FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/17/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

Noah From Vaughan

Had a few thoughts on tonights episode. First off, a huge round of applause for that crowd in Norfolk, even by AEW’s high standards I thought that this was one of the best crowds theyve ever had, into everything and loud as hell all night long. As for the show itself, I thought that it was right up there with some of the best episodes theyve done, Paced so well and the matches were just spectacular (especially that main event!). The two big programs of Punk/MJF and Bryan/Page already have me super excited for this next era of AEW. side note, Seeing Tomohiro Ishii come out to The Pixies was just ridiculous in the best way. 10/10 episode tonight


I will give you feedback to my Father’s reaction of the main event (as someone who is a casual viewer of Professional Wrestling).

He though the ending was BS. With Sammy injuring his ribs multiple times in the match, my Dad though that Lethal should have an easier time winning this match. He though Sammy hitting his finisher, The GTH was stupid (again, the injured ribs)

8.5 “Virginian’s Boo Hard Work” out of 10!

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This might be my favorite post PPV Dynamite. Bryan showing why he is a master at his craft getting the arena to boo him and creating a good babyface in both Page and Evil Uno. Main event was amazing, might be Sammy’s best match since his MJF match. The only real surprise of the night, no big closing angle that sets up the story for the company. We usually get something to set the path to the next PPV or big Dynamite show. Feels like we are still playing on some storylines that been going on for months (Malakai/Cody, OC/Matt Hardy and Elite/Jurassic Express) Overall 8.5/10 also Nice call by Andrew Thompson on the CM Punk/MJF feud.

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Hey guys! Great show. It’s amazing how AEW has been able to get their homegrown talent over to the point that crowds actively boo fan faves like Danielson or CM Punk when he faced Kingston. They make booking likeable babyfaces look so easy. I went to the Battle in the Valley show live Saturday which was my first live wrestling in 2 years and it was great to see Ishii there and again on tv tonight (though I wish we got to hear his music). Really loving Lio Rush and Dante Martin as a tag team, excited to see them mix it up with team Taz. Also very excited for MJF Punk :slight_smile:

What kind of psychology is Sammy going for the top rope front flip onto the table outside when he’s been selling his ribs the entire match?? Lol completely took me out of that match. Guess you gotta get your spots in.
Great show overall though, is Bryan Danielson suddenly a heel or was it just cause of being in Hangman’s hometown?
Thanks for all you do
#21 Peter Forsberg

Excellent show tonight, just going from one great segment to another. I think Shida vs Nyla Rose was their best match to date and I really liked their title fight. I was convinced that Danielson was just going to do some subtle heel work in light of the fact that it was Hangman’s celebration show but he leaned all the way in, without actually changing anything about his character. Fighting Cabana in Chicago and taking on the likes of John Silver is likely to get him booed for the foreseeable future. (I did laugh out loud though when he said he “didn’t want any beef.”) I absolutely loved Punk’s promo. Yes, seriously.

It’s incredible to me that AEW is looking at months without Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley and still feels like they have tons of strong programs at their disposal. If you took Roman Reigns and Randy Orton out of WWE, I don’t know if I’d be as optimistic about their prospects.

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Loved the opening segment. Great back and forth between Page and Danielson. But there is no excuse for that match to go that long. Uno is not supposed to be on Bryan’s level, and he looks like shit with his gimp outfit. We don’t need every TV match to be 15+ minutes, and the time saved could be used to focus on other talents (women?).

While it is stupendous to see the Orange Cassidy routine for the 10,000th time, isn’t the first show after a PPV supposed to feel like a fresh start? Give this guy a rest already. I would have much rather seen a fresh face like Rocky Romero in this match. Ishii looked great.

Overall we continue to be spoiled by great bell to bell wrestling in AEW. Main event and the women’s match both delivered.

I just hate how they booked Lethal - he should have lost in 10 seconds to Billy Gunn instead!

In all seriousness this was a homerun edition of Dynamite, and Lethal is going to be a star in this company.


  1. Any update on Gargano, O’Reilly, Owens, and Zayne’s contract status?

  2. What do you guys think is next for the Young Bucks? Darby? Darby has suffered two big losses in a row - he needs a W

Kash from Ajax

  • The Elite taking a step back was a nice change of pace. Kenny bowing out for a while will lead to Cole taking over.

  • The show peaked with Hangman Page getting that hero’s welcome and with Bryan Danielson leaning heel. It was pretty jarring but going through the Dark Order over the next several weeks will help make this match bigger

  • CM Punk putting MJF in his place without saying a word was hilarious…and they say you never meet your heroes.

  • Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida put on a solid match. I was nearly convinced Shida would prevail after the Deeb attack and I’m glad that feud will continue towards a blowoff.

  • With only two matches as a tag team, Lio Rush and Dante Martin are really coalescing and once Darius Martin returns. I’d like to see them as a 3-man team.

  • It was also very cool to see Ishii on Dynamite, too. I’m SO over Hardy/Cassidy and I hope that’s the end of it.

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Jesse from the 6

Great show. Rose-Shida really impressed me. I don’t think that the Rose bump on the chair got enough attention. That was nuts.

I encourage everybody to focus on Reba/Rebel during Baker segments. Her facial expressions and non-verbal commedy are thoroughly entertaining.

I see some people already planning the end to Hangman’s reign. “He should lose it to Danielson right away,” or, “He should lose it to MJF”. Nah. I want a Bruno reign for Hangman. Give me seven years of Cowboy Shit!

Take Care

A couple of brief notes:

  • Was this Danielson heel turn all of a sudden or hints of it coming. It makes sense against popular champion and Danielson can pull it off.
  • Loved the main event, glad Jay Lethal got signed with AEW.
  • Interesting tease of tension between Cole and Omega. Could be hinting at future split of the Elite. Although if Omega watched the Bucks do nothing in his loss to Hangman, not sure why he was upset with Cole. Leadership battle within the Elite brewing.
  • Looking forward to a MJF vs Punk. When the music hit, I thought the promo battle could begin. I was wrong, it happen later I guess. It is strange Punk was booed at Full Gear, but crowd popped huge. Maybe a testament Saturday to how the fans felt about l Kingston being held back elsewhere.