FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/27/19

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Another fun show.

Happy to see Statlander being given additional shots with AEW. She’s going to be a star, and hopefully it’s with AEW.

Most of all, I was very happy to see The Butcher and The Blade getting a spotlight like they did here.
They’ve been doing tremendous work on the indies over the last 12 months, and certainty deserve the opportunity with AEW.

Paul from New Jersey

I’m watching Virgil kick off a major, prime time wrestling television show & I am loving it! Wrestling is friggin magical. I enjoyed everybody in this segment. The only thing that was missing was Melanie Parsons, but as a lifelong New York Rangers fan, I endorse this opener. It’s been quite a rocky week for Wrestling commentators. Pretty sure Jim Ross called Trent Taven which happens, but I would probably refrain from calling Asian people Orientals. On a more positive note, is there a talent pre AEW that you weren’t very familiar with who you really enjoy watching? For me it’s a tie between Sammy Guevara & Darby Allen.

Rory from Wilkes-Barre.

What a great show, from start to finish. The crowd was hot all night long making it feel like an even bigger show. All the matches were tremendous, especially Omega vs. PAC. The opening segment was excellent and the crowd certainly played their part. I enjoyed the Dark Order promo as it helped give a better understanding of the tag team. Was hoping that Scorpio Sky won but it was a great story with Jericho winning. The only problem I had was that the ring mic was too sensitive. During the women’s tag match, you could hear the ref walking through the ring while making the count. The footsteps in the ring sounded like boomwhackers! Even Matt Knicks’ purple man bun hitting the ring as Cody was pinning him made a noise. Despite this minuscule problem, this show was amazing. Great job building up the women’s division and men’s division.

Andre from Edmonton

I really thought tonight was a great night of wrestling. The opening segment was fun, Kenny and Pac had a killer match and the main event was great. In a little over 10 minutes they had me believing that Scorpio Sky could take that title. What really caught my eye tonight was the Dark Order video. I really like it. I think the Dark Order could be what Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family should have been.
Thanks for all the great content guys.


The Jericho stuff is still funny, but are they getting too cute with some of the humour? I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they’re getting over. “Little bit of the 40” was great.

It seemed like there were numerous microphone issues. There were echoes from the in-ring mics during the opening segment and I can only assume Marco Martinez was supposed to be a prank or something.

Emi Sakura is lame. Her Freddy Mercury character is confusing as it seems she wants to be cheered for but she’s made to play a heel role. Statlander looked good.

Was I supposed to know who Butcher and Blade are? I felt like Jerry Lawler for a second. It’s nice they’ve found something for Allie though. Do you think they’ll be connected to Brandy and Kong?

Very cool match between Kenny and Pac, and they even made me believe Scorpio Sky had a chance to win for about 5 seconds after the belt spot.

AEW continues to impress. 7/10

Is there anything NXT can counter a Jericho celebration with? Such a great segment. Jericho is totally in his element with a live mic and no scripted promos.

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Noah from Vaughan

I know I may be in the minority but I was so happy to see the Butcher and the blade debut tonight. I saw them have an amazing match over SummerSlam weekend in Toronto against Aussie open and dark order in front of like 500 people. I’m so glad to see them on such a big stage like aew. Loved the main event with scorpio fighting valiantly in defeat. And the dark order vignette was a huge highlight for me. 9/10 show. Do you think they do moxley vs jericho on the cruise or wait until the next ppv? Cheers

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Andy William’s, the guitar player from the band Everytime I Die, debuted as the Butcher

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Rafael from North Liberty

I attended the show live. I drove 4 hours to Chicago to see the show live and it was well worth it. The highlights were Jericho’s Celebration, Omega vs Pac, and basically the whole show my 8 year old got a free T shirt and my 3 year old did the diamond symbol for a long time after DDP left. I even had Moxley no sell me while getting in an Uber it was awesome. For the lone low light the crowd around me. They kept talking about how great of a crowd Chicago is while shitting on everything. 9/10 from me.

Alexander from Portland

Awesome show as usual. Just a few questions. First, any idea the cause of the audio issues for both this episode and AEW Dark yesterday? I read somewhere that we heard the audio of replays but they never showed on screen. Secondly, did either of you see the Shanna video from AEW Dark? While AEW may not have the strongest women’s division that video made me an instant Shanna fan and I’m sure it did the same for others. With that and her performance against Big Swole I’d love to see her get a Britt Baker push, she might fare better in the role too.

This is one of those times where we can reflect on if or how the live crowd impacts our home viewing of the show. The reaction to butcher, blade, and bunny came across dull on TV, but I still thought it was cool and I’m seeing lots of love for it on Twitter.

Still intrigued with the dark order too.

My feedback is that I hope they’ve signed Kris Statlander. She is great already and has the potential to get even better.



Brandon from Oshawa

Reading the feedback, I’m definitely in the minority, but I thought this show was very disappointing. I’ll even go as far as saying, I think I may have enjoyed Raw more this week. The women’s tag match was the first time that I’ve fast forwarded during an episode of Dynamite. This division is just really, really bad right now and they need to do some serious work on it. More promos to let us know who these people are and why we should give a shit about them.

Standouts were the Dark Order segment and the Blade & Butcher debut, even though I am not familiar with them. I’m glad to see Trent getting a little bit of a push too, I think he’s severely underrated.

Was not a good show. Hated the beginning. Virgil can barely talk properly. Overall a disappointing show. I’m sure NXT was better

Enjoyed the episode. Jericho celebration was on point…and Virgil eventually got the words out of his mouth.

Mox promo was great, I don’t understand how WWE didn’t get it and thought crazy uncle Dean was a better character for him.

Why is Allie dressed as Pietr (Yujiro’s girl)?

Women’s tag match was good, PAC/Omega was match of the night. Title match was good, thought it could’ve been better if they had a few more minutes. With Allin and now Sky, they’ve used Jericho to help build these guys with the audience, smart and refreshing booking.


The crowd was great. I thought it was a really fun show.
I think Kris Statlander did enough to get her own entrance next time.
I love the new direction for the Dark Order. i wanna cheer for all Evils.
I love definite endings to matches. wwe programming still makes me think DQ finishes are coming even though i should learn to trust aew by now.
emi sakura, taichi and christopher daniels should have a ladder match to decide who can use the mic stand gimmick.
8/10 show

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