FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/18/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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I never give a 10 rating but this episode had everything I wanted to see! Konnan and the hot boxed Limo was my highlight of the night! Will Hobbs turning was not something I expected But his facials make me believe he will be a much better heel than a big smiling baby face.


Noah from Vaughan

Really awesome show tonight. My match of the night was Deeb and Rosa, they absolutely tore the house down with a really great technical match. Loved the opening match as well, The video they played for Top Flight pre match was a great way of letting us know who these kids were and they had a great performance tonight. The ending really was fantastic, for weeks we’ve seen Hobbs save Darby and Cody, and when he picked up the FTW title I, like everyone else was thinking he was going to challenge cage next week. But the sudden turn was done perfectly and really boosts Taz’s group. Excellent episode 9/10. Congrats to Renee and Jon, what an amazing way to announce the pregnancy.

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AEW has shown signs of progress with their women’s division. Britt Baker entering a feud with Thunder Rosa is a move that’ll benefit the both of them. Speaking of which, Rosa and Serena Deeb put on a good show for the NWA women’s title. PAC showed no signs of ring rust against The Blade. The Death Triangle reuniting as badass babyfaces could lead to some fun with Eddie Kingston’s fam. The inner circle Vegas trip was funny. Wardlow and Hager shooting daggers at one another, as well cameos from Konnan elevated it

The impending Omega/Moxley match has a new whodunit? twist. The in-ring quality was very high. Will Hobbs’ heel turn came out of left field and he’ll be a good opponent for Darby Allin to overcome. A very good episode.

P.S. Big congrats to Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette on their first bambino!

Jay from Colorado

For some reason or another they censored the word “God” but not “damn” during Jon Moxleys promo on my TNT feed. I’m curious if that was the same for everyone.

Also, during the Inner Circle Las Vegas bit did you notice how after they met up with Konnan and smoked some bud Jake Hager had a little jack swagger in his walk.

Jay from Colorado

Not one of my favorite episodes of Dynamite, but still a totally enjoyable 2 hours. The women absolutely killed it tonight, and were by far the best part of the show. I’m really happy to see that it seems like Rosa is going to be sticking around.

While nothing on the show was really bad, I thought that the Inner Circle in Vegas was kind of a flop. While it was great to see Piff and Konnan on Dynamite, I was hoping for more than a not funny Hangover rip off.

7/10 show for me

Brian from New Jersey.

I went 8 out of 10 this week, largely on the strength of the matches. I’ve felt for months now that the majority of matches on Dynamite are too competitive and Even Steven, possibly because the roster all likes each other and are too polite in booking, but more often than not I don’t mind it most weeks, including here where it made sense for a lot of the matches to be competitive. There were a bunch of non-wrestling segments I didn’t care for as much, but they didn’t take up as much time on the show. Not sure the Moxley-Omega build needs a mystery attacker angle, but time will tell. Speaking of Moxley, quite the breaking news from him, and congrats to him and Renee! I hope MLW was okay with Konnan’s appearance here.

Raymond in Sacramento, CA.

That show left me on a natural high. Firstly I was FLOORED by Hobbs turning hell and joining FTW. All the late run-ins paid off, shockingly so. I don’t think he’ll be a heel forever and think the option is always there to change him back to babyface and focus on his real life story.

What I want to talk about and is the women’s match. Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa had a great match. You could say that it was an in ring clinic. Hard hitting, technical, multiple quick pin attempts. Really creative stuff. Even with the interference it didn’t hurt the outcome of the match and leads to another story and angle for Britt and Thunder Rosa. Going back to Deeb and Thunder, I’m going to check out the weekly NWA PPV where the title originally changed hands and was won by Serena. Serena has been a great signing and the deal with NWA to have Thunder Rosa has been a major plus.

Congratulations Renee, Jon, and John. The extended absence makes sense now.

10/10 Dynamite.