FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/23/19

What did you think of Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Chris Jericho continues to be my favorite character in AEW. The air horn bit was hilarious. Janella/Omega was my match of the night, but the wrestling on this show was incredible. Maybe I missed it, but was there any official reason on why Kylie Rae left AEW for Impact?

Adam from Australia

The show was great, probably my favourite yet, it sucks for people who didn’t get to see it on Fite.TV as there was a lot that happened after the show went off the air, with Kenny saving Moxley from Pac and then Hangman coming out to confront Pac.

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Alexander from Portland

AEW needed to establish a TV time-limit draw, and Pac/Moxley was the match to do it with. I just wish Moxley didn’t hit the Paradigm Shift (Death Rider is a better name). Private Party will eventually become tag champs and it’ll be massive. Did either of you notice that the hard cam was on the opposite side this week? I loved seeing The Inner Circle watching matches head-on and not at an angle like “the other company.” On the plus side, I went to a thrift shop earlier today and was able to snag all the clothes I need for an Orange Cassidy outfit for Halloween.

Question: Last week I attended a live NXT show. The show ended with Matt Riddle putting over The Street Profits, and it was a goodbye to them due to their call-up to the main roster. I didn’t feel an attachment to them so seeing them in action (and after the main event) didn’t do much for me. However tonight (and a few weeks ago) Private Party astonished me. My question, between those two teams which team are you more a fan of?

Noah from Vaughan
Live report from the show
Absolutely amazing edition of dynamite, just a note, after dynamite ended, hangman came out to save Kenny, and challenged pac to rematch at full gear.

I feel churlish to criticise a show with such great wrestling on but honestly four weeks in I’m getting desensitised to it. If they’re giving me such great matches for free on TV and youtube its just making that $50 Full Gear price less and less appealing.

When AEW said they weren’t going to do scripted promos I didn’t realise they meant they weren’t going to do promos full stop. How do you produce 8 hours of TV and not have Jon Moxley utter a single sentence?

Having said that, the Jericho/Cody angle was excellent and easily the best thing on the show. Cody looked like a mega star and Jericho perfectly straddles the line between delightfully entertaining and utterly detestable.

Good action tonight but hope in the coming weeks we get more promos and angles to spice things up. 7/10

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Loved the show. Everything was very entertaining and everyone feels like they’re important. The only question I have is putting the tag team matches back to back at the beginning, it felt like too much for me. It was spot fest to another spot fest. And I would have liked a bit of a break or change of pace between them.

Brit Baker match didn’t feel as good as I wanted it to be, I think the match could have been a bit shorter. The hand in the mouth dentist thing I’m not sold on. I hope she finds her groove.

Easily the best moment from me was Jericho criticizing MJF for wearing a scarf.

8 out of 10!

Gentleman, another week of great wrestling delivered from AEW. I loved how the show kicked off right into the first match, no messing around. It was a great match between private party and the lucha brothers but some parts came off a bit sloppy. At some points Marq Quen didn’t even look like he was trying.

An excellent little match between Kenny and Joey to showcase both of them.

I think we’ve got a new best picture in picture spot with Jamie Hayters camel clutch wet willy spot. In the couple matches that I’ve seen her, Britt Baker looks really clunky and not very polished at all. I was more impressed with Hayter in this match.

I don’t know if I like a TV time limit draw but it shows everyone that it can happen. 7 out of 10 show.

These 2 hours continue to fly by. This is everything I want out of wrestling; it’s intense, it’s fast, it makes sense, and it’s just fun to watch. And that is the big thing for me.
It rewards me for watching. It doesn’t mock my fandom. It keeps me invested in the characters and angles. It’s a simple formula, really.
It wasn’t perfect but still pretty good. The Lucha Bros vs. Private Party was my match of the night, but they were all great

Jesse from the 6

I only saw the second hour of Dynamite as I was watching TFC’s glorious win over NYCFC to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. From what I gather, the first hour was the better one but even so, I very much enjoyed what I watched. Dynamite is not perfect but the wrestling is good and the booking makes sense which, sadly, is refreshing. I have no nostalgia for WCW but I really like Schiavone in this role and I think many AEW wrestlers come off as stars, even to lapsed fans.

Take Care

Brian from Sacramento

Another great show from AEW! They are making me love wrestling again. From top to bottom the best wrestling show on TV. My co-workers I spoke of on my Raw review invited me to a Full gear PPV party. From what I’ve been told everyone at the get together will be under 30… except me. I feel like this is a great sign for AEW and wrestling in general. Being a married father of 4 kids, 3 of wich are over 18 and out of the house. I used to ask them all the time if anyone ever talked about wrestling at school and they always said no. There has been talk of a wrestling boom for a while. I think it’s really starting to happen! Love you guys!

Another great night of wrestling that absolutely flew by. During the first match I became convinced someone in AEW listens to Rewind-A-Dynamite. Not only were all the tags taking place with one member of the team on the apron, they (almost) always used the tag rope! Correcting something that people didn’t like, it’s refreshing!

Seeing the time limits mean something was also refreshing. Not every match has to have a winner, but being able to end it without a run-in is a nice change.

8 air horns out of 10

Miles from Chicago

Another week of great wrestling from AEW. Highlights for me were the Cody/Jericho segment as well as the main event.

I thought both tag matches were great and am interested to see who they crown between SCU and Lucha Bros - both of these teams are connecting very well with the audience and have been high points for me. If I had to pick anything I’m not interested in - I’d say Britt Baker. She’s not doing anything objectively wrong but just not connecting with me the way that she’s presented. Minor critiques for an otherwise consistently entertaining show.

Excited for next week and hearing your thoughts. 8/10

Even better than the last few weeks of shows. Great matches, pull apart angle was fun.

Danny from Sunny San Diego,

AEW feels so exciting compared to the other products out right now. The opening tag matches were exciting to watch and my only criticism is that the tag rules need to be more strictly enforced. But if we are comparing apples to apples, its clear that AEW is being treated as a much hotter product by the fanbase and it comes off well for live TV. I hope that main roster WWE is taking notes on how to treat their on air talent.

Brandon from Oshawa

This was the best episode of Dynamite yet. The wrestling was amazing. The Cody/Jericho angle was fantastic. Loved the time limit draw.

We need more promo time though. I would have liked some promo time for SCU & Lucha Bros to hype up the final. There are so many other guys we need to hear from. These guys need to start getting over for other reasons than their ring work.

MasterBrews from the Beach
Another solid show from AEW, currently working at a brewery and have turned alot of skeptical drinkers into fans, loved the Baker match. Jaime Hayter is a solid acquisition for AEW

I think she said personal reasons.

Yeah I guess I asked a stupid question or something, fuck me right. Thanks buddy.

It’s not a stupid question. Because it’s a private matter, we will never know the details.

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