FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/4/19

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

That Brandi segment was weird. Still don’t get what her character is. Moxley is a star. He and Jericho with less creative restraint should be great. Their feud in WWE was a bit of a dud.

Brandon from Oshawa

I enjoyed the show a lot more than last week, but 2 months in and I’m going to be a lot more critical of them. I’m not sure how I feel about the #1 contenders losing. Both LAX & Shida are ranked #1, supposedly the #1 contenders, but have lost 2 weeks in a row. On one hand, I do like that there is some unpredictability, that just because someone is #1 ranked, we know they will go over. On the other hand, how is the contender supposed to look strong, if they are losing?

There was no need for another Cody promo. That time could have gone to someone else. Where are Spears & Tully? What about Sabian & Penelope Ford? I’d like to see these performers on Dynamite and not just thrown onto Dark.

This was the best night for the women, in my opinion. Statlander/Shida was really good. Nyla looked great, though I wish the table spot, didnt happen during the commercial.

Favorite part of the show was the Jericho/Jurassic Express segment and Dark Order videos. Those have been really well done the past few weeks.

Varouj from Phoenix

Another week, another great promo from Cody. This is just becoming the norm now.

Also Randy Orton and Dustin Rhodes are the only ones allowed to do snap scoop powerslams from now until the end of time. Randy’s looks a bit better but Dustin’s is still nice as hell.

It seems like they’re starting to do… a bit more with the women’s division. So that’s dope. That being said, the champ doesn’t need to be on every show but can’t we just get something from her other than the same match every couple weeks?

A solid episode. Gonna be interesting to see how they stretch storylines out with no PPV in the foreseeable future. Do you guys see that being an issue? Or do you think “special” episodes of dynamite like bash at the beach will serve as mini PPVs until the next actual one comes along? As always, stay dope y’all.

I really love AEW, but this was a bad show:

Brandi shaving heads

Beating the number one contenders for the tag and women’s titles for no reason

Putting a ref through a table during a commercial break

Cody taking more unnecessary shots at NXT

No Omega, Pac or Darby

And that cringy Dark Order promo.

Worst of all, in 1 promo they turned Luchasaurus from a fun baby face into a “I’m smart, I have a master’s degree” geek.

The show wasn’t all bad, and most of the wrestling was totally decent, but I just don’t get what they’re trying to do with all this goofy stuff.

Alexander from Portland

Very enjoyable show. It was nice to see a fair amount of time focused on women. Congrats to Kris Statlander for signing, she was tremendous. Have to say, between The Butcher and The Blade, Dark Order, and Awesome Kong and Brandi, AEW is going heavy-handed with the occult groups.

Question: during AEW Dark they announced the Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes vs. Inner Circle as the main event. Seeing how that wasn’t the main event of the show tonight, do you think it was for the best the main event was switched?

Noah from Vaughan

I’m all in on the dark order, been loving their videos so far. I’m cautiously curious about the brandi storyline and am interested to see where it goes and who is that “fan” that joined them. Shida vs Kris was very entertaining and same can be said about the main event and 6 man tag. Jericho was gold as always in his segment. Kinda curious why the forum rated this show so low, I thought it was at least a 8/10.

If you really love AEW, I’d recommend checking out the Luchasaurus interview on Talk Is Jericho, that was recorded before the first episode of Dynamite, before making false accusations. The masters degree part of the character has always been there and it is discussed in this interview of what he wants the character to be.

Are we seeing the Lucha Bros splitting off into their singles runs? Did I phrase that correctly? Still, Fenix is a natural babyface, and Penta is a great heel; so it makes sense. Even the women’s division is picking up some momentum. 4 refs through a table out of 5

On Friday you both speculated on how long Seamus would be in that alley for, basically smackdown’s Alister Black… Is this where the dark order are headed, weeks or months of promos with little payoff? Also, would you rather the car, the watch, the money or the red bottom shoes?