FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/21/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Andy from London

I am just thoroughly entertained by Dynamite every week - it presents the extremes of pro wrestling; and fortunately for me, everything hits my taste. This week is the most amazing example of this yet; a super pro wrestling match in Fenix v Penta followed later in the show by the absolute bizarre brilliance of Jericho/MJF breaking out in to song!

After the trainwreck that was Raw on Monday, it really puts it in to context how much easier this show is to enjoy than WWE. Obviously the usual comparison is of Dynamite with NXT, but as you will have both watched every Dynamite and Raw this year I was curious, how many Raw shows do you think you have found more entertaining than their weekly Dynamite equivalent show. We’re 40 weeks in to the year, and my guess would be under 5.

Full Gear seems to be shaping up nicely; 8/10 show tonight - and yes this week I think Dynamite may have edged Raw :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I want to see musical numbers on Dynamite regularly, but I loved the one we got today. I give this show an 11 out of 10

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Excellent first hour.

Loved Kenny getting the big intro just to squash sunny, lucha bros with Eddie on commentary, and a family guy style musical number will cement this as a top tier dynamite.

Very happy for Eddie Kingston to be getting such a prominent ppv match. Also shows that aew is capable of reading the room and changing plans accordingly. Obviously ftr vs bucks and Kenny vs hang man will be the money matches, but it really says a lot about how much faith they have in a guy who was selling his boots a few months ago.

The hype for Full Gear has picked up steam tonight. Jungle Boy showed some great babyface fire against Wardlow. The Jericho/MJF steak dinner turning into a scene from La La Land was something I didn’t know I wanted. Kenny Omega’s inching closer and closer to his Cleaner roots in a quick match vs Sonny Kiss. Penta El Zero M and Fenix put on the match of the night. The semifinals look very good and I’m looking forward to Omega and Fenix facing off again. The Young Bucks/FTR and Mox/Kingston getting booked for the PPV is a great start.

To go from the ‘realistic’ Eddie Kingston promo, to a surreal song and dance musical number, while hitting all points in between is quite a feat. To do it while still being entertaining is even more impressive. If an absolute rookie, with no experience in the industry, can put an entertaining show ( Tony Khan) how bad are the writers for Raw?

Noah from Vaughan

I think its safe to say that wrestling has just peaked with the Dinner Debonair. MJF and Jericho just pulled off one of the greatest segments in wrestling I’ve ever seen and I think it will be remembered for years to come as one of AEWs best segments they’ve ever done. Incredible main event and all 4 tournament matches ruled. Kenny had one of the greatest entrances ever. Moxley and Kingston’s promos tonight were amazing and their match at full gear should be fantastic. I loved this show. 10/10.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

A rare show I got to watch thanks to work but it was pretty good. I liked all the tournament matches, even Kenny Omega’s squash win tonight. I like Sonny Kiss but he’s sadly been presented in a certain way on TV and you gotta smash guys over. Kenny Omega always seemed very obnoxious to me, so leaning into that as a heel will hopefully make him the top guy everyone was hoping he would be from the start. Speaking of top heels, I love Eddie Kingston but I do wish they kept closer to their rankings, or at least gave Eddie more wins on TV or Dark. i would have even liked a lights out match that’s non title that maybe Eddie could win. That being said, both he and Moxley were excellent. The lowlight of the show were The Butcher and the Blade no longer being sailors or artists and what looked like to be. 8 out of 10 show. I do want to say hopefully Alex Reynolds is ok after getting his skull crushed from that top rope leg drop.

100% agreement with Noah.

10/10 show if anyone needed clarification.


I really enjoyed the show tonight. It was great to see Omega look like a badass, and I could watch Fenix and Pentagon wrestle forever. It’s like going to an NBA game and getting a slam dunk contest.

Let’s be honest with ourselves though: If Randy Orton and Roman Reigns did a musical number together on Raw, we would be crapping all over Vince for making his two top heels look like complete idiots. The script could have been word for word the same, and it would have been a disaster. It could be anyone, it could be Miz and Otis or Sasha and Bailey, and on Raw it dies a serious death.

On AEW, it just works. It makes no sense.

How can two top heels do a goofy musical number together with the Jaguars Cheerleaders and somehow come out as bigger heels? I can’t explain it. Honestly, I kind of hated it. But I was definitely entertained.

Cory from Long Island

Making my first post on the forum because there is no way I couldn’t gush about this show. A top to bottom spectacular show - AEW’s best edition of Dynamite yet. All of the tournament matches frontloading the show was an excellent idea, with each of them bringing their own distinct styles to the table. I saw Penta and Fenix have a match with each other at a small club in Queens back in 2016 that blew my mind, and their chemistry has only grown by leaps and bounds since then. I’m absolutely over the moon that Eddie Kingston in 2020 will be headlining a major wrestling promotion’s pay per view for their title belt. The fact that the build for this has also been great is just icing on top of that cake. The main event was absolute tag team chaos at its best - true sensory overload with nail biting, if slightly predictable finish.

And then there was the musical segment. I don’t know if words can properly articulate how absolutely flabbergasted, astonished and downright guffawed I was. Chris Jericho is simultaneously pro wrestling’s David Lee Roth, Liberace, and Steve Buscemi pretending to be a teenager; and this was him at his most unshackled. Whatever he has going on in his head from this moment forward, I’ll be watching every second of it, no questions asked.

10/10, what else could I possibly give it?

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Seeing how I’m recovering from a torn Achilles’ tendon and having a wisdom tooth pulled out this week I was looking forward to AEW tonight to take my mind off the throbbing pain in my mouth and soreness in my foot. Loved the match between the lucha bros and I’m glad fenix got the win. Him vs Omega has potential to be a late entry for match of the year. I’m still confused as to how I’m suppose to feel about the Young Bucks though , for months they have been going around superkicking referees, announcers, and random people back stage, FTR breaks Matt’s ankle tonight and that is suppose to draw sympathy from me? I may be in the minority here but I didn’t enjoy the Jericho and MJF segment at all, Keep up the good work and stay safe!


I don’t wanna “Walk With Elias!”
I wanna “Tango with Maxwell and Jericho!”

10 “THELMA’S” out of 10

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Billy From Albany

Dynamite was phenomenal tonight. Loved the tournament matches, Kenny becoming the cleaner, the Kingston stuff, great main event, even the women’s match was great (really hope Kilynn King gets signed). But that musical number was possibly the most random yet amazing thing I’ve seen in wrestling. I loved it. I know something like that would probably be crapped on in WWE, but it just works for AEW. Not sure why, but it does. 10/10

Where do I even begin with this episode!? They definitely packed A LOT onto this show, but it was thoroughly entertaining from top to bottom. Penta and Rey was delivered and the potential storyline post-match is interesting. Kenny finally getting some sort of edge after weeks on commentary was needed. And of course that MJF/Jericho musical number. Speechless.

I know you two have discussed this in the past about the strength of this roster, but with up-and-coming talent like Jungle Boy, Sonny Kiss and even Penta (to a certain extent) getting the L tonight, do you see continued losses to talent like them will influence their overall growth in any way or is that what AEW Dark is for?

Thanks for the hard work you two put in! I’m a born-again wrestling fan thanks to your podcast and your work has made me go all in on the Cafe.

Mike from Chicago

While I don’t think we’re going to see a Buffy style all-singing, all-dancing Dynamite any time soon, MJF and Chris Jericho’s dinner shows that wrestling can be anything.

On the AEW booked a song and dance number and if WWE did this it would get shit on: yes, that’s true.

Here’s the diffeeence as I see it:

  • AEW doesn’t rely on bull shit finishes and book non linear lack-of-logic story lines so this segment is a slight departure from otherwise good in ring that will have real meaningful finishes
  • WWE had for years booked goofy stupid comedy segments that are in poor taste and lack any relevance which make us feel bad for talent who get stuck with it
  • AEW has booked multiple non wrestling segments most of which have delivered (the Debate most recently); so they have better good will in the bank for these pre planned promoted segments. Viewers are more open minded
  • it involves Jericho who undoubtedly had creative freedoms and gets it. This was by a talent for the audience, not by Vince for Vince
  • it involves somebody who has been true to character for months and we have a foundation with him being very protected, they didn’t do this to embarrass him

I do recall Miz and Morrison doing a music video and that it was semi-over. What ever happened with that?

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I’m dumbstruck by the praise being heaped on this type of childish poor “comedy”. I gave up on Dynamite months ago (thank god after hearing about this MJF and Jericho) but have kept listening to John and Wai’s podcasts as they entertain me but I think I’m done.

I’m clearly in the minority of wanting a product that is aimed at adults and fighting a losing battle so I’ll leave you guys to this shit whilst it exists (which won’t be many more years at the current rate of decline).

That Jericho/MJF segment was incredible and it’s something you will never forget. Brilliant stuff.

Above all else it’s two heels being idiots. We got so much wrestling on this show and it was mostly really good wrestling so I have no problem with something weird and different.

Wrestling is a variety show, very few could pull that type of segment off but I think Jericho and MJF hit a home run.

Rest of the show was really good - love the new presentation of Omega and the way he squashed Kiss. Loved Pentagon vs Fenix and I hope they begin treating both of them more seriously. Omega vs Fenix next week is going to be incredible.

weekly wrestling shows on cable TV as a variety show is something I’m not sure some types of wrestling fans want to understand. I also think this is something some choose to ignore in an effort to be negative about things they don’t want to see. We just got finished with the G1 which was 2 hour tournament style shows featuring only wrestling. It’s not like there aren’t alternatives. But seriously, name a time in Cable TV history when a wrestling show was not a variety show? Also name a successful American promotion that did not attempt to provide variety. It’s not like the template for weekly TV has changed in 25 years. :roll_eyes:

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