FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/23/21

Leave your feedback/questions here for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. A reminder that John and I will be back for Rewind-A-Dynamite Sunday evening/Monday morning on the free feed.

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My dearest Postals

Good evening gentlemen by the time you read this I’m probably knocked out due to the blood they drained out of me today. It’s ok I did it for the people I did it for the rock. I’m fine John thanks for asking. Been awhile since we spoke hope you had a great Canadian thanksgiving. Pass the cranberrie sauce. Dynamite was great both parties worked hard and their efforts will not be forgotten. Loved the ending of the Cody match but the interferences really annoyed me. The Danielson match was fantastic but I was annoyed by one thing….ah never mind you don’t wanna hear it


-we’re you sad during the final appearance of Ben Mulroney on Your Morning on CTV

-last foundations sounds like a wwe tag team name during the new generation era

–was Adrian Chase sweater a fubu inspired model for his segment

-is this mic on I got a joke. what do Santa elves listen to as they work? Wrap music

-did you know that Eric Marcotte does a mean impression of Jeff Goye. Ask him please it’s to die for

Talk soon


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Jay from Colorado

Solid show as usual, and just as they do every week AEW set up all the pieces going into next week. I know what to look forward to not just for next Wednesdsy’s Dynamite, but the Rampage after. Compared to WWEs approach of rewriting the script the day of the show, I can’t tell you how much I love amd appreciate this continuity. I’m excited for next week, and don’t feel like I wasted my time this week. That is how you retain viewers.

Thought it was cool that Tony Nese sat through the entire show. Now sure if that’s usual practice when they show “free agents” in the audience. But it must be cool for them to essentially enjoy their future workplace as a fan one last time before becoming part of the show.

Really hope Lance Archer is OK. He definitely looked starry eyed after landing on his head. Always scary to see that happen.

Moxley’s “I don’t care, I don’t give a shit. Just pay me to do my job so I can go home” gimmick low key screams new dad and I’m on board with it. Buddy I’ve been there, but as an empty nester I can tell you peace comes after about 20 or so years when they move out. Godspeed.

Darren from the "other"Melbourne

I went to the show live and there seemed to be an almost Sellout for a smaller arena at the University of Central Florida. For reference this is about 15 minutest from Full Sail. Anyhow the crowd was very good (probable a decent amount of people from the Jacksonville are) and were vocal all night. Largest heat was clearly Cody and MJF which hopefully got picked up on TV. The crowd really was against Cody and was upset after the end of the show. Cody stayed out after and did a little speech thanking us in Orlando for giving him a new memory since Orlando is a bittersweet place for him because of Dusty. Then they did a vlog with Sammy and the Acclaimed came out and called out Tony who got CM Punk to come out. Also no Rampage tapings