FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/22/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash 2021?

Hey guys, what a fun show tonight. loved all the matches tonight and felt like a show designed to make the fans happy. Orange Cassidy vs Adam Cole was great and the debut of Kyle O’Reilly just adds to a stacked roster. Going to miss Taz on commentary his banter between Tony and Excalibur was always natural and funny. Scary spot with MJF and Sting, glad everything turned out fine. Do you think they are going to Hangman vs Danielson too soon? While i cant wait to see how they topped themselves should they have spaced it out more? I always look at the Okada/Omega matches as excellent ways of spacing out a series of matches.

Suren from Portland

I’m so glad Kyle is All Elite and far away from Von Wagner and his weird yoga pants.

Can’t believe someone in the front row got their transphobic Nyla Rose sign on TV. Really hope they kicked that asshole out of the building.

I loved how they tweaked Malakai Black’s entrance and cut to black right as Justin Roberts said “Black”

Main event face paint was great.
All in all, this was a fun show.

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Brian from New Jersey.

Another fun episode. The main event may have been my favorite match of the night, and definitely had the best facepaint. Malakai Black’s has never clicked with me. The episode had a lot of good promos to build to future shows, the highlights being Danielson and Page. Prick Danielson is the best Danielson, though he continues coming out the babyface entrance.

Could have done without the allusions to pounding ass between the Hardy Family Office and Jungle Boy, as well as that tasteless sign towards Nyla Rose. On the bright side, a friend of mine who attended tonight’s show in Greensboro alerted me to someone having three signs for Hook.

Lastly, hooray for Kyle O’Reilly coming in. Another one of the best wrestlers out there. Whether or not Roderick Strong shows up, if this reunited contingent hits it off in AEW, it could be an undisputed egg on the face of WWE.


MJF proved why he has a good head for the business… Hope he’s okay!

I missed the first half of the show doing some Christmas shopping. I caught the second hour and it had a fun, old school vibe to it. The arrival of ‘All Elite Kool Kyle’ was a nice touch and I expect a BTE segment where Cole and O’Reilly patch their “difference” just like Jon Stewart and Wyatt Cenac did on Stewart’s last night on “The Daily Show.”

Great show!

Real solid edition of Dynamite.

Liked the Kyle debut but I feel the interference ref spots in AEW are really played out and contrived by now.

fun main event and I love how it seems like AEW has got the main event tag formula nailed down to tee. Seeing Punk and Sting smiling out there really mad me happy. Punk definitely showed impressive cardio during this match. Hopefully MJF is fine after that scary dive

Happy holidays to all of the POST Wrestling family and especially to John and Wai! Enjoy your week off you deserve it!

David from Israel.

A good, newsworthy show. Adam Cole being torn between two “families” is an intriguing story to head into the new year with Kyle O’Reilly making his debut.

I was a little off about Hangman/Danielson being at Battle of the Belts. It’s real smart to use that rematch to bolster the TBS debut. UFC taught me to “never leave it in the hands of the judges”. I hope there’s an actual finish.

Ruby and Nyla have some good chemistry (I’m glad that transphobic prick got booted out of the building for his sign). Wardlow took another step forward in his impending split from MJF and the closing six man tag was fun. It was pretty neat to see Punk pay tribute to Sting with the Surfer face paint and vice versa.

Really fun show tonight. There was some silliness to be sure but in the most enjoyable kind of way. I like the hints of tension with Cole and his UE loyalties vs his Elite loyalties. O’Reilly might not be a surprise but he is more than welcome and I look forward to seeing what he does from here out.

The Owen tribute video was well done and I am really looking forward to seeing how the tournaments are structured. Based on tonight, I’d say there’s a decent chance that we are going to get Shida vs Deeb again. Although they have had three matches, I’m not too worried about having another in the near future.

Best wishes to you for the holiday season. Thanks so much for doing what you do and for letting me participate :slight_smile: