FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/25/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Erin from Brampton

First of all, congratulations to John and his family for their latest addition!

As for Dynamite, I think AEW missed a chance to do something interesting with the women’s division. Between every title holder in AEW, WWE, Impact, and ROH, Hikaru Shida must be the most bland champion. I think the entire title scene could use a shake up. Having Anna Jay and the Dark Order hold the belt could’ve made for more interesting television. With Brodie Lee gone, it would be neat to see her take over the whole stable.

If I had to guess, it appears they might hold off a title switch until Shida vs Britt Baker happens.

Otherwise, this was a pretty solid show. I can’t wait for the Mox vs Omega match next week!

MJ from Nj

Tonight’s show highlight two things for me:

  1. The depth of talent on this roster to have TV level matches - TH2, SCU, the main event.
  2. How much is going on in AEW story telling.

Now that’s not to say all the story telling is good, but consider how long this Archer-Eddie feud has been simmering…brings me to my next point:
JR is so unequipped to be calling this show it’s not funny anymore. To just act as clueless as he does, a year in to Dynamite can we move past Good Ol JR as being a additive part of the show?

Mox promo tonight might be one of the best promos of his generation. Maybe not since Punk have I believed a guy to be on the top of wrestling like Mox right now. Which makes it the perfect time for him to lose.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

With more and more people signing with AEW every week, I’m sometimes seeing the criticism that they have too many people and there isn’t enough TV time to go around. While this is true, the biggest positive I find is every match seems fresh. They can cycle wrestlers in and out, and while the company certainly has their group of people who are the main stars of the show, each week seems fresh. I enjoyed tonight’s match heavy show and they were able to showcase some talent who aren’t often seen. While I say this, I do understand some issues that can come with such a large talent roster. For instance, I wish Abadon had more time to establish herself, as I think she was only on Dynamite once, even before her injury a few weeks back. That said, overall great show, 8 new PS5s out of 10. Speaking of which, I now have in my own head cannon that Lana bought Miro his new PS5 with the money she would have received for being on the winning Survivor Series team.

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Noah from Vaughan

First off a huge congrats to John on the newest addition to the Pollock family.

The show tonight was so damn fun. Abadon making her return was just perfect, shes one of my favorites in the womens division and glad she’s getting some spotlight now. The Taz/Cody segment was fantastic and felt so real, between his role on dark and on dynamite Taz has really been fantastic in 2020. Moxley vs Omega next week has me feeling so conflicted, on one hand Mox has been having such a great world title reign, but on the other hand, Kenny being on top of the promotion hes in just feels right. Either way, should be a fantastic match next week. Who do you guys think wins next week? 8.5/10 show tonight

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Justin from NYC

Such a great show. Fantastic from start to finish. Just a damn near perfect two hour tv show. Great stuff from Page/Silver, Shida/Jay, everyone in the main and I am ready for Murderhawk v Butcher Hoss Fight ASAP.



Gentleman good evening

What up chaps how are thee, first time long time I’m never awake to be able to write these due to work but since it’s American giving of the thanks and a salute to a butcher who slavered native Americans I have the ability to construct an email that you can enjoy and I’m glad you do. Aew was a fine show tonight


-Kenny omega suit and glasses look is it me or does he look like not the cleaner but Sato from Karate Kid 2

-Bruce Lord great job filling in but I’m curious if you think Primer Jason Kenny’s lockdown measures are too harsh or are for the greater good of Alberta

-Today is the anniversary of my sister and my sister in laws starting a line brawl at an establishment because another women was trying to creep on her husband what are your memories on the night before American thanksgiving. In the states it’s a big party night

The holidays are coming Wai jingle jangle jingle jangle ahem

I’m out of here peace


All of this and the great segment where Moxley signed the contract after laying out Omega.

10 from me too.

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