FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/11/19

What did you think of Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

I can’t say I was too familiar with the Blade

& the Butcher. I recall their debut getting mixed reviews among the Post marks, but I thought they & the bunny had a great showing. Everything Chris Jericho does is brilliant and the MJF promo was greatt. A few nitpicks. This women’s division has no identity. The wrestling is fine, but there is very little character development. Not sure I remember the last time I saw Riho. Seems like she should be kind of important for the position that she’s in. Also, Jim Ross is just terrible these days. Otherwise, get another very enjoyable show from this company.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So because I got back home last week off the night shift from work, this is my first AEW Dynamite ever. And I was blown away. I knew from this podcast and gifs online that AEW’s biggest issue were some sloppy matches, but tonight was solid. The show beat some of WWE’s best shows just with an opening squash match and how electric the crowd was. And then the show got better. I thought the Butcher and the Blade were great, but the team with the Bunny just sounds like a bad nursery rhyme. I like the Blade better then the Candlestick maker. I also liked how they made QT Marshall into this Yoshi-Hashi type of loser character which just made the crowd love him even more.

The biggest contrast to WWE is how they present babyfaces. Everyone presented as a babyface seemed genuinely likeable. All the matches were great tonight, match of the night for me though was Big Swole and Emi Sakura. It seems the women’s division is finally going to get on track. 9 out of 10 show.



If ever there was a time for a “what” chant, MJF’s video promo as Cody entered was it. As in “what the hell is he saying because the audio is too low.” The feed went dark on TSN2 on a couple occasions as well. Not sure if that’s a TSN2 problem or an AEW problem but the technical hiccups continue.

I hope they let Allie keep wrestling but admittedly she plays the valet role very well. Overall not a bad debut from the Butcher and Blade but I’m still unsure what their unique role is supposed to be.

What was the name of that finisher by Luchasaurus? That looked brutal! Jericho on commentary is fun but you really miss Excalibur when he’s not there to call the action.

And another crazy match from the Bucks to close things out. Good show that was held back by its technical issues. 6.5/10

Brandon from Oshawa

Really excellent show this week. Everything flowed together nicely, with some good build for the next couple episodes. I wasnt into the idea of Tully looking for a partner for Spears, but I’m glad they didnt just drop the Janela feud, like I feared they were doing. I do think Tully needs to add a team, but keep Spears as a singles star.

I’m disappointed they are going back to Chicago again, for another show. This town is getting way too many shows and I cant believe there was no other options for their next PPV. I also hate the name Revolution. Its too “WWE”.

I went on The Dark Order website after the show and decided to “join them.” I love what they’ve been doing with this gimmick so far and I’m intrigued at how far they’ve gone with this website. I’m currently waiting for an e-mail from them.

AJ from PA

This was a great show, much better than weeks past (or is it passed? I dont know…). The only low light was the women’s match which was just too long. Match should have been 2-4 min shorter with that time being used for a promo video to introduce Big Swole

MJF was money and that promo was executed perfectly. My favorite part of the show was just how it started. Hot crowd with your top star looking like a bad ass walking through the crowd coming down and just murdering a jobber. Loved every second of it

This is is the first week I’ve heard TNT trying to mute the crowd when they are chanting curse words. Other than that, I really dont see these glaring technical issues people are talking about. Everything seems high quality to me


Varouj from Phoenix

Not a lot of thoughts this week. My girlfriend and I just had twins this past Saturday so I wasn’t paying as much attention to wrestling as I normally would.

I really feel like Spears could get over fairly easily if they just let Tully cut a damn promo once in a while. The chemistry they had together leading up to All Out was fantastic and AEW hasn’t capitalized on that at all.

No chance Moxley joins the inner circle right? I expect a tease going so far as to have him even say he’s joining only to turn on them immediately not unlike AJ Styles with Aces and Eights.

Also Chicago getting another PPV? That’s a little disappointing. I don’t expect them to come to Phoenix for a PPV anytime soon but Chicago is getting so much and I’d settle for an episode of dynamite once a year.

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Noah from Vaughan

Once again I loved this show, the dark order video was so cool and I can’t wait to see who they recruit next. And as always it seems the star of the show was this crowd, each week it has to be talked about for how much it impacts the show, when you see someone like big swole get a huge ovation during her entrance, it elevates the wrestler so much for the viewers watching on tv. I know they’ve only had 11 episodes this year, but I’m leaning towards voting for Dynamite for the best weekly wrestling show of the year, thoughts?


Had problems with my feed on tsn 2. The screen went blank for a bit. Still had the audio going normally though. I mean, stuff like that happens, even in NFL games, but it still sucks.
I feel this is the start of the Kenny push. The timing is almost perfect for it. The “honeymoon” phase just ended a few weeks ago, and the (arguably) best guy in the business today is getting hot… it’s like they knew something like this would happen. Long term booking, what a concept…

After a bad show last week, this show was really fun and flew by. Luchasaurus went back to being a highlight of the show, and I thought Sammy was really great in that match.

I thought the real highlight of the night was actually the valets. Bunny and Penelope both came off like big stars, even if the teams they were managing were a little underwhelming.

My one big complaint is that a guy diving off the entrance through a table was barely a near fall. I don’t want to sound like Jim Cornette here, but if that dive is a nothing move in a TV match, what is Nick going to have to dive off of on PPV?

Hey guys I was at the show live tonight and it was an absolute blast. However instead of giving my review I thought it would be more interesting to give my brothers thoughts who I dragged to the show with me. He is not a wrestling fan at all. He really enjoyed the street fight and the Moxley squash match as well as Orange Cassidy who wrestled in the Dark main event. He also had fun booing MJF. On the other hand he was not impressed at all by the women. Overall though he said he really enjoyed and although he won’t watch on it on TV, he would definitely go to another live show.