FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/3/21

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What did you think of AEW Dynamite?
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  • CM Punk was a class act for commending Jon Moxley seeking to get help for his recovery. Heartfelt as it was, he set up his upcoming confrontation with Eddie Kingston very well.

  • Kenny Omega and Alan Angels met again and it was just as competitive as their first match. This is a rivalry to go back to down the line and I felt that Angels was elevated from these two matches.

  • Christian Cage and Jurassic Express retaliating against the Superkliq was effective. That conchairto was unexpected.

  • FTR vs SDS/Aero Star was solid, despite a scary looking bump from Aero Star.

  • MJF and Darby Allin put on a well put together promo highlighting why they’re such polar opposites sans shock value. The brawl afterwards was chaotic.

  • Cody vs Andrade didn’t have as many boo birds for Cody which is kind of a miracle.

  • Miro vs Orange Cassidy was an acceptable main event. I will say that Miro/Danielson is a good backup match for Full Gear. I think stylistically they would match pretty well.

I’m rooting for Moxley on a successful recovery.

Felt like there was a bit of a cloud over the show tonight but I’m pleased that they addressed the issue with Mox and did it in a classy way. And I am really looking forward to Danielson vs Miro, even if it’s not quite as high profile a pairing.

I’m guessing that Britt Baker and Rebel do something to cost Thunder Rosa her match with Hayter, which would put Rosa on track for a shot at Britt at the next PPV. She’s better off in that mix than with the TBS title.

Do you think that Full Gear marks the end of ATT’s involvement with AEW?

Chris from Melbourne.

That honestly felt like a pretty rough episode. The production team missed a lot of the action in both the Young Bucks/Jungle Express and Darby/MJF brawls, and the in-ring seemed to be missing steps constantly in certain matches. Aerostar looked like he spent half the match almost injuring himself, Jaimie Hayter and Anna Jay couldn’t really find a rhythm, and even the segment with Lucha Bros and FTR seemed to be a bit of a car crash.

Maybe it’s because backstage was all a bit rattled by the Moxley news?

Highlights for me were the Punk promo, the opening match, and the tease of a potential Rosa/Anna/Tay vs Britt/Hayter/Rebel trios match to come. Happy that John Silver got some mic time, although I’m already bracing for the backlash of mentioning BTE in-jokes on TV.

I’m all for PVZ getting into wrestling, but the “my schedule is wiiiide open” and “I’ll take on all five of you” just felt like the lowest hanging fruit possible. Honestly shocked that Jericho’s reply was as PG as it was.

All in all, skippable, but I’m excited for the Rampage matches this week.

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Yeah, that PVZ/Jericho exchange reeked of low hanging fruit.

Jesse from the 6

Today I learned that Malaki Black is on first name terms with Marcus Junius Brutus, Ancient Roman orator, politician, and one-time assassin.

As soon as Dan Lambert referred to himself as the original member of ATT, you knew where the segment was going, but still I thought he played his part perfectly. He has been tremendous in this role. I still don’t really see how Page, and especially Sky, fit with this group, and who knows what the match will look like, but Lambert has been a very beneficial addition to AEW.

Question: Do you think Arlovski will participate in the match to a significant degree or will he just run in to do one move at the end? He is still under contract to UFC, is he not?

Also, was that X-Pac beside Darby in the crowd??

Take Care

Another great dynamite.

I am however a little worried about rampage Friday.

St. Louis fans (myself included) bought tickets to a dynamite episode, then were supposed to have a ppv the next night when the show got downgraded to rampage, now it’s somehow a show with literally 2 matches.

I thought it was him too!!!

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Beautiful handling of the Moxley situation by Punk/TK/AEW. Send out your most compassionate speaker to highlight the importance of the issue without shying away from the reality of the situation. This is why I continue to give this company the benefit of the doubt when handling these sorts of sensitive matters in a classy way.