FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/18

Leave your feedback for Tuesday Night Dynamite.

I love AEW! This episode ruled! I hope the hangman thing isn’t serious I thought it was part of the show. Storm vs SHIDA was real good and it was refreshing seeing Toni role out a good match. Overal great show

Cody From Maine

Genuinely view this as an all time great Dynamite. Ring work, mic work, the hype packages, everything just clicked. But for now, all of that is secondary. Hoping that by the end of your review, positive news comes in regarding Hangman. Thankfully AEW learned from past mistakes and handled this appropriately.

The real main event of this show was MJF vs William Regal on the mic tonight! Amazing showing for both men.
Having someone that can hang with MJF on the mic was awesome!!
I didn’t know who Dalton Castle before last week and now I’m a fan. His entrance and whole character is really fun. But he can hang pretty good in the ring too.
I’m a little jealous that Cincinnati got an MJF promo and we got staring from the balcony in Toronto but it is what it is.
We got the Acclaimed in ring so it’s a fair split.

Great show. Ours was better.

Great meeting the Post Wrestling crew last week.

P.S. I wrote this before the end of the show. Really hope Hangman is ok. That seemed pretty scary.


Steve from Cambridge

I started the show tonight trying to think of a clever joke about Baron Corbin’s awful ring gear yesterday… Now, all I’m thinking like we all are is that Hangman Page is okay.

Godspeed Adam Page.

On track to be one of the best episodes of Dynamite all year but, clearly, it ended as a stark reminder of how incredibly dangerous this business is. Hearing Taz and the other commentators so rattled was unnerving in the extreme. Really hope that Hangman’s ok.


The main event had a scary, abrupt end with Hangman getting knocked out. Mox and Friedman made lemonade out of the lemon and put all eyes towards Full Gear. All the best to Hangman Page and I hope he has a safe and speedy recovery. Speaking of MJF, He and Regal had one helluva promo exchange that added even more layers to Friedman’s loudmouth bravado. FTR’s finally getting a straight up tag match on Dynamite for the first time in months and Jericho continues to piss all over what ROH stands for. The JAS’ schtick is starting to wear thin.

Final Battle is gonna be in December and who’s gonna be the final boss in Jericho’s run?

Saeed from Vancouver

Hell of a show, RIHO back is wonderful to see.

Really hope Hangman is okay, report from people there, that he gave a thumbs up on his way out.

Also NXT ended with Theory coming out and flashing his briefcase, taking it as they dont want roman to lose the title, so they will have him cash in on NXT?