FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/14/20 (Anniversary)

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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MJ from the land of Pro Wrestling

Jericho and MJF had one of the best promo only in ring segments I can remember in a long time. Both guys were on their A game on the mic tonight I thought.

Moxley is one of the best booked and worth champions since Okada’s 2 year reign. I love the way he has been presented in AEW and his run as champion.

I wish they weren’t running back Cody and Orange after a great use of the time limit draw and would much prefer a 3 way at Full Gear.

Britt Baker and Tony Scivone are a gift to Wrestling TV when they do these segments together.

The crowd was either much more vocal tonight or better mic’d. With AEW continuing to run out of Jacksonville I will try to get up there to take in a show - maybe Full Gear, depending on the card, though after All Out, I may need to see another PPV before making that kind of commitment :man_shrugging:

Noah from Vaughan

For a show that had no title changes despite 4 matches, I thought it was a really strong offering from dynamite tonight. Cody for the second straight week stole the damn show. He and Orange Cassidy’s match was incredible. MJF and Jericho’s segment was probably the best thing on the show, they continue to just be gold together. 8.5/10 show Full gear already is shaping up to be a great show, with Darby vs either Cody or Cassidy, finals of the tournament (likely Omega vs Page) Bucks vs FTR and Kingston vs Moxley. With Kingston never tapping out to moxley, what are the chances we get a lights out match at Full Gear between the two of them? We haven’t seen the lights out match since last years full gear and I’m curious if you guys think they bring it back this year as well

Andy from London

I have loved AEW for the past year, it’s has been the best year of episodic wrestling I’ve ever watched. This show however was a bit of a disappointment, the build and anticipation was so high, and for me it didn’t deliver.

A very messy Eddie Kingston promo to end, the arcade game goof with Kip/Miro and Best Friends & a raffle to determine who gets a tag title opportunity? I expect better from this great show. I did however like the Cassidy Cody match and look forward to the rematch in a few weeks.

As for the direction for Full Gear, it looks like they might be going to Kingston for the title again, do you think this is where they’ll go? My concern here is again it feels like odd booking - an unranked Kingston getting another title shot on PPV after just loosing 3 weeks ago; AEW have trained me to expect much more logic from the booking over the past year.

Overall a decent, not exceptional show 7/10

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Jesse à MTL

I felt that they tried to cram too much into one show. They have title matches so often, they don’t feel special to me any more. And we see the same characters every week. Having the World Champion on should be a big and comparatively rare event, not a weekly occurrence. As a result, there are guys like Fenix, Penta, Ben Carter, Scorpio Sky, and Colt Cabana, etc., who hardly ever get featured at all.

I’m interested to hear what you thought about the Jericho-MJF segment. I thought it was just awful. I’ve seen better acting from troupes who go from middle school to middle school to put on plays about the dangers of bullying.

And why are FTR willing to cheat to win matches but unwilling to win by count-out. Huh?

I also don’t find Lance Archer very interesting or good and those brawling segments were a stupid waste of time.

Baker and Schiavone as well as Eddie Kingston were the highlights for me.

Allez les Expos!

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Trevor from Edmonton.

Another strong show from AEW. Thought tonight’s show flew by and there was a good mix of talking segments and in-ring action.

Especially enjoyed Cody vs Orange and didn’t mind the time limit draw when you have a high quality match like that.

Very intrigued to see what happens with MJF and Jericho. I feel like it may be too soon to get to a match at Full Gear between them, but I’m not sure what other matches they could be involved in.

One complaint from me: For a show as big as this one, I would’ve liked to see something from Hangman or Omega.