FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/30/20 "Brodie Lee: Celebration of Life"

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Andy from London

I’m very grateful to have been able to enjoy Jon Hubers work over the past decade as both Luke Harper and Brodie Lee. Brodie Lees TNT title win over Cody is one of my all time favourite moments in wrestling tv history, something I will always remember.

All involved tonight should be immensely proud of the show, I hope it’s a night that the Huber family will cherish forever and can be small step in their healing process.


In doing what they’ve done, AEW has shown a ton of respect for not only their roster and staff, but their fans as well. They didn’t attempt to hide the reality of the situation, or the emotional toll that the grieving process was having on the wrestlers. It was like an episode of Fresh Prince.

I lost my father when I was 8 years old. The lengths they are going to make Brody Jr. feel included and welcomed is a special sort of kindness. They are really making a difference in this kid’s life. It’s wonderful to see him able to smile and laugh during such tragic circumstances.



A beautiful celebration for a great human being.

Everything people are saying about him is true. He touched countless people over the last 15 years.

The kind of guy, who as recently as August, he gave his time to help raise funds (over $80K) for our annual Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society (this year as an online only fundraiser). A man who just wanted to help his friends, and those he worked with before “making it” (and some he continued to work to till the end).

He remembered people along the way on his journey from the indies, all the way to where he ended up. He was a good man. A “real” person in a business that far too often celebrate those who were the complete opposite.



Guys tonight I just broke down. I was crying in every segment. Being a father to two boys myself this last week has been hard. I just can’t imagine not being able to see my boys grow into men. Brodie sounds like the father we should all strive to be. Bryce Remsburg’s comment about him being on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling fathers was so touching.

I’m happy AEW did all of this for Brodie and his family. I actually feel so much better after watching that.



I haven’t felt this heartbroken watching a wrestling show since Eddie died.

I personally can’t rate this show because I just cant put a rating on what is a memorial of a good man, but I will miss Brodie Lee.


Andrew from Cape Breton

There were certain beats tonight on the show that were slightly uncomfortable for a tribute show, but when you remember this show is pretty much done for an 8 year old, it makes more sense. The heat spots with the Acclaimed and MJF seemed to be done for the sole purpose to get Brody Jr. involved. The one thing I noticed was the smile on his face after he wacked MJF. So it seemed AEW was able to do more storyline elements because quite frankly, this might be what he would like to see being a massive wrestling fan. I’ve been watching Brodie since 2007 and seeing long time friends, rivals, and the end tribute with some pictures from WWE wrestlers, it really showed how much he was loved.

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This was a tough one to watch, but AEW did everything right with this one. The emphasis on the Dark Order, the surprise of Erick Rowan, and just total emotion throughout the show. You can’t put a rating on this one.

Rich in Winnipeg via East Selkirk

Jake from The Windy City

Tremendous tributes should make you cry & laugh. Make you grieve & reminisce. Seeing his son laid down his wrestling boots in the middle of the ring while his father’s entrance song is playing for the final time and Tony Khan handing him the TNT Championship, the very last championship belt his father won, it was very beautiful. I cannot imagine a better tribute show than the one AEW just did. Moments that tug at your heartstrings & others that made you smile from ear to ear. Great job by everyone in putting that together. No other brotherhood is well-connected like a wrestling family. Rest in peace, Brodie!

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Noah from Vaughan

As someone that didn’t watch wrestling until 2009 I really had no prior experience of watching someone I looked up to in wrestling passing away in the midst of their career. Brodie Lee’s passing was just so tragic and I cannot applaud AEW enough for the perfect tribute show tonight. Major props to all the performers for going out there tonight and all the matches were fantastic. A 10/10 show if there ever was one. RIP Brodie

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This was an amazing way to honour and celebrate a life. An emotional rollercoaster of an episode that had me in tears many times. My only complaint or question would be we overexposing “Hook”? The kid looks like he is in high school still, and makes Dominik Mysterio look as charismatic as rick flair.

Scrump from Pro Wrestling Tees

I’m not a man that’s afraid to cry. I talk about it being okay to cry so as to break the stigma that men shouldn’t cry and I genuinely thought I could keep it together for this show.

Yet there I was with red eyes as if I had just hung out with Braden Herrington.

What an awesome show filled with so many emotional gut punches that include that post show with Silver and Rowan.

Also now that the cat is out of the bag, the Brodie Lee memorial shirts crushed the record for most shirts sold in a 24 hour period, previously held by Sting, in two hours and has outsold Orange Cassidy for the highest selling shirt of 2020.
On top of what equates to a three day sale’s worth of Brodie shirts that were already working on, it’s awesome to see the outpour of support for Brodie and his family.

RIP Brodie Lee.

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Luk from Quebec

I honestly didn’t think I’d get that sad considering this wasn’t someone I knew personally but when an emotional Erik raised that sign as Silvers cried on the floor, I teared up. I was actually surprised how they were able to create matches that showcased Dark Order while still advancing and staying true to the current storylines and feuds. This was a class act show by AEW and hopefully a cathartic moment for all of these performers we enjoy. As good of a show as it was, here’s hoping we don’t get anything like this again for a solid decade. RIP Brodie

A perfect tribute to a wonderful man that had a positive impression and impact on everyone he came in contact with. I can not imagine a better tribute to his life from his peers and the company his career ended with.

A beautiful, exceptional, unforgettable night.

Top marks all around.

Love you all.

This Dynamite was more than exceptional tonight. The amount of emotion that just poured through the screen was something I have not experienced since the passing of Eddie Guerrero. This tribute show was so well thought out both from a narrative perspective as well as a showcase for Brodie’s friends and family. 20 dark order claws out of 10

RIP Brodie Lee

For some reason the poll is locked, but if I could vote I would vote 10/10. Very classy show on AEW’s part. I wish we weren’t watching a show like this, but considering the circumstances I’m glad I did.

I just put it up automatically but would’ve chosen not to include one for this particular episode, so I locked it early.


That makes sense, no worries.

Not that a ratings battle even matters right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they break 1million viewers with this episode, in fact I have a feeling they will.

Pure class loved everything about this show. That is how you honour someone who was clearly very loved. I really hope the show does a great number, they deserve it