FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 10/7/20 – Jericho 30th Anniversary

What did you think of tonight’s AEW Dynamite?

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After that opening match between Willie Hobbs and Brian Cage for the FTW title, I have to ask you guys… What is your favorite "Meaty Sandwich?"

I am partial to a Montreal Smoke Meat with a nice coat of Dijon mustard.

Noah from Vaughan

Fantastic show tonight, Brodie vs Cody was absolutely amazing and one of the best matches in Dynamite history. Hobbs and Cage kicked things off with a awesome hoss match that really legitimized Hobbs in my opinion. Loved all the cameos throughout the show, but I thought Tanahashis was the most suprising but a promising sign nonetheless. Jericho looked so happy tonight and I thought although the match wasnt anything special, you could tell that Jericho was having the time of his life out there

9/10 show tonight

I’m honestly perplexed how anyone watching this episode could rate it so highly. It was embarrassing watching one sloppy match after another. Jack Evans in particular was a danger not only to FTR but to himself and has no place in a wrestling ring never mind being featured on their flagship national television programme.

Tony Khan really has an ability. An ability to devalue talent. I didn’t think he could fuck up FTR but he is doing a stellar job (and the childish humour is fn dreadful). And I’m disappointed in FTR for indulging their bullshit, awkwardly standing holding Angelico for what felt like an eternity waiting for Evans to do a poorly executed dive. Worth devaluing your top tag team for a “spot” that nobody thinks is impressive as everybody does a dive multiple times in every match.

I can honestly only assume AEW gets cut so much slack for no other reason than it isn’t WWE.

No question about it

Fandom is irrational. I cut the WWE a metric shit ton of slack during the attitude era bc I was a fan. I’ll basically fist fight anyone bad mouthing 95-98 ECW.