FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/23/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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I had anticipated that Chicago would get real icy for the Elite…they did. Not only that, they didn’t shy away from the All Out debacle and Kenny hitting the GTS takes a great deal of balls. The aftermath of Full Gear was solid. I thought Moxley would’ve been gone fishing, by now. The trios match stole it and Jericho’s plans for Final Battle took shape (dope match vs Ishii)

Let Jamie Hayter speak!

Well I’m glad you asked I thought it was a solid episode oh by the way good evening your lordship and Wai. Good episode from Jericho exploding pec to the women’s match which was really good. My question to you and Brudawg is this will the bucks be able to come back 2 down on the road? Will it be the biggest choke job ever by Lucha Underground Bros? I guess they are angling it as very sports like with the bucks being down 2-0 in a series?


-this is the annual night where people go out and revel, this was also the annual night that myself and my siblings went out and my sister and sister in laws started a line brawl due to the fact that another women was trying to creep up on my sister’s husband. I hid under a table. Am I a coward

I’ll hang up and listen

J from Windsor.

Good show, but I think its going to be overshadowed by a single move. Given what Omega said earlier today about fans letting it go, then doing the GTS in Punks home town, do you think this screams angle? Or is Kenny just being a jackass?

Cody From Maine

Enjoyable and eventful edition show. From the fantastic setup for House Of Black’s return (conditioning the audience to expect Evil Danhausen) to Shawn Spears getting his wish and the interim tag being dropped from the women’s championship.

The Trios match may just go down in history with the likes of Shawn Michaels infamous segment in Montreal back in 2005. There’s leaning into the reaction you know you’re going to get…then there’s what we got tonight. Safe to say there’s no end in sight to CM Punk talks.

And what else can I say about Chris Jericho? I feel like I’ve praised him in my feedback every week. For my money, 2022 has been the best of his career in terms of in-ring work. Absolutely incredible.

Interesting to see The Elite leaning into the reaction they knew was coming and I think having them go 0-2 actually works better in story than having them tie it up because it means they’ll fight as underdogs in other cities, where they’ll be perceived as baby-faces. Damn, they laid it on thick, though.

Glad to see the House of Black return and I hope they’ll just let them kill everyone until they get to pick the bones of the winners of the best of seven.

I swear it looked like Ishii’s hand was swollen by the end of his match, which, I guess, shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Thoughts on Death Triangle winning twice while cheating? Is that really the only way the Elite can be beat? Bad look or just me overthinking things?

Foolish to think that they would work in these spots without a payoff in the future when CM Punk is healed?

Jordan from The Bronx

There’s much to be said about the frequency of AEW’s visits to Chicago, but it’s immediately justified when you get hot crowds like that each time. The trios match was petty and childish, but I had so much fun watching it. There’s money waiting to be made if CM Punk ever returns and is willing to do business. If not, The Elite positioning themselves as asshole heels in Chicago, like Shawn Michaels being a heel in Canada is a stroke of brilliance.

The interim tag is removed from the women’s division, but the announcement of “by the way, Toni Storm’s reign is recognized” after watching Britt Baker get a pin was lackluster.

I was a bit thrown off by the opening promo. Is Regal potentially walking all the way to Orlando or Stamford? That’s something that my watch group started to speculate. Just felt anticlimactic after Moxley had all of that anger and Danielson was begging him off. MJF not being there due to his other commitments didn’t help, I’m sure he’s going to cut a hell of a promo next week and get some clarity on things.

Overall, an excellent follow up episode, as there seems to be firm directions going forward to close out the year.