FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/13/19

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

I love the bit of storytelling that has Kenny unable to be cleared by doctors, yet Moxley was. It’s a nice little wrinkle to the story and I really like the way it was shot. I never cared for Dean Ambrose, yet John Moxley is clearly capable of telling great stories and cutting fiery promos. I particularly enjoyed Moxley calling Omega a “Radical son of a bitch”. MJF and Jericho was my segment of the night. The heat for Maxwell was nuclear and I thought they played off each other in fantastic fashion. Who knew Juvi was an aphrodisiac?

Brandon from Oshawa

I was so close to giving this show a 10. Other shows had better matches and better angles, but this show as a whole, put everything together so nicely. There was some more promo time, I loved the Moxley, Allin & MJF/Jericho promos. I loved the angle with Jurassic Express & Dark Order and I’m really looking forward to this feud. Evil Uno was the star of the show for me. I know the Dark Order gimmick has gotten a lot of hate, but he’s been the one to make it work for me and why I’ve been a fan since day 1.

I wish Wardlow had a few more videos leading up to his debut, but I like him with MJF. The one thing I’m taking a point away for, is Scorpio Sky pinning Chris Jericho. I get that they want to push Sky, but I found it really stupid and it should take more than that to beat the world champion. At least right now, so early on.

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Ryan, from my couch
Hard to believe that with 50 years of experience between Kazarian and Jericho, the tag team main event was the first time they’ve met. Another great show
Bonus points for getting a “Juvi” chant onto TNT…


Noah from Vaughan

What a great show, loved hangman vs Pac and the main event was really solid, moxley vs allin should be awesome for next week. Loved the subtle reference to the Jericho-Kevin Owens segment after survivor series 2016, just such great stuff from both guys. Overall it seems aew REALLY does listen to feedback, so many promos tonight and it helped so much for all the people that got speaking time 9.5/10 show

Alexander from Portland

Very solid show. While nothing seemed must-see it was a show that didn’t drag at all. For what it’s worth I think The Dark Order are being booked excellently. Look at them, it’s a dude in a mask called Evil Uno, his sidekick, and the putty patrol. These guys are villains from Power Rangers, and it was fantastic seeing Luchasaurus play the role of Megazord, wreaking havoc over them. If PAC decides to go back to superhero Neville he’s got perfect opponents. Speaking of PAC, he had his first clean one-on-one loss in the US in about two years when he lost to Adam Page at Full Gear. If the end result of the feud was Neville pinning Page twice, do you feel like his first clean singles loss was wasted? I feel like this story could have been built up to PAC getting a massive title shot, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

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A lot of people have said Dynamite needed more promos and angles. I’m not necessarily against that, but I felt the Jericho & MJF promo while awesome went just a little too long, as did the attack from Santana & Ortiz. I know this take might put me in a minority.

Felt like the main event was rushed as a result of the long promo and angles which was too bad because I still think it was the best match of the show but could have used 2 or 3 more minutes.

That being said, I am glad AEW is keeping away from hotshotting things and building their storylines and wrestlers properly. I am stoked for Scorpio Sky vs. Chris Jericho.

Matt from the 604

Great show all around. The main event was a bit off with some of the spots not working out though. Jericho looked a bit slow but maybe that was part of it ending with the pin. My wife came in during the match and asked about Sammy Guevara, “Who is that guy, a budget Finn Balor?” What do you think about the win/loss records resetting like different hockey seasons? I think it will make for excellent story telling, like how the St. Louis Blues went from terrible to winning the cup. Having a guy lose for a season and then having a huge comeback the next sounds intriguing. 8/10

Varouj from Phoenix

Dope show. MJF and Jericho should have a promo together once every few months at least. That was terrific. I love that AEW doesn’t pretend all these wrestlers careers started here. They’ll reference damn near anything from all these guys pasts and it’s great.

Not sure what the ultimate payoff to the Brandi/Kong stuff is. Do they ultimately go after the title? Or just collecting heads to collect heads?

Darby Allin as the next opponent for Moxley is a real natural fit. I’m sure Moxley wins, yet we’ll come out of it loving Allin even more.

Luchasaurus is so over for having not done a whole lot. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. He just has such a magnetic presence when he’s in the ring. We’ve only gotten a small taste of what he has to offer and we’re dying for more.

Question before I sign off. Do you guys think Dynamite touches a million viewers again before the year ends?

As always, stay dope.

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It was as if Jericho couldn’t help but smile knowing MJF is going to carry on mic skills with a scarf gimick for years to come.
But did he join Inner Circle? Would love him to turn on Jericho as he’s positioned to be the most hated guy on the roster and now has a muscle. MJF and Wardlord vs Jericho and Hager feels perfect.

Love that they keep actively putting talent in spots to get over. Luchasaurus, MJF, Allin Sky. They have good top star power but it’s when these other tier guys feel like big stars that the shows go up a level.

Wouldn’t have minded the Bucks being written off with the beatdown tonight. Would have liked Cody to be kept off TV a bit longer - what’s the rush and build to his return promo. Love they kept the brawl going after Cassidy spot so it didn’t just end on humor.


Loved it, could have been my fav ep yet. Thought the wrestling was strong while giving us some sports entertainment, and MJF & Jericho in the ring together was pure gold. My one small criticism is that I think they overuse the lights out to introduce someone too often.

I’m a few weeks late, but wanted to congratulate you on picking a great theme that holds up to the 1.5x speeds as well.

Jon From Nashville

Might be a little late for the podcast, but I just got home from AEW.

Overall the show was great. I’m rewatching some of it on tv right now. One thing I notice is the crowd comes across a lot better on tv then it did live. MJF got the biggest heat of the night and everyone loves Luchasaurus and Orange Cassidy.

Dark matches was Bucks/Strong Hearts, Britt & Riho/ Big Swol and didn’t catch the other name. The last match was Best Friends/ Private Party.

The women tag match had no reaction and had lots of negative reactions from my section.