FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 1/6/21 "New Years Smash – Night 1"

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Noah from Vaughan

6 days into 2021 and we already have a serious match of the year contender. An absolute barn burner between Fenix and Omega. And an incredible post match with the reformation of the Bullet Club. A great way to start 2021 for AEW leaving tons of intrigue for whats next. 9/10 show. I’d love to see this iteration of the Bullet club go up against a Hangman page led dark order in the coming months.

The Miro match next week has the same stipulation as the pilot Jerry Seinfeld & George Costanza wrote for NBC (“You should be his butler”).
The rating tonight will be dwarfed by what is happening in D.C.
Snoop’s top rope maneuvers are as good as his feelings towards Cardi B’s, WAP.
Justin Roberts saying NORTH CAROLINA will always be the Highlight of the Night.
Brother Nate should use JR’s voice from the last 5 seconds of tonight’s show when he reviews Central Intelligence. Fun movie!

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight was a decent distraction from today’s outrage fatigue filled day. I’ll try to be positive as the show was good as usual. I like the slowly building story with the 3rd iteration of the Bullet Club outside of New Japan and ROH, with the 2nd being the OC. They should probably figure out a new name as they might be beating a dead horse with the grouping. I like Hikaru Shida but they really should look into finding someone new to put the title on. With the Impact cross over, putting it on someone like Jordynne Grace or Deonna Purrazzo wouldn’t be a bad idea. Anyway, decent show, 7 out of 10.

Andy from London

I thought that tonight was an OK episode of Dynamite, but it was capped off with a sensational main event! It had me gasping in amazement at least half a dozen times with some just awesome spots. I have to say though; the post match angle with the Bucks is going to take a bit of explanation for me - I appreciate the history in Japan - but I’m concerned we’re back to this weird face/heel hybrid that didn’t work in the build to the FTR match.

As for the rest of the show; I loved Wardlow vs Hager and it was cool to see Wardlow go over. But I thought everything else was below par by Dynamite standards, and the Shida Abadon stuff really isn’t for me!

For a show with such a good main event it would be rude to score any lower; 7.5/10

Erin from Brampton

I feel like I’ll catch some hate for this, but I’m not sold on Omega as the champion right now. I know he’s a great wrestler, but his character feels incomplete. To me, he really comes across as a generic heel, and his dynamic with Don Callis doesn’t feel well established. Is he Omega’s boss or his hype man? I ask because he was giving Omega orders during the post match promo. The only thing keeping Omega interesting for me is what looks to be a Bullet Club reunion.

Besides that, I really enjoyed Hager vs Wardlow, and Shida vs Abadon. Those were two matches that have been promoted for a while, so I was excited to see how they turned out.

It feels weird that I have to say it this way, but that Omega-Fenix match was one of the best I’ve seen this week.

We’ve been waiting for weeks to get the “other side” payoff to the AEW/ Impact story and the Bullet Club reunion was worth it. I can see this being the starting point for a big baby face push for Hangman Page, who will probably refuse to join his old friends. Does that mean that the Dark Order are going to be the force for good?

A show this entertaining was really needed today and I’m happy I was able to escape from the horrors of the world to the south and enjoy people biting each other, hitting each other with barbed wire baseball bats, and trying to break each other’s necks.

Kenny Omegas entrance is very lame. Also, so is his shaking of his hands any time he does a move. Overall, a very lame champion. Nice of AEW to have Jericho on commentary after he hosted a conspiracy theory nut on his podcast…what a disgrace

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Kenny Omega might’ve paid close attention to Wrestle Kingdom as he and Fenix put on a barnburner main event. The Impact/AEW joint venture took a massive turn with Gallows and Anderson invading Daily’s Place. The Young Bucks siding with Omega and the Good Brothers feels like a Bullet Club rebirth. AEW held up their end of this cross-promotion and it has a lot of potential for Dynamite in the new year.

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Tom from Melbourne

Fantastic main event that was every bit as good as anything on Wrestle Kingdom. The structure of the match was near-perfect and managed to build a nice story within the constraints of TV time.

I think it’s worth mentioning Abadon’s performance tonight too, and that AEW continue to show that they can still build characters and contenders while giving us a clean winner.

I thought it was an ok episode highlighted by an incredible main event and closing angle.

Fenix vs Omega tore the house down and took some unreal bumps. That’s also the right way to do a cliffhanger angle as it leaves you wanting more and asking questions.

Didn’t like the Abadon biting thing and thought it was cheesy, match was ok. Not high on Sydal either and just didn’t like that match much. Hagar/Wardlow was decent and the right guy went over


I’m surprised that people thought this was a “Bullet Club reunion” and think they are going to feud with some Hangman led team. I thought it was pretty clear that the only reason the Bucks did the Too Sweet, was because it would have made no sense for them to suddenly be hardcore against these guys. They’re all still friends and Omega/Good Brothers beating on the AEW Dark jobbers, isnt going to suddenly turn the Bucks against them.

I fully expect the Bucks to get beaten down soon and we’ll get Omega/Good Brothers vs Hangman or Moxley & Young Bucks.

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I like that a we’re able to see a mainstream wrestling promotion do a closing angle that actually leaves you with several legitimate ways things could play out, and none would be insulting to the viewers intelligence.

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