FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/10/21

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Hot damn! What a fun couple hours of wrestling television that was. Some of the best bell-to-bell we’ve had on Dynamite all year, and solid underlining of the stories heading into Full Gear. Danielson had a perfect partner in Rocky, and PAC/Dax was an absolute clinic. Twitter lit up tonight at the vaguest hints that we might be seeing O’Reilly and possibly even Okada in an AEW ring in the near-future, but you don’t need to fantasize about what might be in order to appreciate what we will be getting on Saturday.

Man what a show, it’s really hard to say what was the match of the night when all of them were so good. After seeing him work with Rocky and Suzuki, I can’t wait for that inevitable Danielson NJPW run. All these bits of promos has me excited for Countdown, might be there best one yet. The only complaint I have is that it is time for Matt vs Orange Cassidy to be done. Feels like all of Best Friends feuds have always overstayed their welcome. Question for Full Gear, do you think we get a NJPW star appearing to start a program with any star? Perhaps a coin dropping after one of these matches.


After the first hour, I was like “that was pleasant. Good wrestling” but good LORD the second hour was my favorite hour AEW has put on. Dante/Lio v Sydal and Moriarity was more than an awesome match. It felt like it was establishing a pair of tag teams who will challenge for gold in 22 and planted the seeds of a flight of future stars.

Loved the final segment as well. Just great promo work from Kenny trying to be manipulative, from Hangman calling him out in his BS and invoking Kota Ibushi and then Don Callis’ masterful return.

Also was thrilled at Best Friends joining CHAOS. It’s really the first instance of cross-promoting in that way. AEW wrestlers are now recognized teammates of the great YOSHI-HASHI (and that Okada guy). Amazing to realize we will likely have Okada and Ibushi and others interacting with Kenny and the Bucks when the pandemic allows. Just a fiery home turn towards Full Gear. 10/10.

Justin in NYC.

The framing of the out of place camera guy in the final segment was great. Just enough to notice him throughout the whole contract signing but they were able to make the quick cuts so you thought it was just an accidental stepping into the frame. Excellent production work.

Really looking forward to Full Gear. 8 out of 10 show.

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10 Wardlow Powerbombs out of 10:

You asked how did AEW decide to sell their PPV this weekend this afternoon and their answer was to put on a Wrestling Show that featured a show with maybe the best TV in-ring performances of the year. There is something to be said about this roster where everyone can GO, and the entire mid- and under-card are a click away from being main eventers. A mid card full of main event talent makes for a great promotion.

On tonight’s edition of which AEW star will come seemingly out of nowhere and remind us they will be a future main event star, WARDLOW! It’s amazing how they do that time and time again.

I cannot wait for the real Wednesday Night War. The Undisputed Wednesday Night War. The Elite Era of Wednesday Night Wars. AEW doesn’t tease things like that without delivering. It’s one of the lovely things about this promotion. The other, their weekly show is fckn awesome!

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Brian from New Jersey

Fantastic go-home Dynamite. Regardless of what the ratings are, AEW’s television has an entirely different energy from WWE’s, and I love it. Even when building up a heck of a PPV card, we get some fantastic matches with Danielson vs. Romero, PAC vs. Dax Harwood, and a tag team match with the new white power ranger, Lio Rush, that felt like it was from the glory days of the Cruiserweight Division on Nitro.

A strong go-home show. I wanna bring close attention to the closing segment. The Omega/Hangman story is nearing the apex and the setup with Callis as the cameraman was well done. The blood on the contract amplifies the intensity on what’s sure to be a helluva world title match.

Big ups to Lio Rush’s White Ranger gear. The tag match was a lot of fun.

Mannie from California

Dynamite was full of great matches tonite.
The sydal/lee- lio/dante tag was my match if the night, I’m excited to see both Lee moriarty and Dante continue to grow and their opening segment was amazing. I always get goosebumps whenever I see Malakai and Andrade together, forget the pinnacle put Ftr with Black and Andrade!! Looking forward to Full gear this Saturday and Tony khan, put the tbs title on Jamie Hayter and the women’s title on Serena Deeb I demand it!!! For my this the way of Miro, the way of the Redeemer!

That show was as close to perfect as I think a wrestling tv show can be. It started slower and then just built throughout the two hours to such an amazing crescendo in the contract signing. It’s almost shocking that in this day and age, AEW can get us all invested in a genuine good guy- not a cool bad ass like Moxley but an old-fashioned cowboy with insecurities and a heart worn on his sleeve. Remarkable.

Luk from Quebec!

Everyone has talked a lot about the positives and I agree with it all! However I was a bit puzzled by tonight’s booking. Is now the best time for a Rocky Romero debut, a Wardlow match or a Bowens match? Slots on Dynamite are limited and a lot on this go-home show had little to do with the PPV. I would have preferred a longer segment with Punk and Kingston, which feels like one of the hottest matches yet got very little time tonight. I think the PPV card looks amazing but once again I’m sad to notice there’s only one single womens match on a stacked card. (preshow doesn’t count) We have tons of examples of great stories not involving title belts for men, why can’t they do the same for the women?? It’s AEW’s biggest weakness and has been for a long time, yet I’m not seeing much effort on their part to change that, which is disappointing.

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Miro has reached final form. That promo vignette was absolutely one of the slickest and well-spoken pieces AEW has ever done. I may bein the minority, but I’m going for Miro on Saturday

Pac and Dax was excellent pro wrestling and the tag match in the second hour was star making. That entire second hour was about as close to perfect of an hour of wrestling you can get.

Full Gear looks like, on paper, as the most stacked card AEW has ever put on. So much depth