FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 12/8/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

What up guys, so this episode was pretty good. The Riho/Hayter match started off a bit sloppy but man the last few minutes got me and it seems the crowd back into it. I was looking forward to Danielson/Silver and it did not disappoint. Loved the heavy focus of kicks in this match and despite Bryan winning he let each Dark Order member shine. But the real highlight of the night the announcement of the debut match for HOOK. Really hope he knocks it out of the park this Friday and Fuego is the perfect opponent. Question, do you think Malakai/Varsity Blondes spot is a set up to bring in Brodie King to keep that tag team from BOLA? Also any surprises next week, maybe Kyle reuniting with Bobby Fish.

Jesse from the 6

What an opening promo from CM Punk. He managed to shout out Dennis Rodman and Barry Trotz. He insulted the Islanders and the Senators. You love to see it. Also, it’s amazing what municipal boundaries can do. The UBS Arena is a 22 minute drive from Arthur Ashe Stadium. Yet there, Punk was a hero and MJF was a bad guy, but I guess things are different in Nassau County. It makes you wonder if Wai Ting–beloved Scarborough icon–would be booed in Pickering.

A few too many interruptions on this show. I think every single interview segment was interupted before the subject could say two words.

What do you think of the Black Mist? I get it’s a traditional wrestling staple, but it’s nearly 2022. It’s just too goofy for my tastes.

Also, why does Bryan Danielson keep using the babyface entrance?

Take Care

Hard to believe that was the same Market Raw ran a few weeks ago. Clearly a different Universe.

Great opening segment. Punk went on a bit too long but when he wasn’t repeating himself his material was top notch again.

MJF homecoming was fantastic to see. So fun. What a moment for hearing Ben’s Matzah Ball soup and Bagle Boss shouted out. The little things. Made me proud.

I know people who grew up with MJF. I know he was often gossiped about and sometimes mocked by peers for pursuing pro wrestling. Not the norm for kids in Plainview. I’m sure tonight had real emotion for him and it was awesome to almost see it crack through. AEW has been aces with their treatment of stars in hometowns and it’s very cool to see each time.

Rest of Episode was solid. Good story progression. Love what they seem to be pushing towards with Eddie and Inner Circle alliance and what I presume will be a Jericho program. So many fresh matchups.

8 out of 10 Matzah Balls

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Bizarro land is a heel’s sanctuary. CM Punk’s innate ability to read the room was on full display. He leaned into it by poking some fun on the Long Island crowd and it paid dividends for MJF who soaked up the hometown reaction…only to flip it during the battle royal. The rest of the show hummed along as it finishes setting the table for Winter is Coming. Danielson/Silver was a solid main event, Riho/Hayter had some scary spots and Trent Barreta’s return was solid.