FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/6/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Chris from Melbourne

Just going to say this: I love it when a weekly wrestling TV show leaves me feeling happy and excited, not confused or frustrated. It’s a great thing.


Noah from Vaughan

Hangman page returning and winning the ladder match was just a perfect end to a really fantastic show. It’s really nice to watch a wrestling show that leaves you excited for the next show and man am I excited to see what’s to come. Shida and Deeb tore it up and that 8 man tag was bonkers.

Fantastic show tonight


Brian from New Jersey, currently in Philadelphia, having just watched Dynamite in person. They have just set things up for Rampage.

Hoo boy, I’ve waited two years for AEW to return, and they did not disappoint. Great opener, with the entrances apparently YouTube exclusive. Wild main event, albeit with the usual spots of convenience in ladder matches. Called it on Adam Page being the Joker, thrilled to see him there, along with Punk and Danielson earlier. Energetic crowd. Nice to see two of the best women on the roster get time, and I loved the finish.

Oh, and Dark Elevation had appearances by Crowbar and the Blue Meanie, and before the show waiting outside the venue, I saw Punk walk his dog Larry around the building and pick up his poop. Happy Wednesday.


Erin from Brampton

Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I don’t get why the Pinnacle needed to wear hoods when they ambushed Darby Allin. It didn’t really add anything to the ambush.

Do you ever think AEW could book a feud between CM Punk and Dan Lambert’s stable? Or do you think they should keep Punk’s name far away from anything related to MMA? I personally feel like there could be an intriguing story there.

Jon from Baltimore

Just watched the show live and in person! Hangman’s return was the loudest reaction I’ve ever heard in person. That was an amazing moment - even after I didn’t think anything would top CM Punk cutting a promo about cheese steaks in Philly. At least from in the arena, the show didn’t seem too rushed, but I also didn’t have to pay attention to the video packages. Besides the obvious names, Luchasaurus got the biggest pops for his spots in the eight-man.


In the last sixty days, we’ve seen AEW debut Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, and CM Punk… We’ve seen dream matches, sold out stadiums, and so much great action. But nothing is as fulfilling as seeing Hangman return tonight - and knowing where this story is headed.

To me that speaks to what is so special about AEW, and Dynamite’s short history. Knowing it is a show and company that aims to satisfy their audience. Knowing you as a viewer can invest emotionally and with your time, and be rewarded.

Perfect way to celebrate two great years.

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I think that anyone who thought that Hangman Page had been forgotten and that audiences wouldn’t care when he came back should find some paper, roll it up, and give themselves a little smack. Having him as the joker was absolutely the right decision and it gives them a workaround to get him his title shot. (It also gives them a way to have Kenny drag his feet until Full Gear, trying to get out of the match by saying that Hangman shouldn’t have been eligible.)

The feuds between the wrestlers in the ladder match gave some excuses for them to go after each other rather than just trying to win. I thought Archer choosing not to win, but to stay so he could fight Mox felt very much in character for him.

As someone who has been critical of the handling of the women’s division, I’m very happy about the introduction of a new title, but I’m even happier to see that the tournament to crown the first winner will be getting tv time, rather than being shunted off exclusively to YouTube. And given that they really need more female heels, the booking of the women’s match was perfect.

Since a lot of the top contenders are now turning their attention to the TBS belt, who do you think is the next opponent for Britt? Omega has Hangman, the Lucha Bros have The Acclaimed (at least in the short term), and it feels like Sammy is headed for a collision with either or both of the Men of the Year, but Britt’s dance card is looking a little empty.


Dynamite started hot and ended hot. The 8 man tag was bonkers (aside from a botch or two). Daniel Garcia’s become pretty in-demand as of late going from Moxley to Suzuki and now Punk. The inclusion of a secondary women’s title is another step forward for the women’s roster. Deeb vs Shida was solid with Deeb denying Shida her big 50th victory and the casino ladder match was great. Hangman Page returning as the joker and winning had serious “y’all must’ve forgot!” energy. The clock is now ticking on Omega’s reign of terror.

Bring on Minneapolis.

I fear that it’s too soon for Rosa. Ultimately, she needs to be the one to dethrone Britt. I hope they figure something out in the interim.

Hey guys! I really enjoyed tonight’s show. That opener was wild. Love that Arn broke into Cody’s house to set his suits on fire in his own backyard (to prove a point?) and Cody’s reaction was like “shrug, maybe he’s right?”. I want more akward unhinged Arn segments like that. I’m so glad we’re getting a second women’s title, hopefully that means more women’s matches per show… The Hangman win was great. AEW really knows how to build expectations, follow up on storylines and deliver when it counts.

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Jay from Colorado

The card for tonight’s show was absolutely stacked and it delivered. It wasn’t a perfect show, there was some awkwardmess, botches, and broken microphones, but none of that mattered because the wrestling was great, the promos were on point, and the stories were thoughtfully told inside and outside of the ring. I have more than enough reason to tune in on Friday and every night they ask me too.

I’ll end with this, if I had to choose one MVP for the last two years of wrestling on TNT, it would be entirity of AEW. The entire organization has been top notch from the top all the way down. As a wrestling fan I couldn’t be more thankful for AEW and every single person in it. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be watching wrestling right now.

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Wow, this show!! - the opener, the Jericho segment, the return of the anxious millennial cowboy. Some great in-ring throughout the night.
Another weak, another amazing crowd. Their hype is infectious to the viewer at home.
Did I plan on going to Miami for Rampage/Dynamite on a Friday/Saturday night, no…am I going to wind up going…probably. Tickets are $35. I cannot think of a more fun night out than going to one of these shows, and this after being at All Out and Grand Slam. Each week it looks like an awesome atmosphere. These weekly shows feel like events the likes other promotions premium shows do not.

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I have to say I didn’t really like it. It was fine.

I started to watch dynamite again after a long time and I have to say after this week I’m probably done with it for a bit.

I really didn’t like the eight men tag. Too much stupidity. Too many blown spots and catchers standing around waiting for people to do dives. I hate that it’s just so unrealistic and dumb.

The crowd could have cared less who Bobby Fish was.

The Jericho stuff was good and the Darby stuff I liked. The womens watch was good.

They really don’t need another women’s table. The division is so shallow to have two titles.

Finally I did like the return of the Hangman as the joker Although I would’ve liked person to have save that until we were done with the Danielson program.

Nonetheless the match had the typical stupidity. Some crazy spots but still have orange Cassidy throwing weak kicks and I don’t understand the point of a countdown in a ladder match in the sense why are the people coming in late even a factor if the early people can grab the case and end the match ?

I realize I’m probably in the minority but above all else I hate stupidity. I hate dumb comedy and stupid stuff like standing around waiting for people to catch dives and the kiss spot and all that stupid shit they do.

This is why I stopped watching them initially and I came back to it when Punk and Danielson returned because it was getting away from that especially with the MJF and Jericho program. Sadly it seems right back to having the world champion involved in a goofy match…

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I also really feel that the ratings are going to start to drop now. I know a lot of you guys love the show but I think for someone like me who came back to watch this was enough to turn me off for a while and I suspect it’s going to turn off others who were going to find it was too silly and stupid. I had two friends after messaged me that they really didn’t like it either.

Again I know people are going to get caught up comparing it to WWE let me be clear that’s even stupider at times. This isn’t a comparison. You can choose to watch none as well.

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Not everything is for everybody, and it’s okay not to enjoy something.

I do have a question. I have been watching wrestling for thirty years, and involved in wrestling in some way or another for the last 15. So I feel like I’ve seen how most things have evolved over the last three decades.
I’m very curious about the complaints about both the ladder match and the eight man.

Crazy ladder spots have been something widely accepted since 1994. Big dives and multi person spots have been a totally normal thing since the days of the cruiserweight division and the Lucha matches on Nitro, starting in 1995.

When did these things start to bother you? I’m really curious, and don’t get the complaints, as both things you mentioned are tropea that by and large are widely accepted. And given that they’ve been going on across the board for North American wrestling for nearly three decades, I don’t understand how you feel that it would turn away viewers?

I understand that Orange Cassidy isn’t for everyone… But, everybody who is at an AEW show seems to be enjoying the schtick and can accept it.

As for the rules of the ladder match… I actually like that it creates a sense of urgency for all participants involved. And, I do believe at some point we will see it end before all participants come in - just because AEW likes to play with conventions.

I am asking those earlier questions because I am genuinely curious. I really respect your opinion, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Can’t speak for Alex but I agree with him about the multi-man tags with guys standing around waiting to catch one another. And my distaste for these matches really came to a head with AEW, personally.

Why? Well for one thing AEW does these crazy multi-person tag matches seemingly every week (sometimes multiple times on the same show), whereas other promotions seem to space them out more. Also, I think other promotions must just do a better job with their camera work to make the presence of six guys standing around waiting to catch someone less obvious.

For example when Ricochet does one of his crazy dives to the outside, there’s no doubt that someone (or several people) has been positioned to catch him safely on the outside. But for all the criticism of WWE’s camera cuts, WWE is at least smart enough not to show us footage of the people standing around waiting to catch him.

Whereas with AEW, not only will they show you the guys standing around waiting to catch someone, but they will even show REPLAYS of the same bad shots, and share them on social media. It’s not like the AEW Botches account has to dig to find footage of all the botches and dumb spots— AEW makes them publicly available on Twitter. It makes things look amateurish and stupid.

So I think a lot of it comes down to the production of the shows. This is one area for WWE still trumps AEW, in my opinion.

Man this show was fucking awesome. A red hot crowd, some great wrestling and Hangman returning to finally get a title shot. I’m not a fan of the standing around, waiting for dives either, but I’ll take it when I get constantly great entertainment like this. I’d rather have a bunch of matches that may have some spots where guys stand around, than constant rematches every show, where I end up just fast forwarding through it and watch more shots of the commentators talking to each other, than the actual wrestling.

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This was a great show.

I understand people not liking the Bucks style, but that’s just one of many different styles on the show. Personally I find the matches entertaining and above all the crowd eats it up. Camera work I agree is much, much better on WWE but guys aren’t as over and it doesn’t feel as exciting.

If you don’t like the Bucks style just move on to the next match as you will actually get variety with AEW and not everyone wrestles like a robot.

Now the ladder matches I find difficult to get into. This particular one just didn’t work for me. Why wouldn’t the first two guys just agree to set up a ladder to end the match quickly and pain free? I just thought the casino concept didn’t work with this match.

I think we’ve been burned out big time with all the ladder matches in NXT and WWE and they just have lost a lot to me.

That being said the Hangman return and pop was massive. That Jericho segment was incredible too. Just a lot of fun overall and the show just flew by (as always).

Thats like saying “why dont the first few guys in the Royal Rumble work together, so that they can be the final 4 and not weaken themselves and have a better shot?” Thats what I would do if I was one of the first few in.