FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/30/19

What did you think of Dynamite?

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The wrestling on this show was great once again. But I thought all of the angles were cliche. They are relying too much on the unsanctioned stipulation and I thought the contract signing while better than the average WWE contract signing is still one of the more predictable types of angles in pro wrestling. Mox’s promo was great though.

Also the tease of Ibushi holding that G1 trophy needs to mean something right? I am not clamouring for AEW-New Japan cooperation, but I have a hard time believing they would give us that kind of tease all of a sudden given that they have generally avoided acknowledging New Japan at all.

Noah from Vaughan

What an amazing promo from Moxley, loved the beatdown angle with Dustin, and an unbelievable crowd in west Virginia. They gotta make this a regular stop cause in my opinion this was one of the hottest crowds I’ve seen in a long time. Loved the womens match, both Shanna and Shida looked like stars and the brandi promo was wicked! Question, since they ended the tag title match with a roll up, do you see them doing a rematch at full gear?


Rock & Roll Express getting thrown through the stage was awesome. Is that guy ok? That Kip Sabian apron bump looked rough as well.

The Cody/Tony limo scene felt like it went a little long but Jericho paid it off once again with his excellent mic work.

Kenny Omega with the Undertale-themed promo video was cool, giving him personality without having to talk.

Even The Librarian does well in his role as the stupid dork. It appears AEW can do no wrong through its first month on TV! 9/10

Guy from Charlotte, NC:

Another week, another great episode of AEW.
Simple & logical storylines, fantastic in-ring action and stars that you can actually enjoy rooting for.
Wednesdays are awesome.

8 out of 10.

TFC! :clap: :clap: :clap:
TFC! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Jay from Colorado

I’m falling in live with wrestling all over again, and my wife hates it because I won’t shut up about it.

Every week before Dynamite I say to myself “I can’t stay this good forever, this has to be the week the quality drops, even just a little.” And every week they’ve proven me wrong.

The Moxley promo was fantastic, the Dustin Rhodes beatdown was enthralling, the contract signing was must see TV, and the tag main event was beyond what I expected. Guys, I just can’t gush enough about this show…still not digging Leva Bates though.

Also this was a lesson in how to do cross promotion. I hate cross promotion, and while I enjoy Rick and Morty I’m not necessarily someone who wants to see it in wrestling. Tonight they did the cross promotion perfectly, it was present but not obnoxious.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering Kenny was dressed as Sans from the video game Undertale. Had to ask my daughter to identify it for me.

God I wish every day could be Wednesday.

Love always, Day from Dolerado.

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Good evening gentlemen,

Tonight’s Dynamite was a solid showing overall. I wasn’t thrilled by the Hangman match, I don’t know if it was my TV but it didn’t seem fast enough and I don’t think Sammy and Page meshed well, but it’s likely they were having an off night.

The women’s match was OK, better than the last few I’ve seen on AEW.

I am not sure Kenny and the Buck’s costumes got over with the mainstream crowd, but I enjoyed the Undertale and Street Fighter cosplay even if it was done before.

We waited this long for a live Moxley promo and he didn’t disappoint. The anger, the passion, he says he is unhinged and it shows.

Enjoyed the main event, but there is something about the finish that I didn’t like. It just didn’t feel like a holistic roll up (if that makes sense)

The highlight for me was the Cody / Jericho segment and the Inner Circle in general. This is the kind of heel work I love! After last week and Cody’s heroic charge to take out the Inner Circle, the heels get their win by being sneaky, underhanded villains, misdirecting Cody and Santana and Ortiz getting one over on the Bucks.

7/10 show for me.

I’m writing this from my seat during AEW Dark. MJF is a guest on commentary during Dark this week. Shawn Spears beat Michael Nakazawa, Allie and Sadie Gibbs just won a tag match, and now Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt are taking on Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela.

Today has been an amazing WrestleMania-esque day in my hometown. Indy shows during the day, with the big company show at night. Rest easy, Ace Austin retained his X-Division title during the Indy show, and Gregory Iron had another amazing match. After not having a wrestling company shoot a show here in 19 years, everyone seemed to be hyped. Much more than WWE house shows I have seen in this same arena. Hope it translated over the air. The building was about 2/3rds full.

The Cody airplane and limo segments brought back great memories of the show 19 years ago here, my first wrestling show, as there were similar segments filmed with Goldberg on the 2000 WCW Nitro.

During the pre-show AEW Dark, Ricky Morton came out of the tunnel next to me, and took a picture with the ring and stage in the background. Marvez was also with him. Ricky seemed to love being back in this arena.

After the show, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega came out and threw some T-shirts into the crowd. One person had a Inner Circle sign with an actual circle, and Matt said if he made it through the circle with a t-shirt, AEW would come back to Charleston for a PPV. He missed twice, and then had the guy walk up to the ring with the sign, so he could make it. They sounded very happy with the crowd. They also said the last PPV at the building was WCW Souled Out '99, that their PPV would be much better, and they expected it to be Sold Out!

Anyway, a 19/10 show. The 9 was the rating, and the 10 was for AEW showing up. Yes, another weak WWE Backstage jab.

Ryan, from parts unknown (I always wanted to say that)
Well, that show had the first segment that I was bored by. The Cody/Tony limo scene just dragged for me. The rest of the show was pretty good.
I assume they called an audible on the SCU Lucha Bros match after Kazarian gave himself a concussion. A roll up is better than him injuring himself

Brandon from Oshawa

What a crowd. I think they definitely earned themselves some future shows after tonight. They made everything feel hot. I started the show a little late and was going to fast forward the womens match. I’m glad I didnt, because it was one of the better ones so far. Loved the attack on Rock n Roll. Contract signing and Mox promo were fantastic. My one negative was the finish of the tag title match. I did not like how it ended and I dont like that SCU won. I dont expect a long reign for them.

I loved the video that played when Kenny was coming out. At first I thought it was a promo for a debuting heel, which made me think, this kind of promo would be good in the future to tease a future feud for Kenny. Different stuff like this always adds some intrigue.

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Alex from maple

Why do people cheer the Orange Cassidy stupidity? Jim Cornette is right - it’s Indy nonsense like this that turns people off. I stopped watching after that