FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/16/22

Just putting this here because I didn’t see an official thread. What did you think of the go home show for Full Gear?

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Not really sure what to make of the ending. Not Mox’s best work. Seemed like a sketch show instead of a blood feud. I feel like this would have been better if not as overbooked with the Stokley guys involved. It was hot enough with just the two of them and Regal.

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My gut tells me that Friedman and The Firm are still in cahoots. It would break my heart to see BCC break up before the JAS do. Death Triangle vs Top Flight & AR Fox was the match of the night and The Elite’s return was a seen-from-a-mile-away outcome. A solid go-home show.

Rampage looks pretty nice with Kingston getting his dream match vs Akiyama.

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I thought it was an okay show overall. The Acclaimed had one awesome music video, the Samoa Joe promo was short and sweet, and Bandido had a good showing against Ethan Page. I can’t wait to see Bandido and Claudio go at it down the line.
The Mox/MJF segment was MID if I was being sold on that one segment alone I would have skipped the PPV.

It does feel a bit paint by numbers packing a hot opener, a taste of pre match physicality, “surprise” opponents, stare downs, long overdue video packages, and fiery promos for the last week, a culmination of big matches that should feel bigger yet they’re victim of an overstuffed show layout week after week.
It’s all good stuff but just too hurried to be great.

Thanks, Kate!!!

The Devil is CM Punk right?

Mjfs promo has few too many many call backs and references to take it off the table as a possibility. Greater than 0% chance IMO