FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/2/20 "Winter is Coming"

What did you think of AEW Dynamite’s “Winter is Coming”?

Leave any questions of comments here for me and Bruce Lord for tonight’s RAD.

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I was about as cold on this episode as a December night in Jacksonville, until Sting came out. It felt like it was the reason why Tony Sciavone is on the broadcast. That was a very 1998 shriek he made seeing Nate Milton’s favourite wrestler. Somebody check on Braden. He’s been calling this for months.
I was ready for Mox’s reign to come to an end. While his builds and promos have been great, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any of his matches. Besides, I now enjoy the way Justin Roberts says “North Carolina” much more than the amount of n’s he adds to anyone named “Jon/John.” The chairs in the main event had some Bret/Vince WrestleMania vibes to it.
Do you guys feel Dr. Brit Baker is the 2020 “Rusev Day” in that they should have pulled the trigger a while back and given her the belt, because she’s definitely not as over as she once was? She was injured during the summer, but she’s been back long enough in nothing feuds. Her and Thunder Rosa should be fun, hopefully.

So like this will be one of the most talked about nights of Pro Wrestling since when?

I thought this was a masterclass in producing wrestling TV. This was billed as a big night on TNT and night built that way. The Sting reveal genuinely popped me. Ideally he’ll put over Darby for the TNT title and have a proper safe final match on the network that he really was an Icon.

The high of the Sting reveal was fresh for the entrances of the main event and it was smart to not squeeze another match in. At home I was pumped and knowing the Main event was still to come it really Let that big fight feel build. And it was a great match regardless of the fcked finish. It really highlighted for me how magical Kenny and Okada were because even Kenny’s great matches with others don’t hit that level. But still very good and emphasis on Picture in Picture made it feel important on free TV. The final angle will be polarizing I feel but the fact the announcers played so incredibly dumb about what might be happening it kinda left me feeling “wait they aren’t really going to do this are they?” While nobody was hitting me over the head. In that sense it let the angle be what it was and not make me hate it. So I’m in for this car ride to Tuesday.


Andrew from Cape Breton

Despite the build up to this show, I thought it was lackluster. Everything in the first hour was all over the place. All three matches had some sort of post match brawl so it seemed so everything seemed repetitive. They wanted to do a pay per view like feel but the first half was pretty rough. Of course, that’s not what really matters. Sting came in and not only did this, but he did that as well. It’s an interesting name and definitely a great get for maybe casual fans of who watch TNT. I’m also interested in what they’re going to do with Omega and Impact Wrestling going forward. Impact is probably going to lose a lot of talent coming up, and hooking up with AEW is a great get for them. I’m not sure how this benefits AEW though. I guess some of the extra AEW Dark talent could work Impact maybe. The final match was pretty good, and the wrestling wasn’t too bad at the start, just poorly presented. I wish the referees weren’t presented as complete idiots. 6 out of 10.

Stings entrance was really cool with the lighting and the snow.

Did anyone else think ricky starks shoulder was up right in front of the ref?

Good main event. Let’s see where everything brings us.

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Rafael from North Liberty
The Dark Order helping Hangman, Sting on TNT, and Kenny as champ makes this a 10/10. AEW continues to draw me in and make me feel rewarded for being a supporter. I can’t wait to watch the AEWxImpact story play out.

Andy from London

After really good build and much anticipation I thought that tonight delivered a very entertaining wrestling show - Stings arrival felt very special.

But the biggest talking point of this show will be those last 5 mins. Callis screwjob and Omega promised for Impact has me intrigued - but also has me very very nervous - AEW have built the up enough credit in the bank for me to let this play out, but I have an awful feeling about this…

Noah from Vaughan

10/10 show for The Sting apperance and Main event match/post match announcement alone. I will be watching impact for the first time since 2013. Such an amazing show. AEW is firing on all cylinders. Props to Moxley for a tremendous world title reign, my personal favorite world title reign in the past decade.

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I don’t know that was more exciting? Kenny Omega winning the AEW title or Tony Schiavone legit marking out for Sting?

… The answer is the later to be honest.

I really enjoyed the show over all which was easy to watch with no real drag. Not a fan of Hikaru “Scared-a” bout facing Abadon. I don’t think she should be a heel as AEW has enough heels with the online service.

So I take it Kenny is a full blown heel be threatening fans to watch his victory celebration at an empty IMPACT areana?

9 “V Triggers” out of 10!

Jesse à MTL

I never liked Sting but clearly many do, so I’m glad they enjoyed this moment.
But please tell me they’re not going to put 61-year-old Steve Borden in a match. They’re not gonna do that, right?

I usually enjoy Dynamite but I thought this episode was pretty, disappointing, tbh. That metal slug gimmick for Spears is profoundly stupid. It’s as thick as razor blade, how is that gonna do anything?!

Question: What’s with the North Carolina bit in Kenny’s entrance? I don’t get the joke. Pls explain.

Take Care

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Awesome second hour.

Obviously the Omega / Callis closing angle is what many will be talking about. I am assuming this isn’t leading to an Impact / AEW cross promotional war angle (that let’s face it, wouldn’t benefit AEW much at all).

Personally I am hoping / thinking it’s something that will see Kenny going to Impact, AAA (where he is scheduled to Triplemania I believe), and who knows, maybe New Japan, representing the AEW Championship. But who knows?

I’m willing to continue to put my trust into AEW (as do many others), as they haven’t given me a reason not to. I’m in for the ride.

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It may have been cold in Jacksonville but the TNT homecoming of the man they call Sting heated things up. Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega had a very good match and I appreciated the fact that they’ve been kept apart for a whole year making the atmosphere feel special. The finish wasn’t what i expected and a possible AEW/Impact joint venture being hinted at by Don Callis during the ending leaves plenty of possibilities.

The diamond battle royal was solid. Leyla Hirsch looked very game against Britt Baker and the Inner Circle schism intensified possibly leading to a potential babyface turn from one of the members.

Interesting times lie ahead in 2021.

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Scrump from Pro Wrestling Tees

Bang bang, what’s up gentlemen?

Admittedly this is my first time watching a full episode of Dynamite since I last attended one a year ago.

This was also the first time that I could recall 12 different people at the shop all watching the show on their phones/tablets.

I thought the whole show was fun with my only real complaint being the WWE finish with Don getting too involved and two back to back beat downs in Britt/Rosa and the scuffle after the Cody tag match.

Question, will we see Gallows and Anderson reunite with Kenny?
Where does Mox go from here?
Will Kenta still be revealed as the attacker next week?

Take care!

Brother Ting & Brother Bruce,

How do I describe tonight’s edition of “Dynamite”?

I think Willy Wonka summed it up best when he said “So shines a good deed in a weary world”. As devastating this year has been for so many people, there are still small pockets of happiness to be found in a dark world.

Now, was this show perfect? No.
But did it live up to the hype? Absolutely!

I could pretend like I’m here to break down matches or promos…But really I’m just here to talk about the last hour of the show. We get a new champion, a tease for a crossover with Impact Wrestling, AND the debut of “The Man Called Sting”. I was legitimately surprised to see The Icon, & I can’t wait to see how AEW uses someone with the reputation of Sting to build up a potential star like Darby Allin.

The Callis/Omega swerve at the end also caught me by surprise, and I think it could be beneficial to both companies if there’s some semblance of a relationship between AEW & Impact. All in all it was the most fun I’ve had watching wrestling in months…Sorry Raw.

I give tonight’s show, “9 Team SkateBordens out of 10”!



Raymon in Sacramento, CA

The Forbidden Door wasn’t opened, the screendoor was opened and now Kenny has gone to Impact with his buddy Don Callis. Think of the positives for the talent sharing in the AEW women’s division that is finally back on track. This is a big big deal and the possibilities have my head spinning.

10/10 episode and I’m on mentioning Sting now!

Brian from New York

Really only popped in tonight for the last hour that I thought would be dedicated to the Moxley-Omega match, so it was a cool surprise to see Sting. I’ll say I’m not terribly thrilled about a Sting match in the year 2020 nor did I think very highly of the main event, but AEW can show off new faces any week they want. They can have big matches with clean endings anytime they want. But they had an opportunity to get mainstream attention from a true generational star tonight and used a big platform in the main event to set up a big angle that’ll have the whole wrestling world talking for the next week and anticipating their next show…and if that’s what I get with my time watching a wrestling show in a given week, I think it’s a big success.

I guess my big question coming off of it is if there’s any New Japan side to this new partnership. Tony Khan hasn’t been able to get much out of his wrestlers working with them and NJPW has seemed to have a softening relationship with Impact lately. This would seem to cut them off at the pass and perhaps try to force some sort of communication going forward. Of course, it could just be a good opportunity AEW sees with this relationship and that’s it.

In the meantime, I’ll just be here hoping this now means we’re getting Moxley-Kenta at Wrestle Kingdom after all.

Andrew in Saint John, NB

I had a lot of fun with Dynamite tonight; Leyla and Britt was good and they set up interesting stuff worth the battle royal, but the PPV-esque focus was all on the Sting reveal and the main event. Kenny was and is one of my favourite wrestlers, so I marked out huge to see him finally win the big one here. Commercial breaks killed the rhythm of the early going and Mox deciding not to pin Kenny after the first Paradigm Shift took me out or it a bit but the match got hot. Then Kenny got hot when he was slammed into the heater. I don’t know if the “plan” with Don got over as a huge piece of villainy, but I enjoyed the chaos of the finishing moments and we’ll see what happens Tuesday! 8 exploding roses out of 10.

Caught the ending only today after work and while the match was good didn’t love the ending. Not sure associating with IMPACT does anything but lower your stock. Would have preferred them doing with with NJPW or a better company. Probably leads to a rematch at the PPV which should be good

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Will from Toronto.

Anyone got a V Trigger count… seemed excessive. Bottom line I enjoyed the match, I liked the twist at the end but I won’t be tuning in to impact.

Also… shoutout Bruce Lord who I think is absolutely fantastic to listen too. Great work Bruce!

That was about as perfect a tv show can get. Had a little bit of everything and felt red hot.

The battle royal was a ton of fun, Jericho and kazarian over delivered and Sting showing up was a major mark out moment.

Very interested to see what the main event leads to. Amazing match and I’m wondering if we will finally see all the other major promotions finally team up - something that should have been done years ago.