FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/4/23

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This is might be the closest AEW has come to a perfect episode of Dynamite. My only complaint is maybe the MJF/Danielson went a bit too long but other than that what an amazing two hour and what a crowd. With this Dynamite and Wrestle Kingdom earlier today we as wrestling fans are spoiled. Nothing much to add that I’m sure you both will have added. Question are these matches for Danielson the way we get Shibata vs Danielson?

Steve from Virginia Beach.

AEW is starting 2023 hot!
Those two hours flew by.
Great Crowd, Great Matches, Great Show!

Only pushback, not excited for an Iron Man match as they tend to drag until the last 3 minutes. Plus I’ve never been a fan of MJF in actual matches. Sure, Dragon is great, but I just feel it may be a hard match to sit through.

Saeed from Vancouver.

What an amazing start to the new year for AEW… The crowd was just spectacular. Good to amazing matches all around. Only match that didn’t keep up with all the others was the womens tag for me.

It was so hard to choose my match of the night, but it will go to Swerve vs. AR.

If Toni is the partner I think it was done the wrong way… but my guess is Shida turns heel and takes her out on Rampage or on Dynamite next week. Having a heel Shida would be something special her move set is made for it.

Any news on what we are getting on New Years dash tonight?

Hottest crowd in the PNW since the WWF / WCW show in 2001

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Insanely hot crowd that elevated a pretty good show to a great show! This felt like a classically booked almost house show. Between the tag title change then reversal, MJF/Bryan and MJF reacting to Bryan’s comebacks and taking the bait for the title match, and the classic babyface Starks overcoming to established heel despite shenanigans by his goons. Great way to kick off the new year for Dynamite!

Good evening guys,

I missed the first hour of the show, but was able to catch from the tail end of the MJF/Danielson on.

  • I guess we are getting the five labors of Danielson to get us to the eventual Revolution main event.
  • As someone who wasn’t familiar with AR Fox prior to his appearances in AEW (I’m still working through Lucha Underground on the Tubi app), I’m constantly blown away by the way he moves so fluidly in his matches
  • The Saraya stuff continues to fall flat for me. Maybe Shida is gonna take out Toni and that’s going to lead to Mercedes coming in, or maybe it’s actually going to be Saraya & Toni in the match, but I just want Jamie to get past this to finally get to the Britt match and the face turn
  • That women’s tag match was awesome. I’ve been a fan of Kiera Hogan since watching some of her Impact work, and I think she had a great showing tonight. Sky Blue and Red Velvet put in work as well during their time in the ring together. I hope Jade loses the title soon so we can get past the undefeated gimmick. I just don’t see anyone being lined up to do it. Any picks in your opinion?
  • I loved Darby’s first run with the TNT title, so I’m excited for this run. I am curious as to what happens next for Joe though. Does he become soley a focal point of ROH or will he be featured on both brands?

I promise I’ll eventually figure out how to leave more streamlined feedback

Thanks! Amazing work as always gentlemen.

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A fiery Seattle crowd elevated Dynamite. They were loud for everything including Danielson, Swerve and Darby. Aubrey moved the whole building with that false finish in the tag title match. Starks/Jericho had the right result…but the JAS had to get their heat back

My gut tells me that a bait and switch might happen in the women’s tag match in the Forum. Shida’s body language is a big tell.

Overall, it’s a good step forward as AEW looks to leave a tumultuous few months in the rear view.

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Cody From Maine

After a string of great Dynamite’s to end 2022, the trend continued to kick off the new year. Heading west was the best thing that could’ve happened to this company post-All Out. As proven again tonight by an all time crowd in Seattle.

My biggest takeaway from the show tonight is my immense sadness over our great King Of Television’s loss. No surprise in Joe being a transitional champion, but he knocked it out of the park with the time he had. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great moment for Darby. But it’s a shame this Seattle show wasn’t a bit further down the road to give Joe more time as champion.

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Steve Grows Weed

Great crowds make for great shows. I’m excited for the next few weeks in new markets.
Not sure I like the Iron Match stip.
Happy with an hour long match from these two. But Iron Mans tend to only matter in the last five minutes. Let’s hope they have a great idea.
Dana really fucked.
Something made him feel invincible enough to react to her slap with one of his own in a crowded space.
Not sure if he’s as Teflon as he thinks.

Jordan from the Bronx

There was a time when Danielson was considered weak on the mic. Tonight, he told Yo Momma jokes and the crowd ate it up! MJF brown nosing notorious AEW critics for heat was a fun change of pace from the typical WWE pandering.

After seeing some of the older guys on Wrestle Kingdom it’s especially impressive seeing how great Jarrett and Jericho are in the ring in their 50s. The The Mogul Affiliates are working for me so far. It’s hilarious that Excalibur knew The Butcher and the Blade on their debut, yet it’s been two weeks and “Painted Face Man Henchman” doesn’t have a name yet. Speaking of Excalibur, those card promos must be hell. Darby and Joe was great. I’ll miss the King of Television though.

Question: Apologies if you already answered this during the review, but if the Toni Storm partnership is a red herring, how soon do you think we hear her potential replacement? Rampage, Battle of the Belts, or perhaps not at all until next week? Shida and Renee’s reaction doesn’t tell me that Toni was the plan the entire time.

Thank you guys for all of the hard work this week with this crazy schedule of shows!

Chris in Ottawa

What a night and what a beautiful set! Everything looks bigger, brighter and better.

The show was going so well, but then I noticed at 9:30 there was still a funeral, a women’s tag and the main event to go - but somehow it worked!! And they still had time for the tender moment between Emo Dad and his son.

Regarding the term “feeling froggy”, the most upvoted entry in the Urban Dictionary from July 2008 notes that the phrase is used when “someone is up in your grill” or “talking smack at you” - so clearly it was used fittingly by Danielson.

What a great 2 hours of wrestling TV. A real 10/10.

Btw John, you should try ice fishing, some people have some incredible ice shanties - fully loaded!