FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/24/21

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Brian from New Jersey.

Quite the show with another great crowd. The first hour seemed to be more about promos and moments. The opening segment was more akin to how Raw would normally start, but I thought both Punk and MJF were great here. I feel Dynamite’s calling card has remained strong wrestling, and that’s what I felt we got in the second hour. Wild main event, and I thought it was hilarious how the crowd heeled on Cody. Andrade looked pissed about that weight belt taking the focus away from the match. If Jamie Hayter really does split from Dr. Baker and Rebel, I hope she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, because I think she’s very good and had a strong match with Thunder Rosa here. One last highlight from tonight: Danhausen tweeting his mailing address to Bryan Danielson for him to send Colt Cabana’s tooth.

Brandon Frm NJ

Good evening blokes long time no seek how are yah. Waving to you in the zoom room as you read my sonnet of love. What a show tonight man, that promo between MJF/Punk was prob one of the best segments I’ve seen in the past decade. It’s only the beginning between the two but how deep in the well can MJF go? It’s an interesting psychology battle that I’m sure both have talked about? What guardrails and limitations do you think Punk put on MJF or do you think it’s all gas and no brake to get this over especially with the big Long Island show coming up. I’m rambling but I truly enjoyed that segment it was something special which leads me too


-With the week Andrade was having in his personal life was him finally dropping his dockers yankee inspired khakis a signal of his new found independence

-John you weren’t here for this last year but tonight is the evening before thanksgiving. It’s a big party night and also an anniversary for my family. It’s the night that my sister started a line brawl at a local establishment because someone looked at her husband in a funny way. Myself and my brother Simon both said going was a bad idea but my sister and my brother Roman convinced us to go. Anywhoo we almost got arrested for being peacemakers(Sorry Cena) I threw a chair to distract ongoing brawlers coming at us. We escaped unscathed

-if you need someone to do a live read for an ad you know where to find me. Punch up a script lmao

Happy thanksgiving


I’ll be brief. After Omega and Bryan live at Arthur Ashe I turned to Braden Harrington and said I need to go for a walk and did just that.

After CM Punk and MJF tonight I needed to go for a walk.

Wow. Meltzer better give this promo battle 5 stars because it was better than the SuperKliq v Jurassic Express match.

Very rare something so fantasize about can blow away expectations but this one did.

Zing of the battle for me was MJF being called less famous Miz. It’s the kind of tag that if MJF never amounts to more famous than Miz will get sticker and sticker.

Baker is a pillar. The rest of this show was awesome. Very very special for Colt and Bryan getting this match together when you consider their history. Life wild sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving.

I suspect that the opening segment of tonight’s show is going to be used in wrestling schools to show what performers should aspire to when cutting promos. There were a lot of expectations for the first Punk/ MJF showdown and they just killed it. I was happy for the QT match right after because I needed a moment to decompress.

Loved Rosa vs Hayter, they have really good chemistry, but I hope they don’t break Jamie off from Britt’s crew just yet. I think they’re going to need heels since I suspect we’re going to have a baby face TBS champ in Ruby Soho.

While I want to be clear that I don’t want to see Tully and Arn have a match, I absolutely loved the showdown in the ring. It was the perfect element to the insanity of the main event. Loads of fun and the two hours just flew by.

Hope Colt is ok. At least he was able to see a dentist quickly.

JR’s statement at the very end of the show made me think it’s a send-off for him while he seeks out treatment for his skin cancer.

Great show as always. Punk and MJF could have spent the entire two hours going back and forth, it was tremendous. Also, did I see Mr. Ting on a t-shirt in the front row? Question: Will there be ad-free versions of the podcasts for Patreon subscribers once the ads start in December? Keep up the great work, guys.

MJF could talk circles around the majority of the roster…until he ran into CM Punk. Their promo segment was tremendous. Jamie Hayter and Thunder Rosa had a strong outing and it hit two birds with one stone. It furthered the Rosa/Baker feud and it causes a rift between Jamie and Britt going forward. Danielson/Cabana was what it needed to be. A hometown beating to add heat to Bryan/Hangman at possibly Battle of the Belts.

A strong show.