FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/6/19

What did you think of Dynamite?

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Brandon from Oshawa

Really good show this week. I just wish we had more matches built up for Full Gear on these episodes of Dynamite. We saw nothing from Baker/Priestly and I believe this is the first week we’ve seen anything from Spears/Janela. I hope after Full Gear, with a couple months before the next big show, we get more of a showcase on the lower card feuds.

I’ve really enjoyed Shanna & Jamie Hayter. They’ve been great additions to the womens roster and have shown me more than Britt Baker has. How the hell did Cody get so over? It’s insane. He mentioned the “match beyond”, I’m guessing that is what they will call a Wargames still match in the future.

Question…I read some stuff during the show about TSN moving AEW to the main channel and that they’ve been getting better ratings than Smackdown. Is there any truth to that? Do you know what the numbers have been like here in Canada?


That was by far the best promo of Cody’s career. I’m super excited for their match at Full Gear even more so now. And Jericho comes back with that hilarious feature video to top it off. Some might say it made a mockery out of the title match with the all the joking around, but I loved it.

Frankie and Excalibur with the line of the night when Kaz said ‘What a maneuver’ and Excalibur comes right back with ‘Will you stop’.

Of the women I’ve seen so far, Jamie Hayter seems to have the most charisma and feels like a natural heel. I hope she gets a push next.

The matches this week weren’t anything memorable but still quality all around.

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Varouj from Phoenix

THIS is how you do a go home show. When did Cody become the best promo in the business? Every single promo he’s done while in AEW has been perfect. Every emphasized word. Every voice inflection. Every selling point. Perfect. He’s fantastic. And then juxtapose his promo with the Jericho video package. There’s no reason that shift in tone in the same program, on the same episode of tv, should work this well, but they pulled it off anyway. That entire package was funnier than any cuck angle WWE has tried to make us laugh at the last few months. AEW’s storytelling, while still in its infancy, is top notch. Another great episode. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Stay dope y’all.

Ryan, from Northern Ontario
Only complaint I have is that they should have shown if Trent’s foot was on the ropes. A replay would have helped, because the angle didn’t show enough.

Can you see a "wargames " type match being set up between the Elite, and the Inner Circle?

JT from Manchester, UK

PAC/Trent was a fantastic way to start the show and that wild brawl was a fantastic way to end it. What came in the middle almost didn’t matter, but everything was solid at worst and seemed to serve a purpose.

Cody’s promo was absolute fire and if anyone that watched this show isn’t buying Full Gear after that, I’m not sure they like wrestling. Surely though, Jericho’s not dropping the belt so soon and Cody’s not “never” challenging for it in the whole future of AEW, how do they get themselves out of this without Hell-In-A-Celling themselves?

Jay from Colorado

Line of the night: “Chris Jericho is the youngest AEW champ in history.” That entire Jericho parody of the Cody segment was gold.

And speaking of Cody, that was a fantastic promo. My wife who isn’t a wrestling fan, but has watched her fair share of it was even impressed, and commented that everything you needed to know about that feud was in that promo.

Another very quick two hours, and after that superb closing segment I’m more excited for Full Gear than ever. That’s how you do a go home show.

Still not digging Leva Bates though.

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Paul from New Jersey

Watching this show made me think of that Long Island crowd from RAW. What a night and day difference. This audience is rabid. Sometimes I find Cody to be a little boring on the mic, but he hit it out of the park tonight. I nominate the Chris Jericho video for best comedy bit of the year. I was howling when I saw Virgil on my television talking about unlimited breadsticks. Lastly, I didn’t know too much about Sammy Guevara pre-AEW, but he’s been one of my favorite performers in the company so far.


The women’s tag match was excellent. My lord Riho can take a lot of punishment! I really like Jamie Hader as the bully of the women’s mid card. Some of her work seems sloppy but she’s got the size and power that the division is currently lacking and can play to the crowd.

What’s with the refs? It seemed like a botch at the end of the Pac-Trent match. Say what you will about WWE but at least they can get 1-2-3 right.

The audience continues to put everything over the top. Looking forward to Saturday. Keep up the great work. 7/10

Nikita from Lloydminster AB/SK

What a fun show. Excellent promos and engaging matches.

Jamie Hayter and Shanna have definitely left an impression on me and I can’t wait to see more of them.

The Brandi angle is still confusing but I’ll hold judgement until I see how it plays out.

It was also nice to see them incorporate the DARK stuff with Janela and Spears and using it to start building feuds.

Keep up the great work John and Wai.

Jamie Hayter was a stand out for me, I really like her personality and how she handles herself. Cody promo was fantastic and the Jericho promo was fantastic as well. I love how they lean in enough to be playful with us. But, at the end of the night, I also saw him as a legitimate threat. Very tough balance to get, but I feel they did it well.

Great matches, great personalities and it continues to feel original.

9/10 for me

Matt from Toronto.

Talk about a hot crowd. There’s nothing like an audience that pops for every big spot and near fall, cheers for the top and bottom of the card and gets involved at all the right moments. A+ tonight.

Thought this was a great go-home show for AEW. As a life-long WWE guy who’s frustrated with the product these days, it’s nice to be rewarded for giving the alternative a chance. I may even find a way to watch the PPV this weekend after tonight.

I still think there’s a lack of character building and storytelling for most of the mid-card as well as the women’s division, which is something we should be seeing by now. But it’s hard to deny how hot the the top acts are. The Jericho promo video was hilarious.

8 poutines out of 10.

Noah from Vaughan

Huge SHOUTOUT to those women tonight, excellent tag match and I believe hayter is gonna be a huge star. So hyped for full gear on Saturday, and that jericho promo was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. You guys gotta check out the countdown show they put on YouTube, it is excellent.

Great show.
No More Garbage Wrestling.

AEW’s first go home episode was really good. They made each match, minus the women’s, feel special going into the PPV Saturday and I’m overly excited for all of them. I wanna talk about NXT for one second. I’ve noticed you guys continue talking about moving wrestlers up to the main roster, but I think it’s time to stop looking at NXT as the D league. You just had Cole and Ciampa go over Bryan and Miz respectfully. Cole then went toe to toe with the former Universal title and looked good. NXT is on the same level and I think it’s time it’s treated as such by everyone.

Jon From Nashville

Another fun episode of Dynamite. Dynamite never feels like a chore to watch. The only bad thing I saw was the botch ref spot in the Pac/Trent match. I do wonder if Pac was suppose to pin him after the Black Arrow, or if he was suppose to roll him over in the submission.

The Cody Promo was great, even though he had to get the Undesirable to Undeniable line in there. Also the Inner Circle Promo was pure Gold.

The women’s tag match was probably the best woman match in AEW. I have not been a big fan of the AEW woman divison so far. My question is have you enjoyed the woman divison? If not is it due to the matches not clicking or maybe due to not strong enough characters?

Blown away by the show tonight. That’s how you do a go-home show. There’s still no one better than JR to do the PPV hard sell going off the air.

Sammy calling Jericho the youngest champion in AEW history made me laugh out loud.

My only concern is the stipulation Cody added to the title match. Seems too soon to take the title off Jericho but it’s completely unrealistic to think Cody will never get another title shot. So it disappoints me to think that the first AEW adds a major stip to a match they are going to go back on it.

David from Vaughan.

Tonight really highlighted the difference that a hot crowd can make. Especially in comparison to that lackluster one we got on Raw. Cody’s promo was gold and is probably my favourite promo in AEW to date. The Jericho video was hilarious. I especially loved the line from Virgil stating “Jericho’s talent is like breadsticks from the olive garden…unlimited.”

Minor nitpick, I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I can barely hear the audio in a lot of the video packages on this show. The audio almost always seems to be drowned out by the crowd in the arena. I noticed this the other week during the limo segment with Tony and Cody and even tonight during the Jericho video. For the 30 seconds of the video all I could hear were chants of SCU (who I assume were still in the ring). I had to rewind the video and raise the volume just to hear what Sammy was saying. Minor complaint for an otherwise pretty solid show. Looking forward to full gear on Saturday.


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What a show. Just some amazing things. What a cody promo. Outstanding jericho video package. What a finish. So pumped for full gear. Cancelled my wwe subscription. unfollowed all of their accounts on social media. I’m good with aew. Quick question. Would the talent stay on the road going from a dynamite to a ppv?

What’s good guys? first time posting. I was there live tonight at AEW, btw Bojangles’ is a fried chicken fast food restaurant and it’s amazing. The show was amazing the best part was the Cody promo, the crowd loved every moment of every match. They were completely into it. the slowest part of the night would have to have been the women’s tag match.

You guys get me thru work so thanks for that! Love ya, you’re boi Milt.