FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/10

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So yesterday was obviously a wacky day on twitter with Tony Khan doing his Tony Khan shenanigans. I was pretty annoyed by it, but now I’m not sure how I feel. It seems like it was done on purpose to hype the Hook Title match. That seems strange, but when there was a title sponsor for the match itself, I then realized what it was. Making yourself look silly on twitter probably isn’t the way to go, but based on the history of pro wrestling promoters, I guess it’s pretty minor. He is trying to learn from old promoters though. Having Jericho come out and not turning off his music was both clever and horrible at the same time. Vince would just turn the volume down. The show though was great and I hope they do a Daily’s Place show at least once a year as the crowd was incredible tonight.

Sal from California

Seeing AEW back at Daily’s place makes me remember how fun those early years of AEW were. I found Post Wrestling after Dynamite debuted back in 2019 and i became a patron during the pandemic. If I’ve never said it, just wanted to let you both know that your podcast really helped get me through the COVID lockdown. Listening to your shows was one thing i looked forward to every day when everything else in the world felt strange. I’ll always appreciate Post Wrestling for that. Thank you guys.

As far as the show goes, the ending of Dynamite felt a little awkward with the Bucks coming out and not saying anything, but I’m excited for Sting and Darby taking on the Bucks. I’ll be making the trip to Greensboro and I think it’ll be a great ending for the Stinger.

Question for you both: If we get a triple threat at Revolution with Joe, Swerve and Hangman, do you think it would be too early to have Joe drop the title to Swerve? I love Joe but i think it’s Swerve’s time and i hope they give him the title while he’s hot.

All the best!



I agree 100% with Wai that John could pull off a mustache.

The conclusion to tonight’s Dynamite showed two things:

  1. The Young Bucks cannot pull off mustaches when they are trying to seem imposing.

  2. Sting’s retirement match feels “bigger than” the Bucks’ heel persona rises to. I hope they come up with a compelling storyline for Revolution. Matt & Nick have to be more serious with their promos or else they will fail to live up to that spotlight.

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Just a couple of quick thoughts.

  • Sting and Darby vs The Young Bucks at Revolution should be an amazing final match for Sting. I recall the trios match at Forbidden Door 2022 - Darby, Sting, and Shingo Takagi vs El Phantasmo & The Young Bucks, being a ton of fun. I think this should be a blast.

  • I love the world title picture and all the possibilities. It’s nice to see so many things at play within that mix that feels unpredictable for the first time in many, many months.

  • Lastly… Jericho… The boos will keep coming, and I’m not sure how they can navigate this all. I think Hausman’s baseless and reckless pseudo-journalism has done a tremendous amount of damage.

It should be noted, Hausman, who has since backtracked on his allegations of calling Jericho a sexual predator - and admitted on his podcast to putting the story out there to gain a measure of revenge for Ace Steel’s wife Lucy (due to Jericho mentioning in a tweet how she and Ace Steel acted unprofessionally at Brawl Out). Yet I’m not hearing anybody giving that any attention to this.

Jericho may be a creep and a scumbag, but we will never hear the truth - because Nick Hausman used sexual assault allegations for gotcha points in a twitter beef. And seeing as how everybody reacted, fewer potential victims will likely ever come forward.

Sorry for another tirade about Hausman. I just think it’s a disservice to the wrestling journalism and media space to allow somebody like him to exist within it.without consequences for his behaviour.

Anyway, thanks for all you do. I hope everyone is healthy and bounced back from the current wave of sicknesses that are floating around.

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