FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 11/9

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Cody From Maine

In Boston for tonight’s show, as I’ve been for every Dynamite that’s been held here. It’s not the largest crowd this building has seen, but hopefully it translated to TV just how lively this crowd was. A very fun show live that setup a lot for Full Gear. Definitely looking forward to that event more after tonight.

Apologies to Wai again for maybe the worst penmanship on a sign seen in a long time. As I got to explain to him, I can’t attend the meet up at Full Gear, but it was nice to be able to show some support after more than a decade of following you two.

Excited to hear your thoughts on the drive home tomorrow. Thanks again for the shows.

Robbie from London, Ontario

As the Impact fan I am, I’m just loving Jarrett so far in AEW. I may be the only one, but I always enjoy his work. But a fantastic promo segment from Brit & Saraya, I’m completely back on with that feud. Her emotion got me a couple times honestly. Also a fantastic main event, what do you guys see as Sammy’s ceiling in AEW? How far could you see him going up the card?

9/10 show

Saeed from Vancouver…

Enjoyable matches tonight! I might be alone in this, but I just cant stand JJ in 2022… and move of the night goes to Sami for that amazing DDT.

Friend ended up tuning in again and he said that his favorite wrestler is Sami and was very impressed with the main event.

It feels like Full Gear is coming together nicely. Most matches feel like they’ve had at least a decent build and I hope that we’re not getting too much more. (We will.)

Bryan and Sammy have excellent chemistry and delivered another excellent match.

The bungled handling of Saraya’s in-ring status really hurt what should have been a great reveal but I’m very happy for her and I’m looking forward to seeing her return.

A good first hour followed by a topsy turvy second hour. My TSN feed was acting erratic during the 8-man tag opener which made it unwatchable but by the Friedman promo it smoothed over.

The 2/3 falls match was strong and Guevara isn’t the technical wizard that Garcia is but it made this matchup vs Danielson stylistically distinct (I prefer Danielson/Garcia)

Saraya’s promo announcing her in-ring return had enough emotion to make it a well done promo, despite the reliance of insider terms. I do have some trepidation about her ring rust.