FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/20/19

What did you think of Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

In the past, I haven’t been the biggest Young Bucks fan, but that opener was tremendous. Best part? Somebody won and somebody lost. Can’t say that about the NXT opener. This loss won’t affect Jackson in the least. In terms of making money & staying relevant, Kevin Nash was always a name that popped up, but he can move over for THE ONE, Billy Gunn. I just watched Billy Gunn in a match in the year 2019 & I loved it. The spot between he and Cassidy was really fun. Props to the crowd who make the shows feel big. Jericho doing the apology bit with Hager had me howling. Another terrific show. 8.5. question, does Britt Baker have bad luck with these injuries or is she simply out of place? Referring to the bloody nose.

Brandon from Oshawa

I realized tonight why I prefer AEW over NXT. Being in Canada, if I want to watch NXT tonight, I have to seek it out online. I dont, I wait until it comes on the network. However, if the roles were reversed and I had to seek out AEW, I would do so. The reason being, I feel like the hours I watch are going to give me something in return. I hear a lot of praise for Undisputed Era & Revival tonight. I’m sure it was a great match. It might be my favorite match of the week when I watch it. But what happens now? Revival just goes back to the main roster and means nothing.

Meanwhile, last week I wasnt that into Scorpio Sky pinning Chris Jericho. All they did was come out tonight and make me want to see that title match next week. I loved Moxley & Darby. Was it a great technical bout, like I’m sure we’ll see on NXT? No. But it was a damn fun brawl and both guys are super over and I know that I can look forward to more with those guys.

NXT can have all the great matches they want, if their stars are just going to go on to do nothing, why should I care or put in the effort?

Noah From Vaughan

another solid edition of dynamite, incredible opener by matt and fenix. loved the dark order vignette and I thought the womens match was very good, shida is phenomenal. once again the star of the show was the crowd, enough cannot be said about how much aew has benefited from having such hot crowds, makes everyone feel like a star. 9/10 show for me, any early predictions for pac vs omega next week?

Best episode of Dynamite so far.
-The crowd was HOT.
-Opener was great and set a good tone, although I missed a little of the Britt match, everything seemed paced well.
-I think they will get Dark Order over eventually
-I’m digging the storylines and not feeling like my intelligence is constantly being insulted

Jake from The Windy City

Been a while, gentlemen! Tonight was another fantastic show with a lot of good to great wrestling, continuing established feuds, building well to next week, setting up Shida as a title contender, and also continuing to change up the recipe on a weekly basis like with the battle royal to get more people some screen time and involving the Jurassic Express in the Inner Circle’s business. I haven’t been fond of Britt Baker recently as I think she’s still green but tonight she really put forward the work with great intensity and was her best performance on AEW to date, so far. This was a really fun two hours that flew by wit a great opener, a great main, and a great Jericho segment in the middle.

The downside for me tonight is, that the truck needs to stop cutting to close-ups of fans after big moves or kickouts. You miss a lot of important spots each time you do this and you get absolutely no benefit from it.

I think it’s great that Cody and Kenny Omega decided to take this week off as you don’t have to see every top star all the time. 9/10 show for me. See ya around, fellas!

Great show, good mix of angles and in ring action.

But here’s my issue. Britt Baker still looks green in a lot of ways, and Private Party, while amazing in a spot fest, still have a ways to go to have a good version of the kind of match they had against Santana and Ortiz tonight. This applies to others on the roster as well. Nyla Rose also does not have a massive amount of experience for example.

I really think AEW needs to find way to get these less experienced wrestlers more experience without them having to do it weekly on national TV or even Dark. One date a week isn’t going to turn you into a great worker very quickly.

I think AEW should partner with a small indy or send people to Japan to tour in some smaller promotions. I think it would be very helpful for some of the talent.

P.S. Shout out to Kyohei Wada, the greatest referee of all time on his 65th birthday today!

Another great show.
You can see adjustments being made week to week, including on the technical side of things. Although, I read a few comments on social media about the volume level of the commentary (my feed was fine, though)
Just wondering; has your traffic increased due to these “Wednesday night wars”?

Jay from Colorado

So did Jake Hager just not want that watch?


Jon From Nashville

What a show! The Opening match was great. I wish Nick would of sold the knee injury more from the past few weeks, but that’s just me nit picking. The Battle Royal was ok, even though it was kindof obvious who the final two would be. Darby/Mox was great, and the rest of the matches were entertaining.

Best part: The Crowd
Worst part: The side by side picture during the commercial breaks

8 out of 10

Alexander from Portland

After unhappily watching Heroes of Wrestling over the weekend, this palate cleanser of a show was great. Orange Cassidy’s first actual match lived up to expectations, plenty of midcard talent got on television, and we had a great match in the main event end decisively, with no controversy or interference or anything. The only thing missing was the blue brand guys beating up the yellow brand guys.

Question: What do you think of the idea of Jeff Hardy joining AEW when his contract expires? Do you tihink there would be interest in AEW’s side of signing him? Tonight made me realize that Hardy and Darby could be an insane match.

Opener was great, Jericho promo was a good balance of funny/serious. I’ve not been a huge Scorpio Sky fan in the past but AEW has done an excellent job of making me care. Best thing I can say about the show? I’m excited to see what happens next week.

Carl in Cloverdale

I don’t know which Chris Jericho promo is going to win promo of the year, but the fact that there’s 4 more Dynamites left in 2019 means it possibly hasn’t happened yet!

I find myself rewinding the show on my PVR just to hear the crowd pops again. Man those crowds great. Orange Cassidy is a crowd pop phenomenon and I hope they don’t burn it out with too many appearances. Please discuss what Vince would do with an Orange Cassidy.