FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/16/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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The Acclaimed’s gimmick died a giant death tonight, SCU did it better.

This might be a better question for Ask-A-Wai, but back when Sting came into WWE, was there any thought or conversation of bringing in Tony Schiavone? Vince might not have thought so, but just his voice adds so much to the presentation of Brother Nate Milton’s favourite sports entertainer.

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BITCH sure got a lot of love on tonight’s show it seems…

  • The Addiction > The Acclaimed. They are alright in the ring, but that rap was straight cringe.
  • The 14 - 2 man tag was great. Sammy Guevara is clearly the long-term project AEW sees in and it shows.
  • I ain’t drinking any Florida water, but still congrats to the American Father and Mother for another addition to the Nightmare Family.

8 “They raised their audience from 1 to 6” out of 10

Noah from Vaughan

Fun show tonight,
Poor brandi. Labour is gonna suck on it’s own but will be made worse because you know damn well cody’s kid is gonna want a long ass entrance. Kidding aside congrats goes out to them on the great news. Onto the show

I loved the opener with the good, the bad and the hungee, super looking forward to seeing more of those 3 together. Main event made Kenny come off like such a big time star and the announcement of Fenix vs Omega is not only logical because Fenix never lost but should be absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow should be very interesting, if AEW can somehow pull in similar numbers to the last couple weeks (0.4+ in the demo and 900k+ viewers) for tonight’s show which by and large was a fairly standard episode of dynamite, then that will definitely be a good sign for them going into the new year as they cap their best month since October of 2019. 8/10 show tonight


Andrew from Cape Breton

Impact Wrestling likes to say they’re hard to kill, but Tony Schiavone is doing his hardest to try. Week 2 of this is interesting as it seems a little one sided with the comments. Maybe Scott D’Amore and Petey Williams could come in with a paid advertisement and talk about how everyone is using Petey’s finish but kicking out, because Petey did it the best. Something to make the rivalry less one sided. Tonight was good as usual. I was assuming the 12 man tag was going to be a cluster, but it actually turned out pretty good and did a great job showcasing lesser known talent. I also thought Serena Deeb was particularly impressive in her match and I think having her be a double champion wouldn’t be a bad idea. And the Acclaimed. I know they’re heels, but having 40 year old Frankie Kazarian call them Men on a Mission was pretty brutal for poor Max and Anthony. And lastly, I just don’t see anything in Joey Janella. He did this goofy sell at the end with his arms and legs sticking up in the air and in general, I don’t find him to be that impressive and I felt that a short match for your main event would have been a better use of him. Still a great show, 8 out of 10.

When I heard about Janela getting a title shot because he missed his tournament match, my first thought was “what about Fenix?” So the ending left me feeling satisfied.

Great to see Thunder Rosa again and it does finally feel like the women’s division is gaining a bit of momentum. (Especially factoring in the matches on Dark lately.)

In twenty years, who thinks we’re getting Baby Moxley vs Baby Rhodes for the AEW title?

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Paul from New Jersey

I don’t know why this company even bothers having referees. Thought it made your young guys look stupid having five of them cower to a 61-year-old man with a baseball bat. No Shida tonight yet again. I really don’t see the difference between this company in WWE sometimes.


MJ who is not from Norrrrrtttthhhh Carolinaaaa

But seriously, when normal audiences are a thing again saying North Carolina for Kenny’s entrance is going to be so over.

AEW feels like a show where the tide has risen and everything feels elevated. Watched on delay and txted fellow patron Jon Pine how every segment was not really something I wanted to skip. And the matches are quality and feature new and fresh talent and guys I like. They are hitting on so many cylinders. Sure I can nitpick and basically JR is unlistenable for me at this point but what I love is that everything seems to have fairly solid logic and reasoning. And there’s so much you can foreshadow. Example: you knew with them doing this Joey match it would make sense to do the Fenix match. It will also make sense to do a Pac match after they had a a great early 2020 Iron Man…and it’s all stuff I’m down to watch because again, the wrestling is great For free TV. It’s like I’m rewarded for investing my time in watching each week and months later these stories are still all interwoven. It’s great. It’s like they long term book or something.

Fanboy, out.

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Steve from BC

Enjoyed tonight’s show. Some good in ring tonight. Thought the 12 man tag was really fun. And there were some great promos tonight as well, with Kingston and FTR being the standouts.

My only complaints would be the use of Sting. I think its finally time he cuts a promo explaining what his intentions are. Having him just come out to stare everyone down again didn’t do anything for me.

And maybe I missed it, but was there any mention of Omega reuniting with the Good Brothers on Impact last night? That’s a pretty big angle to not even bring up.

And I echo Andrew’s sentiments about Joey Janela. We didn’t need a sight gag as he’s being obliterated by Omega. Took me out of the match. Although I didnt really see the necessity of having the main event be No DQ to begin with. The same could have been accomplished with a straight up wrestling match with Omega commentating. Plunder matches seem to be a crutch that AEW leans on a little too much in my opinion.

Overall 7/10

Jesse Ă  MTL

The best thing about an outdoor show in cool temperatures is the steam that emanates off the wrestlers’ bodies making them look like Norse gods or something. Very cool.

What wasn’t cool was all the people talking over each other during the main event while Joey Janela looks weak AF. And what does Impact gain from babyface commentator Tony Schiavone dumping on them on TNT?

I guess we can assume they’re not building to a mixed-tag now, so what’s the end game for Cody & Shaq? A singles match?

Take Care

Awesome show. This episode literally was nonstop. My one big takeaway from tonight was that it’s such a Breath of fresh air to see guys have more than one enemy at a time. Kingston points out his enemies, then both PAC and Archer come out to attack him, all while having their own tension towards each other. Then at the end, we get Pac showing up again for a couple reasons. To remind Kenny that he still has to keep an eye out for him but also his boy Fenix is getting his shot in 2 weeks.

AEW has had such a great year and it’s nice to see that they stayed the course of doing their own thing. It could’ve been easy to counter book against NXT but they always stayed true to advertise 75% of their show a week in advance and really build so much of their talent. Look at that 12 man tag, everyone had their shine and nobody came out looking worse than they came in. And to think, It was a year ago this week when we had that terrible Dark Order segment end Dynamite where they left the Elite laying. They’ve earned so much trust among this fan base and it’s nice to see the ratings reflecting their hard work.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to both of you. Thanks

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Except pretty much every match.

Just stop.

Unless you watched (which you’ve admitted to not doing in over a year), why are you even posting in this thread?

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No I didn’t. I said months ago. I don’t need to watch to know that almost all, if not every, match is still just a series of meaningless and pointless flips/spots that don’t make sense. That is the AEW (in particular) style after all. Or are you saying AEW have transformed and fundamentally altered their approach to matches?

806K / No. 3 for the night.

You are so out of your mind on this one it’s not worth debating so this is my only response. In a world of suspended disbelief their matches and story telling to go from program to program without defaulting to rematches ad nauseum is truly remarkable work in this day in age. Take it from somebody that actually invests time in the product.

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I’m not the one who is out of my mind as I’m not the one that fails to understand is that is your opinion. I have my opinion. They differ. I don’t accept yours and you don’t accept mine.

That you speak in such absolute terms about your opinion as if it is a demonstrable fact is more crazy than anything I have said.

^ you literally do not watch the product - or so you say :joy:

What’s the value of somebody’s opinion on something that they don’t watch or spend time following? Can one even have an opinion on something they don’t watch? :man_shrugging: That’s a rhetorical question, I think the answer is slightly obvious. But I frequently share thoughts in absolute terms. (Btw, this is me speaking in absolute terms; what you said was absolute terms was a compliment to AEW based on my opinion, you’re free to disagree).

I actually bet you watch. Actually let me be more demonstrable - you definitely watch. Of course you do. It’s okay, I won’t tell Jim. Because otherwise you chiming in to a thread about something you don’t watch would be really questionable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Like what would the point of chiming in to a thread of something you don’t like or don’t watch. Guess what I’ve never done? Commentented on The Bachelorette. You know why…because I don’t watch the fckn show!! imagine that fanbase if I chimed in shooting down their show and admitted I didn’t watch…yikes.

So you either watch. or you troll for reactions. Maybe you’re the reaction collector like Kenny Omega is a title collector. And clearly you have got one out of me so let me congratulate you with a toast of a little bit of the bubbly and agree to disagree :clinking_glasses: Happy New Years


In all seriousness, why dont you just watch NJPW? Based on what you say, I think you would like it. You spend more time railing on AEW then watching something you may actually enjoy.