FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/20/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Wherever this Inner Circle story takes us, I hope one outcome is they turn Santana & Ortiz. They are fantastic!

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight’s show was good tonight. Not much to give feedback to as they did the usual good things. Good trios match, they tried to establish some new people, and a good Cody match. This Nick Comoroto guy seems like he has potential and with AEW’s love of managers, he should be put with someone like Tully Blanchard or even Jake Roberts if they want to expand the number of people he manages. The highlight was the Dark Order segment. Luther was awesome tonight and the botched celebration was a genuinely funny moment. 8 footstools for Lana out of 10.

Jesse à MTL

I’m surprised the rating is as high as it is tonight. I usually enjoy Dynamite but I thought tonight’s show was really sloppy. There were botches throughout the night. Sydal & Top Flight vs Hardy Party was a complete mess and the main event seemed rushed.
Pro wrestling is really hard to do well and people make mistakes; I get it. But I perceived so many errors, I started thinking maybe something was wrong with ring.
But hey, maybe it’s just me. I still love Adam Page.

Take Care

Just wanted to say that the “He Said Yes” moment was probably one of the few times I’ve genuinely laughed at a wrestling promo / segment.

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Did they really have to scroll the AEW Dark results during the Moxley-Comoroto match? Of course, I didn’t have any belief that Moxley would lose, but seeing that the guy he was wrestling lost to Scorpio Sky last night took any part of the competitiveness out of the match.

With that criticism of AEW’s production errors that just seem to continue, being an Impact Wrestling fan first and foremost, I have to say I am really enjoying all of the crossover between both companies. What other wrestlers do you see crossing over between companies?

This was not a great show. The opener and the main event were decent but everything else was pretty bad.

That trios match was botchtastic and so was the finish of the women’s match.

The Miro stuff is just not hitting either. And I have no clue why Peter Avalon was given that much screen time, just a crappy match with Cody.


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