a big surprise but Britt Baker winning means that they are really focus on building their home grown talent. Joshi six women even not too many audiences know who they are, but starting show their appreciation for the performance of these Joshi wrestlers. Overall it was great, but I found a little negative about their camera angle, personally I think they are switching angles to many times in a short period which sometime got me off a little bit on the action. Also they didn’t focus enough on some post match celebration in specially that happen during the Young Bucks’s match, after their victories and they cut away too soon I think.
but overall it was a great show, great start for AEW and the future is bright, 9.8/10 for me

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of the “Being The Elite” show but this Pay-Per-View delivered for me.

The casino battle royal, although unique, was spectacular and had some meaningful stakes attached.

Cody and Dustin had a bloody & emotional match, although I missed when he was busted open…or did he blade.

Loved the subtle jab at the Fed of having a legend in ring to present a new championship! And the crowd made me wish I was their rather than questioning when it would end.

20 “Shock Appearances” out of 20