FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/29/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Brandon from Oshawa

With no matches that I was really looking forward to, I found myself paying attention to some of the smaller things on the show. In particular the tag ropes. I noticed in past weeks, that I either didn’t even see them, or people just weren’t using them. Tonight it seemed like more effort was made in heaven different tag matches, which I liked.

I really loved the vignette with MJF paying off BBB. I thought it looked cool and was well done. MJF was also incredible on commentary and I enjoyed the little back stories he gave us on who trained Butcher and Blade. Britt Baker also had a really good promo and I think this was the best she has come off, in her entire run.

I’m hoping Guevara stepping up in the beat down of Darby, leads to Guevara/Darby at the ppv. Do you guys think there is any chance Kenny turns heel on Hangman? Everything points to Hangman being the one to turn, but I think he’s the most over as he’s been in a while.

Sean from Toronto

A relatively average episode with not much that truly stuck out for me. In fact, my biggest takeaway was probably the continuation of Britt Baker’s heel turn.

It seemed in the picture-in-picture that SCU was giving a promo in tribute to Kobe Bryant, so it’s a real shame I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Finally, I have to admit that Hangman’s drinking gimmick is starting to grow on me since it leads to humorous moments such as him giving the Young Bucks his beer before he goes on the attack.

Varouj from Phoenix

A lot of smaller wrestlers run into the issue of having super weak looking offense against bigger guys. Darby Allin is not one of them. Orange Cassidy’s whole gimmick is that he’s effortlessly cool… but in a very different way Darby Allin is just as cool, just as effortlessly. I really can’t wait for a midcard title. He’ll shine in that division.

I never understood the appeal of Adam Page until this drinking gimmick. He’s hilarious in the role but I really don’t know how much longer they can go with it before they’re… ya know… beating a dead horse.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So, I think tonight was the jump the shark moment for me with Jim Ross. When you have a heel call him up for screwing up names, and then he does so in the main event calling Isiah Kassidy “Kennedy”, I think it’s time to end his run as commentator. I loved Taz whenever he was on, and a motivated Taz is a really good commentator. Taz, Tony and Excalibur would be the perfect trio. Jim Ross’s commentary has become like Undertaker’s wrestling. It’s sad to see a guy past his prime being sent out there to embarrass himself. Other then that, the show was pretty good tonight. The matches aren’t blow away, but they’re consistent. Cody Rhodes had a decent match with Kip Sabian and Sabian and Ford were able to showcase their characters while still losing to the big babyface in Cody. The only negative for me was Darby Allin losing once again. I feel he has been losing far too much, but I do have faith in AEW’s booking of their male babyfaces that hopefully this turns out well for him. 6 out of 10

Noah from Vaughan

With 4 straight special editions in the books, we knew we were getting back to a normal edition of dynamite tonight and I thought it did a good job of building up the weeks to come. Moxley came across like a major star and they’ve done a fantastic job building to the title match thus far. I loved all the video packages they showed this evening, especially the MJF, Pac, and Dark order ones. And that Britt Baker promo was fantastic, I love this because AEW saw that her initial few months of being a babyface weren’t working, so they adjusted and she did a great job with her promo. 7.5/10. With Yuka returning to aew next week, do you guys know if they will have her appearing more often? Because she was a real standout for me early on in AEW

Good show overall. A few thoughts.

Big Swole might be the most underrated wrestler on the roster. She always manages to get the crowd into her matches. Nyla Rose looks like she has improved in the ring.

Kip Sabian has go away heat with me. I don’t care for him or his angle with Janela. And Cody should be able to beat a guy like Sabian in like 5 minutes with little effort.

Good show overall but felt lacking energy at times. Britt seemed more comfortable this week and might win me over eventually, but I’m glad I didn’t have to see her wrestle.
The new inner circle intro makes me think Jericho will retain for months to come


It’s the little things - like Jericho wearing the bandana with PnP…Christopher Daniels dropping the microphone - botching - on their ring entrance…promos that feel fresh. Creative criticisms aside, performers are allowed to perform and I find that refreshing.

I thought Baker cut a great promo that was both inside and great heel work. and had awesome rival city heat. Good night for her to do it.
PACs video was cool. Have either of you caught the Road To episodes for the last few weeks. Feels like trial and error for the next TV show