FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/27/21

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Paul from New Jersey

MJF is the best thing in professional wrestling. Sammy/Page was very exciting as was Shida/Deeb. Cody is still a tool, but at least he’s aware of it. Jericho was so gassed for his promo, but I still find him extremely captivating. Couldn’t care less about the main event, but this was a solid show. 8.

I’m sure people will love this as everyone seems to love everything AEW puts out but that main event was just stupid and silly.

That’s your world title program and you had non stop goofiness. The stopped to put on proton packs.

Then you had a red get knocked out for like 10 mins while a stay puff marshmallow man who isn’t in the match beats up everyone and stands around while the ref doesn’t dq anyone and counts the three.

It’s stupid. It’s silly. It looks like it’s over so it’s likely I’m just too old to enjoy it. But I liked it better when we had serious world title programs like Mox vs Omega or Jericho vs Cody.

As bad as WWE is (and it’s bad) you wouldn’t see Brock vs Roman being this goofy.


Noah From Vaughan

Was that main event silly and wacky? Sure, but man was it entertaining, and its sometimes nice to send the fans home happy as the good guys defeat the bad guys. Everything on this show was really great and the standout match was for sure Deeb and Shida. With 2 weeks to go and no real idea as to who he will face, im curious who you guys think CM Punk will face at Full Gear? 8.5/10 show tonight

These guys perfected it in ROH (R.I.P.) when Bullet Club ran the world, but they are the absolute masters of the fuckaround match. The main event is the type of stuff that had crowds rocking wherever they went in 2017-18 and made ALL IN possible, and it’s one of the reasons I look forward to the Halloween ep every year now: you’re guaranteed a wild romp like that. 11/10 for the main event, with the extra point for the picture perfect predictable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man reveal and the Bay Bay.

Is the most valuable thing from the (plausible) death of ROH not talent, but the tape library? Particularly since TK has been mentioning streaming deals lately and WWE wants to own everything? Regardless, big ups to a company for keeping everyone employed during the most uncertain times of the pandemic, unlike others…

  • The Elite vs Dark Order was a sugar rush of Halloween-like proportions with some thrilling misdirection with Hangman Page’s ambush. It was the second night in a row that I saw another Kratos costume and Stu Grayson nailed it. Granted, the Omega/Hangman story is reaching its apex and one night of silliness won’t hurt

  • Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida was damn good. Shida setting the most wins record was the right result and Deeb going even deeper as a heel in the post-match just begs for a third match.

  • Moxley starching 10 was a little uncomfortable to watch. He worked with such urgency and nastiness.

  • Punk vs Fish was solid and Bobby got a lot of offense to take Punk into deeper water than past opponents.

  • Darby Allin returning was electric once MJF’s constant trolling stopped.

  • Cody’s continued descent into fans’ disfavour has sucked in Andrade and PAC into his orbit. How long will it take until he finally snaps?

Really interesting split tonight between some pretty serious matches and the wonderfully goofy final stretch. Shida vs Deeb was my MOTN but Mox vs 10 really helped build the dark aspects of Moxley’s new character. I’m still not in love with the American Top Team/ Inner Circle angle. Don’t hate it and I liked the match tonight but whether I’m excited about the Full Gear showdown depends a lot on what they pull together for the team selection. Overall, this was a very good example of the breadth of what AEW has to offer.

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That was just a fun show with a ton of variety. I had zero problem with the main event, it was entertaining, the crowd loved it and were sent home happy.

Deeb vs Shida was incredible. One of the best AEW women’s matches. I feel this division is better booked and deeper than whatever WWE is doing.

Was that a botch at the end of Punks match? Weird finish. MJF continues to be the man and Moxley’s new character is also very interesting.

Excellent show